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Concept: Shadow Warrior
Clan: Mekhet
Covenant: Circle of the Crone, Carthian
City: GSS (No Home VSS)
Title: Ms
Sire: Kage
Bloodline: Khaibit
Group: Circus
Embraced: Date
Player: Jacinta S
Storyteller: GSS (No Home VSS) VST

Personal Information

Kuroko is a quiet but likeable girl. Her shy demeanour belies her skill at combat.


Kuroko is, like many Mekhet, nondescript. Her formal court wear is based on the archetype of the gypsy fortune teller, though hints of her mentor show through. Despite her name, she is not in any way asian, and has a faint Canadian accent.


Kuroko's formal mask is quiet, except when she is talking on behalf of Kage. Her personality around close friends is more open, though still quiet. The more people in a room, the more stressed she becomes, eventually adopting her 'formal' mask.

Mortal World

Like many Mekhet between neonate and ancilla, Kuruko has all but vanished from the mortal world. She is known among the mortals of the Circus, but there she lives her role to the full.

Information Known by Kindred Society

She was captured by the Ordo Dracul in the early 70s, and was part of the prison break at the fall of the Ordro Dracul empire. She suffered extended torpor soon after. Her sire was still trapped in the prison, and she was trained by her older sister [Kageko]. Quiet and withdrawn she's stayed outside much of vampiric politics, and while she's done very well in the fights she's been in, she doesn't seek combat.


  • 1950s - Born in Cananda
  • 1970s - Captured by the Ordo Dracul. Embraced and Torpored in Canberra. Freed soon after. Joined the Carthians.
  • 1980s - [Kageko] turned up and took over her training. Joined the Circle.
  • 2000s - Her Sire Kage was freed, awoke, and left her.
  • 2017s - Current Day

Recent History

Kuroko announced her Sire Kage was coming to stay in Canberra. She pulled strings to get him a position in the Regency.


  • JUN - Details


  • Kage
    • [Kageko]
    • [Kuroko]

Known Sire

Kage - though most vampires assume it is Kageko.

Known Siblings

  • [Kageko ]


Quotes By


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Quotes About

"A truly unique individual, had Kage not embraced her I may have claimed her as my own"

- Argyle Sorrow

"Kuruko, Stood silent as a statue during the ceremony but those eyes took in everything around us not missing a single movement a single vibration."

- Decimus.


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Person 1 - "quote."
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  • Kuroko is a travelling assassin. She doesn't fade into the background, she leaves.
  • Kuroko 'lives' in multiplayer online roleplaying games, where she is a talented gold farmer.
  • Kuroko knows a lot of secrets, so if you ever really need to know something, she's a great source of information... at a price.

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Member Information
Player: [mailto: Jacinta S]
Number: AU2000100323
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