Lina Lis

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Lina Lis
Concept: Impulsive occultist with issues
Path: Sleepwalker
Order: Mysterium
Consilium: Southern Cross
Legacy None
Cabal: None
Player: Cynthia Ostuni
Storyteller: Southern Cross VST

Personal Information


5’10, 160lbs, black hair, icy blue eyes, pale skin, looks early twenties, Yggdrasil tattoo on the whole of her back with a scar running through it from her right shoulder to her left hip, Striking Looks 1. Usually has dried roses pinned to her hair, with a wide brimmed black hat, and a long black coat with faux fur trim. Now seen carrying around a teddy bear sized Plague Doctor plushie with her everywhere.


A little eccentric, and overly friendly. Comes across as a typical party girl with obvious goth aesthetics, but is actually quite intelligent. She acts like nothing bothers her, and she seems to not think things through all the way, going with the flow, and relying purely on instinct or the whims of fate mages.



  • The occult
  • Partying
  • Books


  • Ignoring consent
  • Nazis


  • Investigations, and the occult


  • Reading
  • Parties
  • Drugs
  • Driving Raw up a wall

Mortal World

Sleeper Alias: Alicja Lilith Magdelina Helena Lis Sleeper Occupation: Daughter of Magdalen Paranormal Investigations (DOM PI)


Currently doesn't have one

Known Information

  • Chorus' 'niece'


Shadow Name

Doesn't have one


Date of Birth: July 31, 1997 Awakening: Hasn't yet


  • 1997 - Born in Iowa, USA
  • 2005 - Gains the scar on her back, AKA big bad #1
  • 2013 - Big bad #2, starts partying and meets Raw
  • 2015 - Graduates high school with Honors, starts DOM PI
  • 2016 - Makes a major break through in a paranormal investigation, but her rival gets the credit and he becomes famous, leaving her bitter
  • 2018 – Moves to Launceston

Recent Events


Quotes by

Quotes about

  • "What's the worst that I can say? Things are better if I stay. So long and goodnight, so long not goodnight." Plague to a very young Lina



Inspirations and Soundtrack

OOC Info

Member Information
Player: Cynthia Ostuni
Number: 2018030009
Domain: Southern Cross