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Hayden's 2.0 Characters:

L3XX - Vampire: The Requiem 2.0

Nines - Werewolf the Forsaken 2.0

Conner - Changeling the Lost 2.0

Concept: Lone Wanderer
Clan: Ventrue ••
Covenant: Ordo Dracul
City: Geelong --
Sire: Celeste Venturi
Bloodline: Pure
Group: Lucien Institute; Scavs
Embraced: 27/6/2013
Player: Hayden
Storyteller: Geelong VST

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Personal Information

"...We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

- the Declaration of Independence, JULY 4, 1776.


An Average-looking tall, athletic man save for Silver-dyed hair. Usually wearing a hoodie of some descriptor over a Tshirt and cargo pants. He wears a facemask around his neck, ready to go at any moment.


Self-Assured but committed to pushing towards a better future for Humanity and Kindred alike.

Mortal World

Rules of Hax Club:

  1. Don't talk about Hax Club.
  2. Do Not talk about Hax Club.

Notable Traits

  •  ???

Information Known by Kindred Society

Young but determined Carthian Movement Hacker looking to move above his current station.



  • 1990 - Approximate Date of Birth.
  • 1992 - Born Alexander James Henderson on June 7th 1992 to Rose Henderson in the Mater Hospital, Brisbane.
  • 1993 - Rose and Alex move to Ballarat. Rose starts teaching at Ballarat State High.
  • 1997 - Alex starts his first day of School and immediately becomes friends with Sarah Washburne.
  • 2005 - Alex and Sarah start Highschool.
  • 2009 - The Black Saturday Bushfires scorch much of the Forrest in Rural Victoria. Rose Henderson is administered to the Ballarat Base Hospital with 3rd Degree burns after being found on the property of a friend she was trying to help evacuate, she dies in Hospital on March 3rd. 16 year old Alex spirals into severe depression. The Washburne Family Adopt him during this time.
  • 2010 - Alex, having missed a large chunk of the 2009 school year opts to repeat his year 12 studies.
  • 2011 - Alex starts at the University of Ballarat studying a Bachelor of Information Technology specializing in Cyber-security.
  • 2013 - Approximate Year of Embrace by a young Carthian Celeste Venturi.
  • 2013 to mid 2014 - Helped get a Housing Project approved in the Domain of Ballarat which has brought a gradual incremental population boon to the area, which will result in larger feeding grounds in the coming 10 to 15 years.
  •  ???
  • 2017 - "What is this thing happening up in Queensland?" Somehow Arrives in Toowoomba.

Recent History


  • MAR - Shows up in Toowoomba and sought out by Captain Gaspar for his Technical Expertise.
  • APR - Orders a round of Gaspar's Revenge, a flaming shot, for the court of Toowoomba sending half the court into a fear frenzy. Ran errands for the Captain, including being involved in a very Rick and Morty incident with Redfoot and the owner of the local bar Jerry. Meets up with his fellow Carthians and gets Acknowledged.
  • MAY - Thomas Reeve and Liam Frazer come to Brisbane. Carthians help find a missing persons who had been abducted and murdered by YorkYorks/Mermaids around Lake Wyvenhoe. ---
  • JUN - Went to a Crone hosted Anti-Parliament meeting. Witnessed a drunk Governor offer Kitty some cheese. Attends a Crone meeting in Toowoomba, checks in on Jerry, who has Miraculously recovered from Organ failure. ---
  • JUL-NOV - L3XX has worked hard to carve out a niche in South Eastern Queensland for the Carthian Movement. He at one point was abducted by the Parliament who attempted to dominate and brainwash him, they failed but removed his hands as punishment and threw him out in the outskirts of their territory. Through effort L3XX's hands have returned.
  • DEC - Became an attache to Isabelle as part of the Lockyer Valley sub-domain, Declaring L3XX Terrae on the territory (hehehe). First meeting with Joanne Rivers.


  • JAN - This Mad Max inspired Elder Rescue is totally lit squad fam. Became Valued within the movement for Rescuing Pauline Leon.
  • FEB - Is caught in dumb Invictus Nosferatu problems, survives an explosion. Is caught in the middle of Crossfire of a Section 7 attack on Benjamin Rivers Werewolf Pack. Gets White-phospherous'd and is teleported away by friendly mages.
  • JUN - Became Praxis Holder of the Brisbane Rebellion after the disappearance of Isabelle Murray.
  • JUL - Leaves the Carthian Movement.
  • AUG - Moves to Geelong. Joins the Ordo Dracul



Character Covenant/Tribe Clan/Auspice City Thoughts
Joanne Rivers Bone Shadows Cahalith Brisbane "Maybe I really fucking like you."
Gaspar Circle of the Crone Ventrue Toowoomba "There are some things that even this Elder fears, it is proof that he is still human of a sort."
Vulture Circle of the Crone Nosferatu Geelong "Fuckin' Sick, totally BFFL."
Sophie Circle of the Crone Ventrue Toowoomba "Kinda cute in a 'Reminds of those girls from the popular kids lunch table at highschool' kinda way?"
Celene Circle of the Crone Daeva Brisbane "She kinda gives me a 'I wanna be your sugar mommy' vibe."
Viktor Reynder Circle of the Crone Gangrel EVERYWHERE "Obviously a very caring man, but will fuck your shit up if you're not careful."



  1. Acknowledged


  1. Acknowledged as a member of Clan Ventrue.
  2. Recognized for service to his Clan.

Ordo Dracul

  1. Acknowledged


Quotes By

  • "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, I punch your face."
- L3XX, Regarding Gadi's use of Body Armour.

Quotes About

  • "He has good intentions, even if those intentions have him caught in a web that has had him at odds with everyone around him."
- Celene, in regards to hearing of his mistakes.
  • "L3XX has a major advantage that most think is a liability - expect him to be a bit unconventional. He's way smarter than he likes people to think"
- Meredith Winchester-Roe
  • "L3XX? What a fuckin' madman!" *dabs as airhorns sound in the distance*
- Vulture
  • "Fuck sakes, you couldnt have saved the Hulk Smash routine for after we trapped it?"
- Crystal


  • "Sorry, I didn't catch your name?"
"Fee-odour? Okay, I'm gonna need you to write that down, otherwise it's going to bother me FOREVER."
- L3XX, Gaspar, and Fyodor after the Information Heist bungle of March 2017.

  • Gadi - "G'uvna Izzy said to kill her assistant to prove we is a credible threat to parliament security."
Gadi - ".....Credible threat.... er what is that L3xxaa?"
L3XX - "Ash."
Gadi - "okay, we ashes the assistant then."
- On what message would would be considered a credible threat before executing a terrible idea.

Inspirations and Soundtrack

OOC Information

Member Information
Player: Hayden
Number: 2013080002
Domain: Brisbane