Ljónynja Øringr

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And just as the lion protected her eagle, the eagle watched over his lion.
Tombstone.png This article is about a character that is deceased or otherwise no longer in play.

Ljónynja Øringr
Concept: Matriarch of Prestigious Noble Family
Clan: Gangrel ••••
Covenant: Invictus ••••
City: GSS (No Home VSS)
Title: Alder Matriarca Ljónynja Øringr, Serratura di a Casa di Temperance et Duchess di T. Corsica.
Sire: Ylva Úti
Bloodline: Kerberos
Group: Villr, Casa di Temperance
Embraced: 1207
Player: Sara - PC Out of Play
Storyteller: GSS (No Home VSS) VST

Who She Is

Look At Her When She Talks To You

Dressed starkly, but warmly, Ljónynja embodies the very essence of her namesake, appearing all at once as regal, wild, beautiful, and terrifying as the Lioness who protects her pride. A cloak covers her back and arms, but does not restrict movement. Just as the chains along her skin, she is at once bound and free. A scarification of the Casa di Temperance's Coat of Arms on her back signifies her as the Leader of the strong Invictus Household. Her lithe yet striking body is covered in the deeply carved reminders of the travesties she's endured, a testament to her both her determination to survive and a refusal to let the years beat her. Perhaps the most startling feature of Ljónynja are her icy-white eyes, a permanent reminder of what time, torture, and loss can do.
Once she was a naive young shield-maiden, with the kind of pure innocence that artists would sing of and illustrate so fervently. Yet that beauty is now tinged with the harshness that comes from losing a lover, a brother, and the sheer weight of centuries. The once-wild Lioness has been tamed mercilessly by decades of torture and suffering at the hands of an Invictus Lord she never wanted and could never leave. Centuries of enduring has withered away the young naive girl who died at the whim of her twin brother's betrothed.
Ever graceful and always polite, Ljónynja gives the sense of an uncomfortably close relationship with her beast. And perhaps it is this which best reminds he who would tempt the Lioness that obeying the chains of society does not equate to weakness, for she is still a figure of fear to those who give her reason to unchain her darkest sides.
Ljónynja has not just survived for centuries, she has thrived.

In Her Presence

Calm, quick thinking, and slow speaking, Ljónynja is the very essence of an Gangrel Invictus Elder. She moves slowly, with the grace of ages, but with presence and purpose too.
She is gentle in her own way, but her lessons are harsh, and quickly learnt. She teaches by doing. All those she has turned her hand to teaching seem to have come away with a refinement that is somehow tinged with fire. And while many enter her tutelage unwillingly, they come to find themselves loathe to leave it.
This is not of supernatural doing, Ljónynja teaches the lessons of danger, of etiquette. How to get what you want without having to learn disciplines. Yet those too seem to have a place in her learning, having the young discover exactly how to use what gifts they have been given. For what use would a sword be in the hands of a man trained only to be to an archer? No, the Lioness does not teach new skills, she shows those who come searching how to use talents they already have with the gifts they have been given.
Should a young kindred seek to learn new tricks, she also seems to always know the best teacher for those as well, and is willing others rise. She accepts that some may not wish to tell her what she wants to know, but loathes betrayal and those few who have betrayed her, or her family, have not lived long to tell of the tale.
The innocence of youth that lurked at the time of embrace remains on her face, and she has wielded it as a weapon more than once. These nights, she prefers to operate through her network, allowing those younger and more agile than she is to take the reins. One would be foolish to assume that as Head of a Household, it would fall if she did so, yet none have claimed the position. For while Ljónynja may be cruel in her punishments, she is always fair in judgments she makes.
The bindings of both Invictus and kindred society hold her strongly. If not for her holding so tightly to such chains, she may have fallen to her beast long ago. The proof of which lies in those cold dead eyes that even in their shallowness show the depth of her age and the monster who still lurks beneath.

In The World Of The Living

What once might have been is no more. A woman of grace and age, no amount of searching by any agency could find her in their system, for she was never there to begin with. There is simply no record of the Lioness in the mortal world. There was no such technology when she was born, nor when she was taken so violently.
As such, Ljónynja operates within the mortal world almost entirely through her vassals and allies.

A Woman of Ancient History

Ljónynja circa 1200's
Ljónynja and Ári 1358

This information is not known by kindred society unless you have explicitly agreed otherwise with the player.



1189 Ljónynja is born several minutes after her brother Ári.
1198 Trained by her father in the way of the sword, beside her brother. He shows a talent for singing, while she shows skill with the weapon.



1203 Married to a gentle, but older man named Fiske Odyrsonn. Within the year she births to twins of her own. One male, Tyr, and one female, Alvida.
1204 Ljónynja births another son, Odyr. Much of her time is spent raising the children.
1206 Ári grows jealous of the affection shown by Ljónynja to her children. He ventures out and meets Ylva Kára while hunting. He sees her again several times, before she finally ghouls him, so that he can focus on her rather than his beloved sister.
1207 Ári tells his sister he wishes to marry Ylva. Ljónynja, not consumed the way her brother is with false affection, sets out to speak with Ylva. Ylva tempts the hot-headed young woman into a fight. Ljónynja thinks it will be easy, for she is skilled, but Ylva is ready, and strikes her down. Ári promises unending loyalty for Ylva is his sister is spared. Ylva accepts, and instead of killing her, she embraces both of the twins.
1211 The twins get to know their blood brother, then known as Turstin, and take to him well. He is a soldier, but a caring and old soul, even back then.
1233 Tyr, tries to protect his father from who he perceives to be a demon. Failing, he is almost killed. With no idea of what to do, she takes Tyr to Ylva, who tells her that without the embrace, he will die. She embraces him and revels in how much she has missed having her child by her side.
1234 Ári and Ljónynja argue about Tyr, and in trying to show what it is like to share blood with another he blood bonds his sister to him. Within a few months, they are bonded to one-another.
1245 Ljónynja hears about the death of her daughter and other son at the paws of a polar bear. Bitterly upset, she seeks comfort in the arms of Ári, while Tyr is pushed from her inner circle in her distress.
1248 Ljónynja and Tyr are put into torpor, with Ári watching over them.



1322 Woken from torpor by Ári. Tyr is nowhere to be found. When questioned, Ári is vague about details.
1324 After watching the Lioness kill several people, a young girl walks up to her in a daze, her eyes glazed over. Ljónynja growls at her and warns her to leave before she is also killed. When the young girl speaks, Ljónynja hears her words and chill runs through her dead body. But she pushes the girl away, leaving blood of the men she killed on her, trying hard to forget her words.
1325 Turstin teaches the two the ways of the Gangrel once more. Ljónynja learns from him for 20 years before Ylva torpors her wild spirit once more, while Ári spends a further 10 years with their brother. Ári's skill grows to surpass his sisters while she sleeps.
1345 The family travel together for years, at Ylva's behest. Partway through Ljónynja is torpored once more for daring to question Ylva. She is woken 26 years later.
1375 Tyr returns to the family, having somehow survived. Turstin claims to have found his body while hunting, and woke him. Ljónynja is overjoyed at her sons return, Ári less so.
1392 A deal with another family is brokered when the kine food source is threatened under the requirements two warring families have. Ylva organises for a wedding between the two families.
1400 In an unforeseen betrayal Ári is killed. Ljónynja is immediately forced from the scene by her childer Tyr, while she frenzies at the loss of one she loved so dearly. Pulled away, she is forced to leave Ylva and Turstin behind to her devastation. As Ljónynja is so unable to deal with her pain and rage, her childer is forced to put her into Torpor.



1402 Missing his sire, Tyr wakes her from Torpor.
1403 After killing, drinking from and sleeping beside a Polar Bear, Ljónynja is forcefully thrust through her manumission into the Invictus, and to the Casa di Temperance by Signore di Tirruri. He blood bonds her and keeps her as a willing slave. Upon discovering her past he brings a set of young fraternal twins to her and orders her to kill them. When she refuses Signore kills the female twin in front of her, expecting her to give in to his wishes. When he then orders her to kill the male child, she makes as if to do so, breaking his neck and draining him. But rather than leave it there, she embraces him in front of Signore. Signore, furious, attacks the childe in front of her. Ljónynja frenzies onto him, tearing at his throat. He very nearly loses his Requiem and it is not long before he begins to refer to her as Øringr. The childe escapes. In time it becomes somewhat of a nickname.
1405 Signore begins using Nightmare and Majesty on the Gangrel he enslaved as a way to make her attuned to the disciplines and to bring her ever closer to him and his bloodline. During the year she embraces Saveria at the request of Signore, after copious bouts of Majesty and his blood.
1442 Embraces Antone to act as a kindred blood doll for Signore. When she snaps out of the thrall she kills Antone, believing it a kindness compared to being enslaved as she is to the Invictus master.
1455 After another particularly violent rebuttal from Ljónynja, Signore uses his skills in Nightmare to douse her in sheer mortal terror, bringing deep painful memories of failure to save her twin to the fore, and shattering her mind with his assault. She breaks under the attack and as she closes her eyes to try and escape the visions, she finds she cannot. When she opens her eyes once more, the pupils have whitened, and he takes her for blind. He provides her with Elodia, his trusted ghoul, to assist in her vision problems. Terrified still, she embraces the ghoul in a moment of psychosis later that year.
1479 When Margarete de Spada grows tired of Signore's attention being focused on the Lioness instead of herself, she avuses Ljónynja into the Kerberos line. Signore is furious at what he perceives to be Ljónynja's betrayal. As a way of apology, she embraces Jorden for Signore to continue attempts to avus into the bloodline.
1482 Put into Torpor for her safety when Signore is killed. She does not see her child Elodia killed, and is never told that this has occurred.



1512 Woken from Torpor by her childer and one of his allies. She ask's Tyr about Turstin but he does not know, for they were separated so many years ago. The two begin searching for him. During their search, they meet Yr Ysgolhaig. He has not heard of Turstin.
1522 Tyr gives up the search, by now they have travelled through most of the world, and have been unsuccessful in finding Turstin. Tyr announces he intends to return to Norway, to sleep in his fathers or twin sisters grave, so that he may be near them once again. Ljónynja does not argue.
1523 Runs into Yr Ysgolhaig in her search and asks him if he has seen her brother. He has not, but the two exchange contacts in case one finds something the other is searching for.
1524 After searching on her own for two years, she finds her brother after bearing witness to a catastrophic event that leaves the both of them damaged, and which they will remember long it happened. In spending time with her brother, she finds he has changed as much as she has by his own experiences since their separation. He has taken a new name, fought long battles, and become a darker soul. The wise and kind soldier that Turstin once was, Wodan is not. She too has changed, her eyes have lost all hint of colour, giving the impression of blindness, and the scars she bares on her slim body tell a story that Wodan can read all too clearly. The two try to remain close, but the gap that Ári has left in both their hearts is too great, and they come to realise that eventually they will separate again. Wodan tells her the story far too clear, and Ljónynja has worked too hard to change it.
1542 She leaves him to return to Corsica, the place of her nightmares, intent on bringing a cleaner slate to the once great House. On arrival she is concerned to note that it has been taken over by Margarita del Spada. But she is pleased to learn that what bad blood there might have been was erased along with the blood-bond both suffered at the hands of Signore. She is made Taliallu within the year and is welcomed by her side for the warrior she is.



1612 one of Wodan's childer comes to kill her as part of his 'hunt'. His attacks are not enough to harm her but even so he manages to strike down her ghoul Natalia. In both anger, and hunger, she drains her nephew of his blood , ashes him, and then embraces Natalia. She sets off to seek out Wodan.
1619 Finds Wodan. Speaks with him about the misguided motives of his childe who found her with the intent of murdering her. He confirms he did not send anyone to her, reminding her that the only reasons he'd send a child to her are training or the childe's death. The two hunt together for a time, but her lack of communication via letters in the last 40 years and violent inclinations confirms his suspicions that she has fallen back to the bestial way she was when devastating cities of the old world.
1620 Dropped into torpor by her brother as a result of her waning humanity.
1688 Wakes from torpor.
1689 Returns to her home, and finds the House is at war with another house.The combat has escalated and Delphi is seen as a high value target. They are kidnapped and held for ransom. They gives them a prophesy, that the eyes of Horkus must be released or their destruction is assured. They refuse. Ljónynja, full of fire after having only just woken from a forced and violent torpor and discovering her adored ally has been taken, brings the house with her to ruin them. She challenges their Leader Valentinian to Monomacy. He loses. As punishment, their house is declared anathema. All members must either submit to be bound or die. The House spends the next 10 years tracking down all known members of the disgraced House Valentinian.



1720 Meets Gaspar Acosta Da Blanca in Spain, the two become allies, and she watches him over the years deteriorate from human to psychopath.
1740 Starts teaching Gaspar Acosta Da Blanca about her Old Norse history.
1752 Speaks with Gaspar Acosta Da Blanca about his need to go into torpor. He refuses to willingly fall to torpor and she does not push him as she knows his sister will take care of him.
1784 Returns to the family in Norway, seeking to once more be among her own, away from the darkness of the world.



1812 Wodan rejoins with Ljónynja and the family. They are surprised, for they have had no replies to their communications with him since he torpored her. While initially happy that her brother has returned, Ljónynja senses in him a new darkness, one reminiscent of the fear-inducing aura which she felt with Signore. It unsettles her.
1826 Ylva tells Ljónynja she is proud of who she has become since Ári met final death. She cannot help but hint that she was the reason Ljónynja had become such a good Invictus.
1827 Deeper investigations reveal Ylva had orchestrated her capture and torture at Signore's hands. Wodan and her begin planning to end their sire's Requiem permanently. As time progresses, they learn more of her other machinations, and the more the two Gangrel learn, the greater their resolve becomes.
1834 Wodan and Ljónynja kill their sire for what she has done to the both of them.
1838 Embraces Orestes Romanos in Kos and is forced to leave soon after.
1840 Matthew Beaufort is provided to Ljónynja as a gift from Gaspar Acosta Da Blanca. He remains by her side for many years.
1841 Travels to Britain, meets Charles Brock, and begins grooming him for his embrace.
1843 While in London reconnects with Yr Ysgolhaig once more. The two share much knowledge that would have taken too long to write in a letter.
1859 Embraces Charles Brock.
1890 Travels to what is to become Canberra for the first time.
1900 Participates in the Unseen Pact in Canberra. Something scours from her mind, the knowledge of what occurred, along with all others present. She only knows that it must be upheld. She relays what she needs to her childer, Orestes Romanos and the two settle down in the country. Intent on remaining long term they begin setting up a haven for family.



1909 Is warned about a potential assassination attempt by Margarita. She is concerned they mean to kill one of the two of them, and that if she dies, she wants Ljónynja to hunt down three kindred she believes would be involved with said death. Two of these kindred are high ranking members of Casa di Temperance.
1911 Margarita meets final death. Ljónynja begins her attacks on the three kindred responsible for this, killing one in Corsica and one in Antarctica. She leaves her childe in Australia for the purpose of meting out justice should a kindred break the pact.
1912 The string of kills culminates on the Titanic. Ljónynja takes on the mantle of Serratura di a Casa di Temperance, and in doing so, fulfills Margarita del Spada's last request. She spends the next few decades of the wars in Corsica and France, staying out of trouble but protecting her House. During this time, she writes to Australia and organises for the Australian wing of the House to be built.
1916 Decides she wants a new Ghoul. Her people find an Australian nurse separated from the rest after explosions. Ljónynja gives her the option of working as her peoples nurse, or death. Sister Rosetta Day chooses life. She shines and is recognised by an allied kindred, who, upon carrying out all tasks asked of him, is rewarded with the ghoul.
1925 Embraces Arthur Fitzchambers in France.
1945 Travels to Britain again, to investigate an interesting prospect.
1959 Heads to Sydney, Australia. Finds a fortune teller who she believes to be somewhat of an Oracle. She spends a lot of time with the Oracle, visiting her and asking for her thoughts on matters that she later confirms with Delphi. Later in the year she requests that her Childe come to Australia when another member of her house asks for her assistance.
1960 Ghouls the Oracle and brings her into her world. She looks after her well. Later that year she ghouls Celene's husband.
1963 An arrangement between the Invictus and the Circle of the Crone goes badly. Lirriana of the Circle informs her of the only thing they will accept, Ljónynja provides her ghoul Celene as payment. She does not see Celene again for a very long time.
1965 Viktor is conscripted to the Vietnam war. Ljónynja allows him to go at his quest, and one of her House members, Alissa Lern requests to go as his regnant. Ljónynja allows this as well.
1967 The letters from her ghoul and Alissa cease. She assumes they have both been killed in battle. However, when wounded soldiers return, she takes a cursory look around the hospitals, and find he is there. Taking him away from the hospital, she embraces him, saving him from the chemical poisoning he is suffering after being exposed to Agent Orange, DDT, and Flamer Chemicals.
1968 Takes her new Childe to America for the long hot summer in Chicago, Illinois. While there, they bear witness to the riots, and Ljónynja and Gail Inslee bond over their mutual feelings at the movements of politics.
1970 Moving from Sydney to Canberra, she finalises her orders for the first Australian wing of the House.
1982 Takes the newly embraced and abandoned Gangrel Tresalda under her wing, and on to Europe for a period of years to teach her the ways of the Gangrel and of politics. She brings Margarete Wulfhild for part of this training as well, to show the differences between clans.
1988 Returns to Australia with Tresalda.
1992 A young Mekhet comes her way and is taught of the Invictus, and of political plays. She takes longer than others to learn, and it is slow going.
1992 Advises Isabelle that she must leave for a time. Encounters Jakob again while travelling. He has changed for the worse, and she capitalises on an opportunity.
1993 Meets with Chantilly Lace Roe in France at the request of Jakob. She teaches her the ways of the Invictus, and brings along Isabelle, believing that having the competition will encourage an increase in her speed of learning.
1996 Satisfied, Ljónynja recommends Isabelle go and represent the Invictus in Brisbane for a short time.



2001 Wodan brings his childer Vala and Garmr to Ljónynja and requests that she watch over them and train them in the ways of their family while he enters torpor once more. She is all to willing to hep out her brother, and offers him a place to sleep.
2005 Helps out a young Invictus, Olivia with her Invictus training in Perth. While there, the ghoul she is provided with turns out to be very tasty. She remembers her later.
2006 Meets her grandchilder Dr Teeth. While he is clearly insane, she forms a close bond with the childe of Natalia.
2008 Ghouls a member of the Yakuza after saving him from near death.
2010 Loans Onryō to Teresia Pieretti, a member of her house for assistance with travelling through Japan. She does not hear from either Jezira nor Onryō for two years. This is not unexpected, the journey was to be long and the ghoul well paid for, the only condition was no embrace, on punishment of death.
2012 Discovers that Teresia has embraced Onryō. Teresia is killed as punishment. Ljónynja takes the once ghoul under her wing, and he is brought almost immediately into the Invictus.
2012 Begins training Brandon Fitzchambers. This continues for the next four years.
2014 Travels to Darwin. Months after arriving, she provides a place for the Roe family to stay. When they are betrayed by other members of the covenant, she cleans up the mess, and provides an appropriate apology. Shortly after she returns to Canberra.
2017 She is told by Tresalda that her grandchilde is missing, presumed dead, and that many of the Invictus allies she had in Perth are dead. Disappointed, she begins her preparations to bring the family together again, including contacting Tyr, whom she has not heard from in so long.

The Recent Years

This information may be known by kindred society.


  • JAN – Is advised by Tresalda that Olivia is dead, among the other Perth Invictus, and her grandchilder is also missing, presumed dead.
  • JUL – Calls her childer to her side in Adelaide at the end of September. She asks them to meet there to discuss the needs of Australia, and to find a way to fight what it is that is kidnapping kindred.
  • AUG - Returns to Corsica, the House calling for her. She takes her brother with her, and the two fall to torpor.

The Pride

The Lioness will always have her pride, can you say the same?

(Year Embraced)
indicates characters out of play, through death or retirement


Ljónynja with her niece and nephew

Quotes By

"Find him, bind him, tie him to a pole and break his fingers to splinters. Drag him to a hole and let him wake up naked, clawing at the ceiling of his grave. Mould his mind, chain his beast, break his barriers down, and bind him to your will. Then bring him to your lord as a loyal subject and trained childe."

- On how to embrace into the Invictus, 1477.

"You are hurt by your chains, and I do blame you. You have allowed the wrong master to bind you. I do not come here to break them for you. Au contrare, I come to tell you to return them, polished and perfected, to your master. Then you may visit my house, so that we might forge you a new chain. One which fits you becomingly and is worthy of use as a weapon, rather than a burden."

- To a Carthian, complaining of their covenant and seeking to join the Invictus, 1928.

"Nature and darkness can be cruel. Predators are everywhere. Those who do not need to be protected from outside forces often need to be protected from themselves. My brother Wodan is the night, shadow and dread. He is your nightmare, and mine incarnate, and he does not require powers of the blood to remind me of that. But in the wild, it is the female lions who are far more ferocious than their male counterparts. I may not be as terrifying as my brother, and I may not show a mane as he does, but do not underestimate my ability to defend my pride. It is the oldest and strongest instinct in the lioness, and the one I find the most gratifying."

- When her brothers childer came to kill one of her own.

Quotes About

"Beware little lion, for the son of Horkos comes, and he will haunt more than your dreams."

- Delphi, 1324.

“You misunderstand why I uphold such a high standard of social etiquette, it’s not to control you or others, no it's to protect us from the monsters whom walk the night with us. It binds them more tightly than it does us, and without these chains of civilisation to bind them, they would consume us without a second thought. You doubt my word, meet the eyes of my Liege and tell me you don’t see your death in their reflection"

- Onryō to a neonate Carthian whom had rudely interrupted a conversation between him and his Liege.

"The Matriarca Serratura di a Casa di Temperance is a formidable woman- it is impossible to imagine the things she has seen and experienced, and all would do well to remember that. I am grateful that she chose to embrace the man that I love and even more so that she allowed us to wed... My happiness descends from her, for that I will be always loyal."

- Valerie Fitzchambers, about her mother-in-law.

"The first time I truly feared for my unlife was the time between my leaving the Invictus and when I next saw Ljónynja"

- Gaspar Acosta Da Blanca to one of his childer

"She taught me and refined me into who I am. Her teaching methods are second to none for results. Watch what you say around her, for la Matriarcha listens and remembers."

- Gahbrielle Chou

"Sometimes, I think and wonder. Of what could have been, and of what has come to pass. And part of me yearns, during tribulations and trials to have a taste again of that same familiar hand on my shoulder. So that maybe, in a night on a different path, I would feel young again. And full of life."

- Celene in regards to the Lioness.

"Don't mistake her slowness to answer for a slow mind. She is more than likely giving you a chance to fix your mistake. Politically I will do my Damnedest to oppose her, but I will always be polite about how I do so. I suggest you do the same"

- Victor Aurelius Roe to an unknown Carthian

"Anyone that will sit down with me over multiple nights, across weeks, and recall the heartbreak that was the Children's Crusade so that I might record it for future kindred to learn from has my respect. Anyone that works to make sure that never happen's again has my respect."

- Yr Ysgolhaig - when speaking of Ljónynja Øringr

"She defends and protects even the smallest of those she considers 'hers' with the ferocity of a lioness protecting her cubs. Whilst she's gentle enough, do not mistake it for softness or affection. You are an investment, and one she expects to pay off, not a companion''

- Meredith Winchester-Roe, to one of the other Invictus ghouls of House Roe.

"Ljónynja doesn't talk of power, she has no need to do so. A lion simply exists and you experience it in their presence, seductive and forceful. There are few I might entertain the offer of accepting being a Vassal to, but she is one of those few."

-Jakob Roe to Meredith Winchester-Roe before they meet for the first time

"She is everything I aspire to be, grace in power and strength in personality"

-Eddie Donalds, after meeting his grandsire.


Ljónynja - You understand why that is no longer possible, do you not?"
Lirriana - "Of course. But this will not please my covenant. Surely as a member of the Invictus you would understand that, my Lady."
Ljónynja - That is not my title, and it does you no favours to insult me with it. Tell me what it is you seek from me."
*The Vampire points to Ljónynja's ghoul, Celene*
Lirriana - "The circle wants her. That is the only price they will accept."
Ljónynja - So be it. Consider the debt paid. I do not doubt that she will serve the Circle as well as she has my own."
- Ljónynja cleaning up mistakes, 1960's.

Ljónynja- "Two from the same century, but no relation?"
Wodan - "Would you have preferred I embraced twins?"
Ljónynja- "It should have been you."
Wodan - "No sister, it should have been us."


  • Has ghouled more mortals than most kindred have fed from.
  • She is a Lioness who learned how to take human form.
  • She takes everything literally.
    • That's how Brandon wound up eating his own arm.

Inspirations and Soundtrack

Ljónynja's childer are well protected

Theme Song

You're rolling me in gravel, I leave without a scratch
You're throwing rocks in my way, but I just won't react
The less I see the sun, the brighter I become
Outnumbered and outgunned, that's where I'm shining at
My skin is soft like velvet, but my nails are razor sharp
My scent is sweet like honey, but I am diamond hard
- Diamond Hard, Kerli

Songs For Others

  • Ljónynja and Wodan The Script - Superheroes: All the hurt, all the lies, all the tears that they cry, when the moment is just right, you'll see fire in their eyes, 'cause he's stronger than you know, a heart of steel starts to grow, when you've been fighting for it all your life, you've been struggling to make things right. Every day every hour turn that pain into power, she's got lions in her heart, a fire in her soul, he's got a beast in his belly so hard to control.
  • For Ári The Script - If You Could See Me Now: I'm trying to make you proud, do everything you did, I hope you're up there with the Gods saying "That's my girl! I still look for your face in the crowd, oh if you could see me now, would you stand in disgrace or take a bow, oh if you could see me now, if you could see me now would you recognize me, would you pat me on the back or would you criticize me, would you follow every line on my tear-stained face, put your hand on my heart that was cold, as the day you were taken away, I know it's been a while but I can see you clear as day, right now, I wish I could hear you say, I drink too much. You used to say I won't know a wind until it crossed me, like I won't know real love 'til I've loved and I've lost it, you lost a sister, I lost a brother. When I see his face in the mirror, you look so alike that it makes me shiver
  • For Ariadne Fitzchambers [ :] .
  • For Arthur Fitzchambers Sam Tinnesz - Man or a Monster: When you look at yourself, are you a man, or a monster, it's so hard to tell which side you're on, one day is Hell, the next day is the dawn, the lines are blurred, you keep rubbing your eyes, the tables turn, now it's time to survive, are you a man, or a monster, when you look at yourself, are you a man, or a monster, you can't take back the damage you've done, oh, you can hide, but you can't run, no, you can't take back the damage you've done, afraid of what you might become, a man or a monster.
  • For Brandon Fitzchambers Kaleo - No Good: Can't fight the temptation, when you get the vibration, won't do you no good, it won't do you no good, no, we don't mind, if you don't mind, hell, I never mind, now let the moment break you, let the feeling come take you, won't do you no good, it won't do you no good, now let the moment break you, let the feeling come take you, won't do you no good, it won't do you no good.
  • For Celene Placebo - The Bitter End: Every step we take that's synchronized, every broken bone, reminds me of the second time, that I followed you home, you shower me with lullabies, as you're walking away, reminds me that it's killing time, on this fateful day, see you at the bitter end.
  • For Chantilly Lace Roe Queen - Killer Queen: To avoid complications, she never kept the same address, in conversation, she spoke just like a baroness, met a man from China, went down to Geisha Minah, then again incidentally, if you're that way inclined, perfume came naturally from Paris (naturally), for cars she couldn't care less, fastidious and precise, she's a Killer Queen, guaranteed to blow your mind, anytime.
  • For Charles Brock KONGOS - Take It From Me: It don't take much for the beast to bolt, a split second too late to bring it to a halt, You're hypnotized, your feet follow your shoes, it's kinda like, a cigarette smokin' you, take it from me, when you start it's just a matter of time, any minute you will cross that line, take it from me, you never think about the price that you pay, take it from me, it got a mind of its own and it say, take it from me, nothing can stop me, nothing holds me back, think you could slow me down, knock me off my track?
  • For Delphi Svrcina – Battlefield: Around the shadows creep, like friends, they cover me, just wanna lay me down and finally, try to get some sleep, we carry on through the storm, tired soldiers in this war, remember what we're fighting for, our tainted history, is playing on repeat, but we could change it, if we stand up strong and take the lead, When I was younger, I was named, a generation unafraid, for the heirs to come, be brave, and meet me on the battlefield, even on the darkest night, I will be your sword and shield, your camouflage and you will be mine.
  • For Dr Teeth [ :] .
  • For Eddie Donalds Kaleo - Hot Blood: You wanna prove you're the better man, you wanna reach for the things that nobody can, oh all you need is to break away, yeah, just keep telling yourself there's no shame, they don't know 'bout who we are, they don't know 'bout you and I, they ain't know 'bout the stars of your eyes, oh hot blood love is gonna get ya.
  • For Eiro Ruelle – Up In Flames: City made of thin glass, smoldering in pitch black, sin so thick you can't see the stars, can't tell good and evil apart, we feel warmth in the cold corners, eyes in the back of our heads, we roll out when the day's over, chasing silhouettes, when it all goes up in flames, we'll be the last ones standing.
  • For Father Alexander Anderson Digital Daggers - Can't Sleep, Can't Breathe: Dire straits and dirty consequences, an invitation to your personal disaster, it's a point break, another guilty conscience, and I won't stop you til you get just what you're after, I'm taking you down with me, til you, can't sleep, Can't breathe, you met your enemy, can't sleep. Can't breathe, won't get no peace with me, you tried to tempt fate, be careful what you wish, I'll take you deeper and strip you of salvation, it's a crusade to bring you to your knees.
  • For Gahbrielle Chou [ :] .
  • For Gaspar Acosta Da Blanca VNV Nation - Chrome: Your actions turn conquest to dust. All creation has the promise of heaven, and still you travel the road to hell, I'm saying nothing for the good of myself, but I'm still talking and you're not listening, if I could change your mind, I wouldn't save you from the path you wander.
  • For Isabelle Murray [ :] .
  • For Jakob Roe Years and Years - King: I caught you watching me under the light, can I realign, they say it’s easy to leave you behind, I don’t wanna try, cut cover, take that test, hold courage to your chest, don’t wanna wait for you, don’t wanna have to lose, all that I've compromised to feel another high, I’ve got to keep it down tonight, and oh, I was a king under your control, and oh, I wanna feel like you’ve let me go, so let me go, don’t you remember how I used to like, being on the line, I dreamed you dreamed of me, calling out my name, is it worth the price?.
  • For Garmr Welshly Arms - Legendary: 'Cause we're gonna be legends , gonna get their attention, what we're doing here ain't just scary, it's about to be legendary, yeah we're gonna be legends, gonna teach 'em all a lesson, got this feeling in our souls we carry, that it's about to be legendary.
  • For Helena [ :] .
  • For Luke Fitzchambers Charlie Cunningham - Minimum: Keep on walking that line, the fine line, between a wrong and a right, you get yours, I'm gonna get mine, is that what you signed for, they're feeding you lines, to keep you on their side, it works every time, what you got to live for, now you got the whole of the world at your feet, and how much more can you pass yourself round, what you got to live for now, you got the whole of the world at your feet, but you're still shaking, you need to make up some ground.
  • For Margarete Wulfhild [ :] .
  • For Matthew Beaufort Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams: Some of them want to use you, some of them want to get used by you, some of them want to abuse you, some of them want to be abused, sweet dreams are made of this, who am I to disagree, I travel the world and the seven seas, everybody's looking for something, hold your head up, keep your head up, movin' on.
  • For Meredith Winchester-Roe Eminem - We Made You (Chorus Only): When you walked through the door, it was clear to me, you're the one they adore, who they came to see, you're a, rock star, everybody wants you, player, who can really blame you, we're the ones who made you.
  • For Onryō Within Temptation - Where Is The Edge: It's the rule that you live by and die for, it's the one thing you can't deny, even though you don't know what the price is, it is justified,so much more that you've got left to fight for, but it still doesn't change who you are, there is no fear you'll ever give in to, you're untouchable, you can't stop yourself, don't want to feel, don't want to see what you've become, you can't walk away, from who you are, never give in, where is the edge, of your darkest emotions, why does it all survive, where is the light, of your deepest devotions?
  • For Signore Flyleaf - Marionette: I wanna cut me free, you wanna clip my wings, I'm made of flesh and bone, you wanna take control of me, you wanna dress me up, I wanna feel the sun, you wanna play pretend, I'm not about to bend, you'll see, this is not a game, you want the strings so you can, pull at my soul and tear me down, you want it all, I'm not your marionette doll, so let me go, oh, I'm taking back the day you tried to steal from me, I'm going to make my voice, you'll never get my choice to breathe, this is not a game.
  • For Sister Rosetta Day [ :] .
  • For Tresalda [ :] .
  • For Tyr Digital Daggers – Just Beneath The Flames: We were kings and queens of bedlam, we were happy to exist, in discomfort we’d created, though we dreamed of more than this, we’re at a stalemate, begging for the earth to shake, wondering if the winds will change, and blow us all away, we are in the dark age, tell me it was worth the pain, will the wild winds sing again, and blow us all away, we were wary of the future, how the days drew on and on, with our eyes so widely open, tried to see where we’d gone wrong.
  • For Vala Kerli - Walking On Air: There's a creepy little house in a creepy little place, little creepy town in a little creepy world, little creepy girl with her little creepy face, saying funny things you have never heard, do you know what it's all about, are you brave enough to figure out, know that you could set your world on fire, if you are strong enough to leave your doubts, feel it, breathe it, believe it, and you'll be walking on air, go try, go fly, so high, and you'll be walking on air, feel this, unless you kill it, go on, and you're forgiven.
  • For Valerie Fitzchambers Reality - Lost Frequencies: Stop crying like you're home and think about the show, we're all playing the same game, I'm laying down alone, we're unknown and known, special and a clone, hate will make you cautious, love will make you glow, make him feel the warmth, make him feel the cold, it's written in your story, it's written on the walls, this is your call, we rise and we fall, dancin' in the moonlight, don't you have it all?
  • For Victor Aurelius Roe [ :] .
  • For Viktor Reynder [ :] .
  • For Wodan Within Temptation – Iron: Raised in this madness, you're on your own, it makes you fearless, nothing to lose, dreams are a joke here, they get in your way, that's what what you need to fight day by day, oh damn, the war is coming, oh damn, you feel you want it, oh damn, just bring it on today, you can't live without the fire, it's the heat that makes you strong, 'cause you're born to live and fight it all away, you can't hide what lies inside you, it's the only thing you've known, you'll embrace it and never walk away, don't walk away.
  • For Ylva Emilie Autumn - I Want My Innocence Back: I want my innocence back, and if you can't give it to me, I will cut you down, and I will run you through, with the dagger you sharpened, on my body and soul. I want my innocence back, and if you can't pacify me, I will break your bones, you think I'm bluffing just try me, I will never forget. And when you leave, I'd better be the innocent, I used to be.
  • For Yr Ysgolhaig [ :] .
  • For [[]] [ :] .


  • Ruelle - Game of Survival: Who's in your shadows, who's ready to play, are we the hunters, or are we the prey. there's no surrender, and there's no escape, are we the hunters, or are we the prey, this is a wild game of survival.
  • Diary of Dreams - She: She wears a perfume of truly vicious taste, she has the wisdom in her empathic eyes, she knows the truth to all unspoken lies, she says she would sell her angel for a dream. She masters violence as if she fears no-one, she makes your anger turn into quiet tears, she makes you laugh about intimate fears. She knows the warmth she feels is not for long.
  • Alan Walker - Sing Me To Sleep: Remind me how it feels to hear your voice. Living life as if we had a choice, anywhere, anytime, I would do anything for you, anything for you, yesterday got away, melodies stuck inside your head, a song in every breath, sing me to sleep now, sing me to sleep. Remember me, now time can not erase, I can hear your whispers in my mind, I have come what you can not embrace, your memories will be my lullaby.
  • Ruelle - Monsters: Your heart hits like a drum, oh, the chase has just begun, oh, monsters stuck in your head, we are, monsters under your bed, we are, monsters oh, we are, monsters oh, one misstep, you're mine, and you better stay clever if you wanna survive.
  • Hidden Citizens - Paint It Black: I look inside myself and see my heart is black, I see my red door and must have it painted black, maybe then I'll fade away and not have to face the facts, it's not easy facing up when your whole world is black, no more will my green sea go turn a deeper blue, I could not foresee this thing happening to you, if I look hard enough into the setting sun, my love will laugh with me before the morning comes.
  • Digital Daggers - Still Here: Musing through memories, losing my grip in the grey. I'd die to be where you are, I tried to be where you are, every night I dream you're still here, a ghost by my side so perfectly clear, when I awake you'll disappear, back to the shadows, with all I hold dear.
  • Sia - Alive: I had a one-way ticket to a place where all the demons go, where the wind don't change, and nothing in the ground can grow, no just lies, but I survived. I had made every single mistake, that you could ever possibly make. I knew what I wanted, I went in and got it, did all the thing you said that I wouldn't, I told you I would never be forgotten.
  • Kerli - Feral Hearts: The whole world trying to blind the way home, but we've got shelter deep inside, secret, tame the whispers of winds as they blow, feel my shivers in your arms stop, you are the vision I'm looking for, make me remember all I forgot, watch me become just an animal, naked to nothing more than who we are, feral hearts, in the night, loving like we've been kept captive.
  • Fever Ray - If I Had a Heart: This will never end, 'cause I want more, more give me more, give me more, if I had a heart I could love you, if I had a voice I could sing, after the night when I wake up, I'll see what tomorrow brings, crushed and filled with all I found, underneath and inside, just to come around.
  • Ruelle - Live Like Legends: When it rains, it pours, there will be blood in the water, cold to the core, this is our time, no turning back, we could live, we could live like legends.
  • Within Temptation - Stand My Ground: Late at night, things I thought I put behind me, haunt my mind, I just know there's no escape, now once it sets its eyes on you, but I won't run, have to stare it in the eye, stand my ground, I won't give in, no more denying, I've got to face it, won't close my eyes and hide the truth inside, if I don't make it, someone else will, stand my ground, it's all around, getting stronger, coming closer, into my world.
  • [ :] .
  • [ :] .


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