Kailani Joanna Johnson

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Kailani Joanna Johnson/ Nakamura Suiko
Concept: Always Caught Between Two Worlds
Tribe: Iron Master
Auspice: Ithauer
City: St. Louis
Lodge: None
Pack: House Minamoto
Spirit Rank
Cunning --
Honor --
Purity --
Wisdom ••
Player: Kimberly Webb
Storyteller: St. Louis VST
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Personal Information


A petite woman with umber hair and dark eyes, both her Japanese and Caucasian heritages are apparent. In Japan she is of tall height for a woman, but in America she is considered average at 5’ 4”. She has delicate features and usually wears her waist-length hair in a braid with several streaks of color winding through. She dresses in elegant, flowing high quality clothes, almost none of which are "off the rack". She carries herself with a playful confidence and quite lives up to her Japanese given name (Suiko, "imperial fox").


When relaxed, she is gregarious and playful; catch her out clubbing and this is certainly the personality she'll show. In more uncertain or formal situations, she is quieter, relying on more structured manners to feel in control of the situation. She is generous with her money, as it costs her little, but far more careful in how much of her time she gives out. If given an option, she'd rather be partying, in public or with games and gatherings at home, than doing just about anything else.


Boss' Daughter (in Clan Nakamura, Tokyo, Japan) The Johnson Bastard (Among the wealthy/upperclass circles of the western world)


None so far despite having been Uratha for roughly six years.

Information Known by Forsaken Society

Little is known of Kailani in the Forsaken community. She has a few online contacts with other Bone Shadows, but that's about it. In the spirit world, she has a reputation of less violent Uratha, one quite willing to bargain that has never broken her word to a spirit.


  • 1996 - Born on October 30th at 7:24 PM to Joanna Johnson, one of the heirs of the Johnson fortune. Her father recognized her as his child in Japan before her birth, so she is also included in his lineage in Japan as Nakamura Suiko. As her mother was married and most certainly not to her father, when Kailani was released from the hospital a few days after her birth, she was sent to the Walden Boarding School in England with a governess.
  • 1996 - 2011 - Kailani spent her school years at Walden in England and her summers in Japan with her father. Though wolf-blooded, her father did not introduce her to the Uratha world out of concern of what she might say or do back in England.
  • 2012 - During the summer of her 16th year, Kailani showed signs of her First Change; her father insisted that she stay in Japan at that point and inducted her into the Nakamura pack. He also arranged her marriage to a wolf-blooded of the pack. Though not normally so easily manipulated, the shock of her change had left her reeling and she grasped for any stability she could find in her new life. She did have the presence of mind to acquire an IUD outside of her father or new husband's knowledge.
  • 2013 - After the rush of being Uratha wore off, she became dissatisfied with the (lack) of roles she was given to play in the pack and in her father's businesses. Her father's response was to allow her to play liaison for his legitimate businesses that he wanted to expand into Western markets. Still left with reams of free time she could no longer fill with drug addictions and drunkenness (her favorite pastimes when she had been visiting Japan during her teenage years), she enrolled at Pamoja Education to earn her International Baccalaureate.
  • 2014 - Completing her coursework in one year, Suiko sat the exams for the University of Tokyo. She was admitted, surprising her father and most of the pack as she was generally regarded as a too-European hāfu (biracial) only useful for breeding more wolf-blooded. She insisted on the father paying for her education, both because she didn't want to entangle her American and Japanese identities by accessing her own funds in Japan and because she was annoyed with his refusal to insist she be actually included and trained in his pack.
  • 2018 - Suiko completed her Bachelor's of Linguistics, with minors in Economics and Biology. Finished with the only interesting tie she had left in Japan, she informed her husband that he would agree to a divorce that excluded him from claiming any of her estate or alimony, or she could kill him and leave his body in the Hisil. When she informed her father of her intention to leave Japan and the Nakamura pack, he acquiesced partly because he couldn't really stop her and partly because after six years of marriage she hadn't yet produced a single child. He figured she was barren and saw an opportunity to also rid himself of a potential rival for leadership of his pack, Sang Tsukiya. He arranged with another yakuza alpha to have the two sent to a transplanted Japanese pack in St. Louis, Mo, House Minamoto.

Recent Events

She and Tsukiya, along with a childhood friend of Tsukiya's, have traveled to St. Louis to meet their new pack.


  • Kailani's move to Japan was a ruse and she's actually been in rehab for the past six years. (Found in disreputable tabloids during dearths of actually-famous-people scandals.)
  • Kailani's step-father (or half-siblings) tried to have her killed one summer in Japan and she's been hiding out from him and his assassins since then. (Same as above, though usually on online tabloids and their chat rooms/forums.)
  • Kailani has no deed name because she refuses to acknowledge or embrace her Uratha nature. (Uratha rumor-mill, mostly through the wolf-blooded.)

Inspirations and Soundtrack

  • Get This Party Started by P!nk
  • Super Rich Kids by Frank Ocean, Earl Sweatshirt

OOC Information

Member Information
Player: Kimberly Webb
Number: SNA2007049723
Domain: St. Louis