Joanne Rivers

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Joanne Rivers
Concept: Technoshaman
Tribe: Bone Shadow
Auspice: Cahalith
City: Brisbane
Lodge: [[Category: CofD|]]
Pack: Mother's Vengence
Spirit Rank
Cunning --
Glory •••
Honor --
Purity --
Player: Shaye McCarthy-Atkinsom
Storyteller: Brisbane VST
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Personal Information

Known Name: Joanne Rivers

Age: 22

Nicknames/Aliases: Jo, Joey


5'6" with blue eyes that she matches with a black and Neon blue Aesthetic, often she has symbols drawn onto her fingers with Sharpie and most of her accessories seem to be of an occult nature. She keeps a tarot deck and a bag of runes on her at all times.


She reasonably very sociable, often seeming distracted and frankly comes off a little intimidating, it's hard to tell if her words are truth or lies because they often sound quite the same. She isn't classically smart either, but what she does know she is good at and talks about quite easily, from crafting techniques, to the occult to all kinds of herbal medicines. Despite being eager to talk about the topics she isn't a great teacher, students frustrate her, and she just doesn't like how difficult it is for them since they experience a different world to what she does.


- 1995: Born in Ipswich, Child of Lucas Rivers and Beth
- 1990's: With her father killed in her first year or two of existence, her mother raises her, with help from her big sister Isabella and the occasional assistance from her Grandfather.
- 2000's: She starts school at her local public school but when it became apparent that her vision into the shadow was impacting her ability to learn in a normal environment she was pulled from the school and home schooled, often following her sister around, exposing her to even more of the werewolf culture. - 2010's: She officially joins the pack and takes a shine to any and all of the shaman aspects of the packs, even stepping up to learn pack rites. It shapes her, and she goes into it in full, even basing her mundane life around the occult.

Recent History

- 2017: She knows some of her pack has been killed and she can't return home for fear of they'll find her and kill her too. She's asked the spirits to guided her to safety but they will not lead her to her family, and she knows better to carry a phone with her to try and call her family. She's gone into hiding, and is slowly trying to find her way to any of the remaining wolves without putting herself in jeopardy. - 2018: After suffering burns from a White Phosphorous Grenade during an attack on her pack she went through her first change, seeking vengeance upon the attacker's. Once the attackers were dealt with Ben held her down until the initial rage subsided. Her back is covered in burn scars from this.


Quotes By

"What kind of city do you think you live in?"

-She starts to interrogate a group of vampires she thought particularly idiotic.

"You have three months to clean your act up or I'll tear your heads off myself"

-Threatening the same group of kindred after the interrogation.

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