Leon Ostrain Largward

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Leon Ostrain Largward
Concept: Skittish Investigator
Clan: Daeva
Covenant: Ordo Dracul
City: Geelong
Bloodline: Pure Clan
Embraced: 1998
Player: Shannon Spanks
Storyteller: Geelong VST
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Personal Information


Face claim: Valter Torsleff.
Leon stands at approximately 5 feet and 7 inches, or 174 cms in height, his wavy dirty blonde hair in light contrast to his blue-green eyes. Sometimes, those eyes appear more of a greyish-blue than green, a trait inherited from his mother. In age, one could easily guess somewhere between the late teens and early twenties and they wouldn't fall far from the time he was embraced at the age of nineteen. When it came to fashion sense, there were always a few layers over his pale Swedish skin, sometimes in accordance with a local trend, others just habit, possibly a reflection of his shyness. It is always reinforce-able, dark browns and greens to blend in on the streets, muted relaxing colours, paired with scarves and jackets even in the warmer weather.


Skittish is usually the best word to describe someone who becomes flustered whenever talking to others, jumping at loud noises and avoiding the simplest things that could overwhelm his senses. Leon is an interesting character to most in the sense of how he suddenly changes from this adorable skittish teenager to a clear-minded and focused investigator, almost charming.

When it comes to fighting, the poor flustered mess might accidentally reach out with his seductive beast instead of competitive or monstrous, leading to a few awkward situations in the past. He means well, he's just a bit clumsy when it comes to those kinds of things. On the other hand, when on the clock his skills with basic brawl techniques are decent at best, but enough to usual stop a pursuit with a tackle and hold the suspect on the ground.

By far, Leon is a logical person who relies on their senses and knowledge to solve the puzzles of life around them and loves to inform others of information they may need along the way. When he feels he could have warned someone, or been a little more useful, he becomes quite depressed and pessimistic.

Mortal World

Information Known by Kindred Society


Born October 19th, 1979 at Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden, to a Clary and Mikael Largward.
Went to school within his hometown of Sigtuna, Stockholm.
1993, September 25th - The twins, Leon's younger siblings of 14 years, Erik and Elin Largward were born.

1997 - Travels to the UK to study Forensic Sciences at University.
1998, October - Embraced during a personal study session with Professor from University in a windowless library that they frequented after attempting to rest for a short period of time to improve the productivity of studies. After the embrace finalized its effects, hunger frenzied at a foreign student which scarred him from feeding. Spends a short amount of time with sire before he disappears, gets presented in front of the court and acknowledged despite little knowledge of the world.
1999 February - Meets Wallace and assists him with OD experiments, slowly being introducedto the basics of the OD which convinces hum to join.
2001 June - Finishes extended studies within UK.

2001 September - Travels to America to continue his studies, he settles around Seattle but frequents areas around Washington to assist with police investigations as an assistant detective, and an assistant lab technician as the practicum for his studies.
2002 - 2009 - Meets Tobias Hayes, become good friends.

2009 - 2015 - Travels to Australia, settling after some time in Geelong.
2017 - Finalises move to Geelong after setting up necessary treatment at the local hospital clinic and PI Agency which is next to his apartment.


To come. Leon does not know about his lineage yet.


Quotes By

Quotes About

"Do not be mislead by his meek exterior, inside is a keen mind. Leon is an intriguing kindred, one I hope to spend more time with."
- Delphi
" I want him, I deserve him."
- Brandon Fitzchambers
"He's a sweet, gentle sort if a little nervous at times - any one thinking to hurt him had best be warned though, he has a lot of people who rather like him, including me."
- Meredith Winchester-Roe
"He reminds me of someone important and what it means to be human."
- Tobias Nathaniel Hayes
"I want him, I deserve him."
- Gahbrielle Chou
"That Awkward Dance" - Song by Uncle Gadi
"He's just like a puppy, innee? Got this niggling feeling that he's been lead all sorts of ways that broke 'im up real bad inside. Hopefully he can build up from that tho. Too much potential in 'im to waste."
- Vulture
Sigh "Why is there glitter everywhere."
- Matthew Beaufort



  • Ate a car once, with just a fork.
  • A shared cab ride almost turned into a relationship.
  • Has a pet wolf.
  • Looks awfully familiar to the porn-star Leon the Large that specialises in Norwegian people.
  • Actually a Strix that's also controlling Lucas Dragovich and the mastermind behind the Fall of Perth
  • gay af
  • Almost thralled to Lucas Dragovich.

Inspirations and Soundtrack

  • Nagisa - Assassination Classroom.

OOC Information

Member Information
Player: Shannon Spanks
Number: 2015020003
Domain: Twilight Alliance