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Concept: Isolationist Samurai
Tribe: Hunters in Darkness
Auspice: Ithaeur
City: St. Louis
Lodge: none
Pack: House Minamoto
Spirit Rank
Cunning --
Wisdom •••
Player: Carolina
Storyteller: St. Louis VST
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Personal Information


Japanese, in his mid to late thirties, of average height and slender, he usually shaves his head and is commonly seen wearing traditional Japanese working clothes. Extremely soft spoken and polite, with vacant eyes, at first sight some people might take him for some kind of monk, since his demeanor is usually calm and collected. He can even be amiable to his peers, however, there are not many he considers his peers. For the rest, he silently holds the utmost contempt, until proven wrong (not that it would show anyway).


A Japanese master blacksmith, it is rumored by others that his lineage can be traced to one of the disciples of Masamune himself. If this is true or not, no one can tell. Kuniyoshi is the crafter name given to him by his master, and only a handful of people know his birth one. Despite being known mainly as a blacksmith, he has expertise and knowledge in several Japanese traditional arts and crafts, such as pottery, calligraphy, cooking, and gardening, and one of his main motivations is to preserve and pass these on to future generations, lest them be lost to foreign influences.

A member of a yakuza clan from the Kyoto area, he was considered a respected advisor, despite his youth. Through the years, he played the role of “big brother” to a few. From these, the ones chosen by him to carry one of his weapons, like Takeshi, can be counted with the fingers of one hand.

He embarked to America accompanying some clan members as a newly formed pack. As the Alpha of the House Minamoto pack, Kuniyoshi prefers to listen while others do the talking, and always asks the individual opinions of his pack members before taking an important decision. But be not mistaken, the choice is always his.

An early riser, most of the time you will find him alone in his workshop, deep into his craft, sometimes muttering words in a dialog with an invisible listener. The rest of his time he divides among house chores, roaming around the pack’s territory, and enjoying his only known luxury: a properly made cup tea


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