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Mr. Mirrors
Concept: A Fixer Without a Network
Clan: Ventrue
Covenant: Unaligned --
City: St. Louis
Title: None
Sire: Octavian Caracalla
Bloodline: None
Group: None
Embraced: November 10, 2017
Player: Samuel McCay
Storyteller: St. Louis VST

Personal Information


Mr. Mirrors is an empty suit. White, balding, no facial hair or tattoos to identify him – people tend to notice his clothing and demeanor before his face.


Mr. Mirrors wears personalities like clothing. He's the bashful john, the discreet secretary, the imperious professional – he is whatever he needs to be. This compartmentalization is beginning to wear on him: for years his wealth, power, and connections almost entirely subsumed his personality. Now that all of that is stripped from him, he is trying to piece together what made him a person before he was defined by success.

Mortal World

The man in the Mirrors was a fixer – he solved problems for the Boston elite that they couldn't ask their own staff or the police to solve. He specialized in larceny, data theft, and the occasional abduction, but would never be so gauche as to spell this out – most of his clientele preferred to hire “transfer services specialists” rather than “criminal ringmasters”. It was easier for them to itemize come tax season.

Despite his callous nature, the man in the Mirrors drew the line at assassination, arson, and protection racketeering. He deemed it “low criminality”, lacking in finesse. More than one prospective client had been turned away or sold out to the police for asking the man in the Mirrors for wetwork. Whether this was due to a dedication to professionalism or rank cowardice depended on who you asked.

Information Known by Kindred Society


What little is known by Kindred Society is a result of research by Duford Cheatham, a ghoul controlled by Mr. Mirrors' sire.

  • December, 1990 - Boston police records note that the man in the Mirrors was convicted of conspiracy to commit grand theft. He was released early due to good behavior.
  • March, 2007 – Mitchell Royce, philanthropist and entrepreneur, was arrested following a series of anonymous tips exposing him as guilty of fraud, blackmail, and intellectual theft. Voice patterns from calls made to local police match the man in the Mirrors when corrected for pitch modulation.
  • January, 2010 – Invictus analysts believe that the man in the Mirrors was behind the theft of Crimson Rebirth, a triptych of paintings created to celebrate the survival of the Carthian movement in Milwaukee after a counter-strike by existing Invictus personnel. The field agents used for the theft remain unidentified, possibly deceased.
  • November, 2015 – Boston Invictus files indicate that a data heist at Elgabalus Technical Services LLC., a software company controlled by an Invictus ghoul, was masterminded by the man in the Mirrors on behalf of a rival from within the covenant. His field agents for that job remain unidentified, possibly deceased.
  • December, 2017 – Octavian Caracalla registers Mr. Mirrors (under his real name) as his childe, using his position within the covenant to claim exemption from the laws binding childe to sire.

Recent History


  • DEC - Mr. Mirrors arrives in Saint Louis.


Known Sire

Octavian Caracalla


Quotes By

"Drink, and serve hell – because heaven won't have you."

- Mr. Mirrors, during a recruitment pitch.

"I am a transfer services specialist, specializing in data transfer, property exchange, and personnel redistribution."

- Mr. Mirrors, explaining what he does for a living.

"I’ll play your game. I’ll start over. I’ll master this unlife, rebuild my network, learn your methods. Then I’ll come for you, cold and slow like winter ice."

- Said by no one, to an empty airport terminal.


  • Mr. Mirrors is a shovelhead assassin – the first of a wave of poor bastards Embraced and brainwashed by the Invictus to clean house and claim the Night Congress for the Unconquered.
  • Mr. Mirrors was hired by Hunters to take apart the Night Congress from the bottom up, and has a rifle built by the church that uses blessed ammunition.
  • His name is actually a trigger word: his sire implanted a command for him to trigger a bomb sewn inside his head, which is why no one knows his real name.
  • The whole “abandoned by his sire” thing is a false flag by the Carthians – he was sired by someone in a far-left cabal of Carthian revolutionaries to drum up support for the Night Congress.
  • He isn't a neonate, he's an ancient from the Julii that finally figured out how to make plastic surgery last through torpor, thanks to generations of depraved experiments by the Ordo Dracul.

Inspirations and Soundtrack

Mr. Mirrors was drawn partially from the films Michael Clayton and Up in the Air, where wealth, power, and responsibility defined the protagonists – they had to, each in their own way, try to peel all of that back to find out who they were. Thematically, Mr. Mirrors is an attempt to bring heist planning to V:TR. He excels at planning, lateral thinking, and information gathering, while still able and willing to squeeze a trigger if need be.

A soundtrack for Mr. Mirrors is difficult to assemble, but best considered as a measure of escalating tension. When planning a job, or when no work is present, this list would be best.

When a plan is put into action and is going well, the tension increases.

When plans fail, guns are drawn, and fangs are bared, the list changes to something more abrasive.

OOC Information

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