Keisuke Jinzen

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Keisuke Jinzen
Concept: Friendly GP
Clan: ???
Covenant: Ordo Dracul ••
City: Adelaide
Title: Doctor
Sire: Jōei Hashimoto
Bloodline: Pure Clan
Embraced: September 2nd 1946
Player: Mark Cole
Storyteller: Adelaide VST

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Personal Information


Keisuke Jinzen (慈善恵助 じんぜんけいすけ Jinzen Keisuke) is a 35-year-old Male with short black hair and dark brown eyes. When he's not wearing a set of surgical scrubs he can often be seen sporting a rather simple yet entirely practical outfit. A plain white buttoned shirt, a simple wool vest, black slacks and freshly-shined black shoes. For more formal occasions he will put on a plain black suit and a blue tie. Overall, he tends to dress in a professional, yet still approachable manner. Keisuke also wears corrective lenses.


Keisuke's personality is focused around his instinctive nurturing and professionalism. He is at all times respectful, patient and always happy to strike up a conversation with people or provide useful advice to those that ask. As a GP, Keisuke is caring and compassionate and will often go out of his way to make sure that his patients are able to receive the help they need -- even if they can't necessarily afford it at the time.

Mortal World

Keisuke graduated from High School in 1929 and immediately began chasing his dream of becoming a Doctor/Surgeon and studying at the prestigious University of Tokyo. His twin brother Satoshi shared this dream, however, he instead decided to pursue Dentistry out of the desire to not been seen as an imitation of his brother.

In 1939, both Keisuke and Satoshi faced mandatory military service as a result of Imperial Japan's growing ambition to conquer Asia and expand the Empire of the Rising Sun. They were enlisted into the Imperial Japanese Navy as wartime doctors and physicians. Keisuke's knowledge (and stomach) were often put to the test during this period however he was happy to serve his country in any capacity he could.

Come August 1945, Keisuke and his brother were stationed near Hiroshima when the United States Air Force detonated the 'Little Boy' atomic bomb over the city, causing widespread chaos, destruction and death. While the two brothers survived the attack (being outside the blast radius at the time), they soon found themselves suffering severe radiation poisoning, as well as having to cope with the loss of their family. In September of 1946, the two brothers were Embraced by their Sire for their medical skills, knowledge and training.

Having succumbed to the unfortunate long-term side effects of becoming a Kindred (Humanity loss), Keisuke entered Torpor in 1993 and has only recently awoken. He now finds himself living in Adelaide, South Australia.

Information Known by Kindred Society

Past Timeline

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  • 1911: - Twin brothers Keisuke and Satoshi are born to Sakura and Shojo Jinzen in the small town of Hakone, Japan. Their parents consider themselves blessed upon receiving two male children to carry on their dynasty and bring honour to their family.
  • 1912: - The Jinzen family moves from their tiny home in Hakone to the larger town of Hiroshima in order to further improve their lives.
  • 1929: - The Jinzen twins both successfully finish High School and are accepted into the prestigious University of Tokyo. Their parents are ecstatic.
  • 1939: - With the ongoing conflict in China still looming, both Keisuke and Satoshi are conscripted into the Imperial Japanese Navy, where they soon find themselves in the role of wartime doctors and physicians.
  • 1941-1944: - In light of their extensive qualifications, Keisuke and Satoshi are both transferred to the Battleship "Nagato" under the command of Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto. Although the "Nagato" didn't see any combat during the attack, the ship was tasked with covering the retreat of several other vessels after the attack on Pearl Harbor. The brothers continued their service on the "Nagato" through to mid-1945.
  • 1945-1946: - During the final months of WWII, Keisuke and his brother were reassigned back to the Home Islands where they were stationed near Hiroshima. The two brothers were happy to be home and excited to see their family once more. On August 6th, the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. At the time, Keisuke and Satoshi were outside the blast radius and managed to survive the immediate effects of the attack. Unfortunately, their family died during the attack, with the two brothers later succumbing to radiation poisoning in late 1946. Both Keisuke and Satoshi were Embraced by their Sire on their deathbeds at one of the many temporary shelters erected for survivors of the attack. Their surgical skills and medical knowledge were highly valued and put to good use aiding and assisting other survivors.
  • 1947-1950: - Wracked with grief and still learning to adjust after their Embraces, the two brothers joined up with a Coterie of Kindred who would go from village to village promising medical marvels with bloodletting and talking up its beneficial effects, specifically with 'bleeding' the radiation out of one's body. Due to these villages being poor, starved and desperate for aid, most of their residents did not question this and were happy to receive assistance. Unfortunately, many of them died during these 'procedures'.
  • 1951 - Keisuke and his brother opened up a new practice within Kyoto that remained open well into the night. This was a convenient and prosperous method of gaining a steady income and food supply. Satoshi's long-standing prejudice against Westerners meant that they often found themselves targeted by pro-Western groups and vandals. Despite this, they continued their work. Eventually, Satoshi adopted a young orphan who he named Haida, who began living with the two brothers.
  • 1952 - The two brothers expanded their practice to accommodate for and include not-necessarily-legal surgical procedures such as organ transplanting and harvesting, 'backyard' discount surgery and even plastic surgery and facial reconstruction. These procedures were especially popular with criminal elements.
  • 1962-1963 - Having spent the past decade in Kyoto, Keisuke and Satoshi sell their practice and move to another city in order to hide their identities and conceal their Kindred nature. Satoshi takes his now 17-year-old adopted son with them. Haida marries a young woman named Akari, who later falls pregnant. Unfortunately, Akari dies during childbirth. This hits the Jinzens hard and leads to several years of grief and remorse.
  • 1970 - Having once again established himself as a respected local physician and doctor, Keisuke begins further experimenting with the Coils and slowly finds himself becoming desensitised to the (oftentimes) unsettling work performed. He further develops his skills in plastic surgery and facial reconstruction during this time. Another tragedy hits the Jinzens when Satoshi revealed to Keisuke that his adopted son Haida took his own life. The Jinzens turn to their contacts within the Japanese Underworld in order to prevent Haida's death certificate from being published, with Satoshi later taking Haida's identity as his own. Keisuke performs minor alterations to his brother's appearance in order to make this appear more convincing.
  • 1980-1992: - Following the sale of their practice once more, Keisuke and Satoshi move to a new town to begin new lives. Frustrated with his own lack of progress and with the deaths of Akari, Haida and new troubles with Haida's estranged son, Keisuke retreats into his studies and slowly sinks further into depravity as his experiments become more monstrous and inhumane.
  • 1993 - Following a string of killings, Keisuke is placed into Torpor by Satoshi in order to allow his humanity to return, while also preventing further complications. Satoshi eventually decides it best for the brothers to move to Darwin, Australia.

~In Torpor~

  • 2018 - After two and a half decades and with his humanity refreshed, Keisuke is woken by Satoshi and prepares to discover a whole new world.

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  • 橋本貞永 Jōei Hashimoto (NPC)

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Player: Mark Cole
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