John of Many Names

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John of Many Names
Concept: Eccentric Math Professor
Incarnation: Messenger
Agenda: Inquisitors
City: St. Louis
Title: None
Player: Chris Reisenbichler
Storyteller: St. Louis VST

Personal Information

Cover Appearance

Usually appears as a grey-haired old gentleman, appearing to be in his 60s. Often well-dressed, sometimes a little disheveled and visibly under the influence of too much coffee. John can and has taken on other appearances but this is how he has introduced himself to the Night Congress

Demonic Form Appearance

It is unclear if anybody has been able to link any appearances of it's demonic form to any of his Covers. But there have been reports of a mysterious light shining atop certain buildings downtown including the Gateway Arch. Probably just a lens flare, right?


John is often inquisitive to the point of prying, but honest and well-meaning. Generally sunny and lighthearted in disposition, but when on the tail of an interesting question John is known to become more serious and precise. John also has some verbal tics, often using unconventional terms for common items, or refusing to use some synonyms interchangeably. He will gladly talk to you about your plans for the "Autumn" but if you talk about the leaves changing in the "Fall" he may try to correct you.


Percy Steinbach, Linda Wool, John, John of Many Names, Janus

Information Known by Unchained Society

John has been relatively secluded from the Unchained, part due to general suspicion, part due to how it Fell fairly recently.


  • 1945 - Brought into existence by the God-Machine around the time of the Trinity nuclear test. Likely created towards the end of developing more advanced adding machines, computers, and the furtherance of technical mathematical knowledge.
  • 1960-2015-Spent a great deal of time acting in angelic service as a human mathematician, eventually finding itself in a teaching role, moving around a handful of universities, ending up most recently at Washington University in St.Louis. In this Cover, prodded individuals toward or away from certain fields of study at the God-Machine's direction.
  • 2015 - Fell after a particularly heated debate with a student in office hours. When faced with certain specific questions the God-Machine prodded the angel to give false information, which the student kept returning to reject (and prove, at least in math terms) as false, which repeatedly was to be explained away and dismissed. At a certain point in the ensuing exchanges, John fell. The events immediately following are a blur.
  • 2015-2017- Continued to live as its Cover, looking over his shoulder, has gathered copious amounts of information about the region and analyses of his own recollections in the God-Machine. Time spent away from research was spent attempting to protect itself--and more importantly its findings--from the God-Machine.

Recent Events

His research as well as certain local events have lead him to introduce himself to the local Night Congress in an effort to become--as John puts it--"more involved with the community".


Quotes By

"Hello friends, I've recently been trying to get myself involved in the local Community, I'm John, Johann, Jan, whatever works."-John of Many Names

Quotes About

"Quote" - reference


"Quote" - reference


Inspirations and Soundtrack

  • Paul Erdős
  • Persi Diaconis
  • "Not a Robot, But a Ghost" by Andrew Bird

OOC Information

Member Information
Player: Chris Reisenbichler
Number: GWB2017072701
Domain: St. Louis