Karen Green

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Karen Green
Concept: Roadie
Tribe: Iron Masters
Auspice: Ithaeur
City: Ames
Lodge: Thousand Steel Teeth
Pack: The Scoobies
Spirit Rank ••
Cunning •••
Honor --
Purity --
Player: Jessica Orsini
Storyteller: Ames VST

Personal Information

Longtime bus driver and tech crew for The Scoobies, a cover band (and Forsaken pack) based in Iowa.


Karen usually can be found in jeans and any of a number of Scoobies band T-shirts, all of which have seen assorted stains and burns from work either on the band bus or equipment. She's medium-build and 5'8" or so, with long reddish-blonde hair pulled back in a perpetual ponytail and piercing blue eyes.


Most of the time, Karen has an easy smile (and sometimes, a bit of a stoned smile; she's fond of the herb). That said, put her behind the wheel and she's an absolute demon. She's tricked out the bus well beyond any kind of manufacturer recommendations, and can pull off stunts with it that would shame a Mustang... or leave you as a greasy patch along a good hundred yards of blacktop.



The Ride

A heavily-modified 1957 Chevrolet 6800 Superior school bus, converted into the band bus for The Scoobies. The bunpers have been thoroughly reinforced, the engine sounds like something that should be pulling a 40-ton trailer with the distinctive whine of a supercharger, and if one listens closely as she works it up to speed, they can hear it slip into a sixth gear at the top end. Equipment boxes hide whatever modifications have been made underneath, and it takes a sharp eye to notice that the tires are run-flats.

Recent Events

Karen was wolf-blooded until October 2016, when she underwent First-Change after the Scoobies survived a pitched spirit battle. Shortly thereafter, she was approached by Bruises with Cruiser, a member of the Lodge of the 1000 Steel Teeth; they'd been watching her for some time, and were quick to induct her into their ranks.


Quotes By

"I'm a motherfucking wolf-plane!" (After using the Iron Slave Gift to take over an airliner and divert it from disaster.)

Quotes About



Inspirations and Soundtrack

  • "Radar Love", Golden Earring
  • "Hot Rod Lincoln", Commander Cody And His Lost Planet Airmen
  • "Turn the Page", Bob Seger

OOC Information

Member Information
Player: Jessica Orsini
Number: SNA2006037576
Domain: Mid-MO