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Kate Marshall/ Bob Mitchell
Concept: Ghost Wolf Revolutionary Communist
Tribe: Ghost Wolves
Auspice: Irraka
City: Adelaide
Lodge: None
Pack: None
Spirit Rank
Cunning ••
Glory --
Purity --
Wisdom --
Player: [mailto: Brett Symons]
Storyteller: Adelaide VST

Personal Information

Kate Marshall is a woman in her early 30s that has been screwed hard by life, or more to the point people with power. She married at the end of highschool to a manipulative arsehole and had three kids. She tried to love them as best as she could but she really had them for Daniel and her resentment for being trapped in this life created a barrier between her and her kids. As they aged there was little to do in Yankalilla where Daniel had moved them and both her and Daniel (mainly him) took drugs, particularly ice, hate fucked, and worked shitty jobs.

Eventually the police wanted to search their car while Daniel was carrying one day. She remained quiet, he blamed her. She was convicted for dealing. He took the kids, divorced her and shacked up with a younger and more pliant girl.

Kate took back her family name and moved to Adelaide for work and away from the small town shame of being convicted of something most of the people did. She worked a number of labouring jobs before getting something nice, by her standards, in a factory that made and fitted electronic car security systems. Through this and knowing a few of the wrong people she got a side job in a chop shop, redoing the alarm systems in stolen cars. She even went as far as boosting a few nicer cars with a couple of the guys.

Eventually, as most car manufacturing in WoD Adelaide does, the company had to wind down. With her criminal record she was one of the first to get the flick. She appealed to the Union and they did try to help her both keep that job and get another one. She became 'good friends' with a couple of the Union guys but still her job was going to go. Anger was slowly building up in her.

In a twist of fate the whole factory was closed with almost no warning before she lost her job. The rich prick who owned it drove up in his luxury European car and casually dismissed everyone. Telling them the company was bankrupt and all their entitlements were lost. As Kate watched him get in his expensive import, wearing clothes worth more than her net worth. Something inside her snapped.

What happened next she wasn't sure about. Just flashes. She was a wolf but as large as a car. She needed him to know fear as death was coming for him. He had to suffer in his death. As she tore out his throat she remembered something one of her lefty friends said, "eat the rich". She did and it was the best thing she had ever tasted. It was right.

Since then she has worked out what she is but not a lot around that. She has never met another Werewolf and never learned the Oath of the Moon. In her day she helps her Union friends as a volunteer, as well as the local Communist groups she has fallen in with. At night Luna blesses her with her male form of Bob Mitchell and she hunts the rich and eats them.

She also steals cars more now the shadows are her allies. She steals from those who have more cars than needed. While she likes to think of herself as a bit of a Robin Hood, deep down she is an angry angry Werewolf who has power for the first time in her life and she means to extract vengeance for all the frustration of 30 years of being treated like shit.




Information Known by Forsaken Society

Kate's existence as on of the People is not known by the Forsaken at large. As such she will be a Downtime only character for a period of time.


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Player: Brett Symons
Number: au2015050005
Domain: Adelaide