John Keele

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John Keele
Concept: Romantic artist
Clan: Gangre
Covenant: Carthian
City: Geelong
Title: None
Sire: [Michael Frederick Greaves|]
Bloodline: Hounds of Acteon
Group: Lineage/House/Coterie
Embraced: Summer of 1917, New Orleans
Player: Guy
Storyteller: Geelong VST

Personal Information


John is tall, and heavy set. He's frequently dirty, and looks worn and weather beaten. In so far as he pays attention to his appearance he prefers large pockets and nodescript clothing in shades of grey and green.


John is open and friendly, if a little awkward around crowds. His is occaisonally betrayed by odd quirks usch as sitting awkwardly, or attempting to leave the room via a window.

Mortal World

John was born and raised in rural NSW, joining the Australian and New Zealand Army cor in 2014 because he wanted a pair of boots that'd not had a previous owner. In 1917 John had made his way, Via Egypt and France, to New Orleans Where he caught the eye of and breathed his last. In the 1960s John collects his broodmate's childe. Kitty from an airport in Australia, and sees he safely installed in the country. Infortunately his wonderlust takes a hold of him and he is not present for the ordeal she suffered at the hands of the Ordo Dracul

Information Known by Kindred Society


  • 1884: -Born one of seven children to poor Irish Catholic farmers in Dubbo. John is taught hunting, foraging and other practical skills as a matter of basic survival.
  • 1914: -John leaves home to join the Australian and New Zealand Army Core, mostly to get away from home. John recieves training in Australia and Egypt, and briefly sees service in Galipoli before being shipped off to France and then going AWOL.
  • 1917: - Having jumped shipped several times John winds up in the outskirts of New Orleans, Louisiana, here he falls prey to Greaves.
  • 1945: -Sick of living under Greaves thumb, John tells the old man to get fucked, and has himself shipped back to Australia. Unfortunately this caused John to miss the old man's grevious attack on his younger sibling. John paid for a hired assassin, but it the attempt was a failure.
  • 1960: - John recieves Samuel's childe and sees her safely homed in Australia, before disapearing for several decades.

Recent History

2018 - John resurfaced having spent the last few years almost exclusively in one animal form or another, and incidentally having briefly forgotten how to speak. John has made his way back to kindred socety in order to stem of the inevitable bestial mandess. So she opened a paint and sip.



Known Sire

Bärbel der Schlachter (Unknown)

  • Decimus (1050s)
    • Michael Frederick Greaves (1770)
      • Joshua Green (1809)
      • Jack Bowman (1810)
      • John Keele (1884)
      • Silas Moore (1890)
      • Samuel Young (1950)
        • Kitty
      • Tobias Nathaniel Hayes (1988)

Known Siblings

  • Erik Brooks - mortal, older brother
  • Abe Brooks - mortal, younger brother

Known Childer

  • None

Known Grand-childer

  • None


Quotes By

"I could *murder* a kebab store"

"Hey!, Hey!, calm the bloody hell down ya bloody bastard, we didn't know this was your place when the set down here, we barely touched two kine, and they'll be right as rain after some orange juice and a bit of bed rest. No need to make a thing of this right. We're leaving" -To a disgrunteled Mekhet that John had not known claimed territory in the region.

"You can shove your fucking manumision, up for your fucking arse!" - To his sire, on the night of his Release.

"Be smart, you play your cards right you get to live for ever, pay some one to make you a bank account, put a little money in a managed fund, live rough your first fifty years then before you know you'll be supping from the breats for fatted maidens bathed in French champaigne. If however, you decide your injured pride is too much pain to bear you can throw all that future away and go challenged the made fucker to a duel. Your choice kid."

Quotes About

"Quote" - reference


  • John: "You know this country's history? The English, they wanted a prison, the worst place in the world, a place for good men to rot away at the edge of the empire. They found it here, it is a bad place if you are not prepared"
  • Kitty: "Yes. The lowest of the lowest sent here. They had an idea of it"
  • John: "Bout the shape of it. They chose well. This country is old, older than British men in red coats and white wigs. There's a soul in the land, and it has a lot of hate in it. Live the wrong way here, and that hate can see you, make you wish you were ended"
  • John: "But it is ok." He reaches into a satchel at his side and pulls out a small black glass jar with a red tin lid "But this at least, will keep you save from the drop bears"


  • Was awarded a medal for his crucial participation at Fromelles
  • Was charged with beating a captured Gernam seargant who wouldn't hand over his medals for souviniers
  • Can turn into an plesiosaur
  • Once turned into a fifty foot long crocodile and ate a mouthy LS.
  • Learned Obfuscate from a Nos girlfriend
  • When times are truly dire, and the masquerade is of less concern, John has been known to call on his secret Drop Bear protean form.



  • Barry Ryan (Bryan Brown), in Dirty Deeds (2002)


OOC Information

Member Information
Player: Guy
Number: 2009040009
Domain: Souther Cross

John Keele has spent several years in North America and Europe, and has blank spaces into which other adventures could be fit. If you're looking for a sire, bloodline avus, or character ties, drop me a line.