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Jupiter Fox
Concept: Skater and YouTuber
Tribe: Hunter In Darkness
Auspice: Elodoth
City: Canberra
Lodge: [[Category: CofD|]]
Pack: Southside Serpents
Spirit Rank
Cunning --
Glory --
Honor ••
Wisdom --
Player: Ali
Storyteller: [mailto: Canberra VST]

Personal Information


5'3" blue eyes and copper hair. Wears skater clothes and usually seen carrying a board with her.


It's easy to like Jupiter, she's open, generous with her time and speaks her mind. She is incredibly protective of the kids and families who frequent the Skate Park and surrounding grassland. She takes no bullshit and expects people to own their behavior and make good when they mess up.

Despite her age, she is known to be quite level headed when it comes to her duties as an Elodoth and has made a name for herself as an impartial mediator.

Online in her skating videos posting as ✰FØχχϤÐƐχχ✰ she is vivacious and enthusiastic about her successes and bloopers.



Pride Before Fall

Information Known by Forsaken Society

-She was brought up by her godparents Matthew and Amelia Blythe who are Wolfblooded. They gained custody of Jupiter in her early teens when her father Logan Fox and Uratha of WA was killed by Uther Vandross.

-She was kept in the dark about her heritage until her change in 2017. She came under the protection of Frank Wheeler's pack (Canberra NPC)

- She joined the Hunters in Darkness after spending time with Grandma Eadie in Goulburn.

- She is related to the Shaw family, in fact it was recently revealed that she is actually the sister of Buzz

-She is part of a pack with Lillith Dixon and Andrew Carter. Their Pack is called The Southside Serpents.

-She has a spirit companion, a Magpie called Kulbardi.


  • 1998 - Born in the Perth area. Father is Logan Fox, mother is Genevieve Shaw. Jupiter is born Wolfblooded with the Wolf's Meat tell.
  • 2003- Genevieve dies from cancer
  • 2003- 2012 Normal childhood. Jupiter meets her family, and her dad's friends Matthew and Amelia (Wolfblooded in his pack) and Bro-Dee (his packmate. She also meets another child, Jazz Summers and the two become friends. All of them honour her mother's wishes to keep her away from the Uratha life.
  • 2013- Her dad dies in the war between the Uratha and the Pure of Perth (Vandross. Her godparents gain custody and move her to Canberra. She still does not know she is wolfblooded. She finds the skate park and makes friends with the regulars.
  • 2016 - She moves into a townhouse near the Skate Park with her friend Lillith Dixon. She begins posting YouTube skating videos under the name ✰FØχχϤÐƐχχ✰
  • 2017 She has her first change when a revenant attacks one of the local skates late at night. Frank Wheeler (NPC) helps ehr and tells her the truth.

Meets Andrew Carter another member of the Lodge of the Shield

  • 2018-Lillith Dixon changes. It's sparked by a stalker, but Jupiter secretly thinks that it's also because of Lil's proximity to Jupiter.

Recent Events

  • 2019- October

Traveled to Perth and arrived after the fight with the False father. Reconnected with Bro-Dee and Buzz. Found out that Buzz was her brother and met her cousin Wren Shaw.


  • Cunning

  • Glory

  • Honor
    • 1 Standing as mediator for an in-pack dispute

Only six months as Uratha, and there was a heated dispute between two members of Frank’s pack so Jupiter offered to be an impartial mediator. Her youth did not hold her back and she was found to be wise beyond her years. She earned the Deed name Pride before Fall, as she delivered words like that in her judgement “Pride comes before the Fall”

    • 2 Making restitution to a victim

While training out with Grandma Eadie, Jupiter lost her cool and lashed out injuring the Uratha. She owned her mistake, vowing to find her balance, and helping Eadie out on the farm while she recuperated.

  • Puriy
    • 1 Ritual fasting outside of the hunt

When she changed and found out her real self, Jupiter decided to live her life strongly in line with the Oath of the Moon. She fasted outside of the hunt for 3 days, then sat for many hours as her arms were decorated in Tattoos of symbols representing the Oath.

  • Wisdom


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