Mac Barrett

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Mac Barrett
Concept: Prisoner/War Howler
Tribe: Blood Talon
Auspice: Cahalith
City: [[ Forsaken CofD|]]
Lodge: Lords of the Screaming Moon
Spirit Rank
Glory •••
Player: [mailto: Braddles]
Storyteller: [mailto: VST]

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Quotes About

"I can't tell whether I should hate him or pity him. He's like a herpes. Once you think you've got rid of him he comes back. But he's fun to rustle at least and despite how much of a pain in the ass he's become, I don't hate him enough to see him fall. The thing about hitting rock bottom Mac, is that it's all uphill from here. So get climbing and maybe one day, you might get high enough to face me as an equal." - Cayden Smith

"You know those people when you look at them and think to yourself 'Man, have they seen some shit'? Yeah, Mac's one of those" - Tabitha Kelly

"I think people need to give him more of a chance. He's got a good heart- I can see the pulse of it in his throat." - Lena Faulkner

"Oh Mac. He both embraces who he is with a frightening passion, and tries so hard to push it away, and everyone else with him. That man needs us. Hopefully his pack and the protectorate both can pull together for him. We can't afford to lose his Glory, or his heart." - Sunny Faulkner

"He knows what I'm on about. He gets it." -- Ajax Faulkner


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  • Is secretly being courted by Cayden in a love / hate relationship.

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