Katelyn Bridget Gallagher

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Katelyn Gallagher
Concept: Teacher, Mother and Lance
Clan: Nosferatu
Covenant: Lancea et Sanctum
City: Geelong --
Title: Sister, mother
Sire: Ardan Bartley (NPC)
Bloodline: Neglatu
Group: Independent Study
Embraced: Turned 1847 uplifted 1867
Player: Katherine Atkins
Storyteller: Geelong VST
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Personal Information

A Victorian lady from Western Ireland turned in 1847 and Embraced in 1867 she is a member of the Neglatu Bloodline


Katelyn is of average height and weight with greenish brown eyes and brown hair almost always tied back from her face usually in a bun. She is of Irish decent with pale skin made paler by the lack of blood. Her favorite outfit is a simple brown silk maxi skirt and white Victorian style blouse over a reinforced corset. She wears practical black dress boots and a small gold chain around her throat with a number of items on it including a cross a locket and a small vial, she carries a cane and moves with a limp. She smells perpetually of decay and has large decaying open wounds on her chest and left leg.


A proper and upright lady and her bearing is that of a woman of class and money. When she speaks her language is that of a politician all flowery phrases and carefully chosen pauses, and this is odd when one notes her frequently stated dislike for politics in all its forms. She wears a golden cross and carries an old and very dog eared leather bible clearly displaying her loyalty to the lance and to God. Despite the rumors she is fiercely protective of her "children" especially those who have traveled with her for any period of time. She is studious and witty and has an amazing ability to talk her way out of most issues and an almost Mekhet like ability to read the emotions and thoughts of others. She is not a fighter preferring to find a diplomatic or peaceful solution to any issue.

Mortal World

She is a member of the Gallagher family a matriarchal family which have for many generations been responsible for the construction and up keep of Lost Souls homes world wide. Katherine is on the most recent of the women to take up the mission and move away from home to set up a new home in a new part of the world. She can be found in the dodgiest part of town, if your alone, if your scared or sick or broken, you can find rest there. Its the safest place you can go. She will give you food, medicine, money if you need it, Just don't be rude or cruel and don't touch her children... no ones gone missing in a while we kinda prefer it that way.

Information Known by Kindred Society

She has traveled a lot in her time and has stories from all around the world. She seems to have a preference for the children's blood its unseemly but what can be done about it? She havens in the worst part of town if you find or accidentally create a reverent shes the one to talk to ... best not to ask what she does with them but she makes the problem go away. She could sell Ice to Eskimos and if you want to kill her, best to do it in her sleep lest she talk you out of it. When shes under stress her voice goes Irish maybe shes from there.


4 July 1828 – (0) Born to Katarina and James Gallagher
13 May 1834 – (5) Her brother is Born
14 May 1835 – (6) She slips away from her mother and tutor escaping into the fields to talk play with the children of the tenants.
23 September 1836 – (8) Her sister is born
14 February 1837 – (8) She goes with her father instead of staying with the nurse

30 April 1837 – (8) Her father for the first time allows her into his study
30 July 1838 – (10) She begins to question god
7 April 1839 – (10) She is introduced to the Marquess

30 May 1845 – (16) her father arranges for her to marry a man she runs away
30 December 1845 – (17) She is unofficially employed as a School mistress and nurse
9 January 1846 – (18ish) She is raped and left pregnant after leaving the workhouse to collect supplies

18 October 1846 – (18ish) she gives birth to a baby boy and name him Elijah
3 December 1847 – (19) she is turned
6 December 1847 –She opens her eyes, and everything is black she can’t move the weight is pushing on her from all sides and all she knows is she is starving.

20 December 1847 – her sire finds her
6 March 1867 – Her sire uplifts her
1 April 1869 – she is lonely with no one near her own age to talk to she finds a reverent child Yr Ysgolhaig kills him
16 May 1874 - Isolated and alone she comes across another revenant child

Travels throughout Ireland, Wales and England
7 December 1910 – Begins to feed more carefully using needles and injections

Witness world war 1 – Founds the Lost Souls shelter on the outskirts of England taking in children and families displaced by the war.

Travels through Canada and the united states
2 January 1930 - Attempts to rid herself of Typhoid
28 May 1935 – Briefly returns to Ireland to be with her sire and enters torpor

Travels through Germany, France, Austria, belgium, neatherlands
Witnesses World War 2 – she witnesses World war two

Travels through Poland, lituania, latvia, Estonia, Russia
29 August 1949 – she returns to her sire to see him into torpor she takes on his revenants in addition to her own (Open for Character ties)
15 May 1992 – She takes a young boy called Marcus Priest from a church in Ireland turning him into a reverent to free him from his living situation

Travels through Egypt, libia, chad, Israel, Sudan, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Syria
21 March 1999 – She arrives in Iraq amidst the fighting and encounters Zarifa
1 January 2000 – Travels home to Ireland to find her sire has awakened she returns the Revenants he created to his care

13 June 2001 – She travels to Australia landing in Sydney (Open for Character Ties)

January 2009 – Assists a small group of dragons with their studies on the outskirts of Dubbo
she travels down through ACT, Victoria and Tasmania (Open for Character Ties)
September 2010 – Gets in an argument with the prince of a small town

Travels to Geelong


(Open to Character Ties)

Known Sire

Ardan Bartley

Known Childer

  • Thomas O'Dwyre (Revenant)
  • Tahlia Fairchild (Embrace)


Quotes By

"some would call me a monster for what I do, to them revnants are mindless beasts threats to the masquerade waiting to happen. My children are safe, as long as they are with me"

- about the nature of her children and her blood

Quotes About


- quote by.


  • She has a bloodline
  • She experiments on the revenants people bring her trying to reverse their curse
  • She is a member of the Ordo Dracul

Inspirations and Soundtrack

OOC Information

Member Information
Player: Katherine Atkins
Number: 2013090005
Domain: Toowoomba