Johnny Whisper

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Johnny Whisper
Concept: Unknown
Path: Moros
Order: Guardians of the Veil
Consilium: Adelaide ••
Legacy Eleventh Question
Cabal: N/A
Player: Brett Symons
Storyteller: Adelaide VST
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Personal Information


Standing quite tall and solidly built it is surprising he doesn't have more of a presence than he does. He wears loose grey clothes that are asymmetrical when operating as an Awakened. When he is a psychic he uses a collection of culturally appropriated 'mystic' wear.


Spider like webs connect sympathetic connections. Just faintly noticeable but not useful. Around him people notice little things more.


Quite playful and cheerful, especially to the ladies. Doesn't seem to take life seriously unless working then he is all business.

Johnny does put on multiple different personas but not quite to Masque level yet.

2018: After spending months on the run from the Seers (and putting lost souls to rest in the countryside) Johnny has matured and now is far more likely to be all business.


NOTE: much of this is for ties and so not publicly known.

  • 4/4/1983 Born to two awakened Mages, both Guardians of the Veil.
  • 24/12/2001: Hit on a girl. Turned out she had a psyco bf on meth in eye sight. The guy stabbed him a few times. He started to bleed out, watching his blood form patterns on the pavement. He awoke to the Leaden Tower. The doctors saved him.
  • 25/12/2001: Attended a quiet family Christmas with his father alone, as they normally did. The moment he walked through the door his father recognised him for an Awakened. His words “time to put the stories behind you and see the truth.” For the first time in a long time father and son talked more than the minimum needed.
  • Original shadow name: Eclipse
  • 2002: While pretending to be into psychics to hit on a girl he went to a psychic fair. By the end an idea had formed in his head and Johnny Whisper was born.
  • 2002-2005: Johnny Whisper becomes known but not famous. He doesn’t have the arcana to fully back the concept up and his fathers insistence on his preparing and joining the Guardians takes a lot of his time (especially if he wants those lessons about the ‘family legacy’)
  • 2004: Joins the Guardians.
  • 2006: Joins the 11th Question with his father inducting him.
  • 2009: Johnny Whisper solves the Linemonte Case using ‘psychic powers’ gains enough notice that he can start charging more. He still works part time but begins doing more high profile cases.
  • 2010 - now: Keeps on keeping on. Slowly learns more but enters a bit of a rut. His ageing father expresses disappointment with his wasting potential. A string of short term relationships. Often with clients.
  • 2017 April: Seems to be the target of a Seer.
  • 2017 September: After being target by Seers has to go into hiding.
  • 2018 February: Meets vampires. Not hugely impressed but as they seem to have an interest in keeping people alive and healthy he is ok with them. Turns out he knows one of the recently made vampires. A fight breaks out with some monster. Uses legacy to postcog some of the Vampires. One day (when I do the approvals) Johnny will go through his notes and memories and properly sort fact from fiction.
  • 2018 March: A device is activated that drains the manner from the city and even starts to unravel solid objects to drain their mana. Johnny suggests to Oz about the magic null zone he encountered with the Cabal as a place to research the item. During the research, Johnny nearly stops the device, releasing the mana in such a powerful burst multiple mages are burned within. Another mage then forces the device to completely stop and nearly kills two of the present awakened by taking no precautions against the mana burst. Johnny, with Guy's help, then discovers the sleeper builder of the device and his sleepwalker mother. The device was made by the mans late father and his son rebuilt his work incorrectly. Johnny then negotiated a deal with the sleepwalker. To have the device back but not the tools to rebuild it. Regis then arrived and teleported the tools to the woman without asking Guy or Johnny the full situation. The ghost Johnny used to protect the tools from theft then did as instructed but Johnny placated it.

Recent Events


Quotes By

"A favour for a favour seems fair right? I'll make this crime go away, or be found pointing in another direction. I'll hit you up for something later. Easy." - Fairly standard stuff for him.

"Ok. Here is what we are going to do. You go downstairs and grab a drink then a shower. When you see this room again you father will have died peacefully in his sleep. Before you go, this will make it a little easier." Johnny to a fellow mage just before using emotional urging to reduce shock and trauma.

Quotes About

"Time to put the stories behind you and see the truth" - Umbra Regis


"Quote" - reference


  • From a Mage family.
  • Original shadow name was Eclipse.
  • Uses humour and positivity to cover his ennui.
  • Is more connected to the series of current murders than he is letting on.
  • Has recently changed jobs within the Guardians.

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Member Information
Player: Brett Symons
Number: Incomplete
Domain: Adelaide