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Concept: At Last I See The Light
Path: Thyrsus
Order: Unchosen --
Consilium: Southern Cross
Legacy None
Cabal: None
Player: Roman Hadley-Lund
Storyteller: Southern Cross VST

Personal Information


Loreley is fairly unassuming for the most part. Easily over-looked at a grand height of 5’1, she makes up for it with her powerful thighs. Seriously, she could crush your head between them. Her dark hair and bright eyes are the most noticeable things about her, along with the splash of freckles across her nose
Clothing wise, Loreley only ever is seen in shorts. Sure she wears tights or long socks to keep warm, but she’s always wearing shorts. Shorts are her version of suns out guns out; she’s got power thighs so she might as well show them off.


Her slight frame coupled with her sister’s big personality mean she’s always been the quieter of the two. She prefers the company of animals to people, but she’s trying. She’s very friendly and tries to get along with and give everyone a chance, but she gets frustrated, with others and herself, easily, sometimes snapping or lashing out verbally; she’s always the first to apologise though.




  • Birds
  • Music
  • Fairy lights
  • Netflix


  • Pants
  • Skirts
  • Militant vegans
  • Someone called Markas


  • Animal training


  • Long distance running
  • Falconry

Mortal World

Sleeper Alias: Lorelei Belov
Sleeper Occupation: Student


The smell of the cold mountain air and the sense of the wind in your hair surrounds her. The sound of a mountain river lingers and the longer you look at her the louder it gets. As the sound grows her eyes turn dark as the ocean and her hair drips water. This seems to draw you in rather than turn you away. A siren of the cold rivers.

Known Information

  • Is one of Circe’s nieces and a current student at Launceston Uni. 

  • She’s studying Vet Science and has an avid interest in birds. 

  • Has a pet rescue magpie named Kit who she trained in a mutated version of falconry.


  • New Kid

Shadow Name

Loreley – In Slavic legend Loreley are lovers drowned by the partner. Pushed under the waves for reasons unknown, they become one with their pain and become something like sirens. While they are sirens to those who would do harm, they are protectors of nature and the world around them too.



Date of Birth: 22.06.1998
Awakening: Awoke while out for her evening jog on her birthday in 2017. Found herself half naked at the top of Mt Dandenong when she finally came out of her dream.


  • 1998 – She and her twin sister are born in Victoria on the 22nd of June
  • 2003 – Starts at Belgrave South Primary School
  • 2010 – Starts high school at Upwey High School
  • 2015 – Gets moved ahead a year when she excels at her classes
  • 2016 – Graduates and prepares to go to Melbourne University
  • 2017 – Wakens midway through the yea on her birthday and transfers to Launceston Uni to be near her Aunt Circe so she can learn about being a mage without lying to her family too much.

Start of Domain Chron

  • JULY – Went to her first gathering and saw a car accident and a person step through a portal covered in blood AND hung out with the Acanthus on their fate fixing road trip through town.
  • AUG -


Quotes by

"I’m living in a Sookie Stackhouse novel..."

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OOC Info

Member Information
Player: Roman Hadley-Lund
Number: 2016070016
Domain: Southern Cross