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Madeline Versel
Concept: Doll Keeper
Family: Inguma
Hunger: Nemeses
City: St. Louis
Brood: none
Player: Erica Enloe
Storyteller: St. Louis VST
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  • Is very small, only standing at 4'6". She is very petite, very Doll-like.
  • Looks to be very young, no older than 16, if that.
  • Normally seen wearing dark Gothic clothing, specifically Gothlic Lolita Clothing. Though sometimes She's very casual and just wears dark jeans and top.
  • Normally wears long sleeves, but when she doesn't you can see that she has tattoos on her left arm (above her elbow) that go over her shoulders and across her left shoulder blade. They extend down her left side, across her back, and end on her right thigh, about midway down. When she wears short sleeves you can also see that she has moderate to deep scars down both arms, from the elbows down (self harm scars from younger years).
  • Makeup is usually dark to match her wardrobe.
  • Long, curly/wavy, waist length red hair, that she almost always wears down.


  • Normally quiet, but will carry a conversation if spoken to first.
  • Very dedicated to her shop The Dollhouse.
  • Easygoing
  • Likes to make friends



  • Art
  • Dolls/puppets
  • Chinese food (specifically chicken fried rice and eggrolls)
  • Sunsets
  • Cats and Dogs
  • Snow


  • Bullies
  • Spiders
  • Glitter
  • Being called Maddie


  • Is a giant puppet on strings that seem to come from everywhere but you can't see where they end
  • Quite large and overbearing, always hovering, threatening to entangle you in her strings.
  • Looms over you, always so close, but never touching, unless invited of course.
  • Has large glassy eyes that are always, always watching you.
  • Seems to move when you look away, but you can never quite catch her in action
  • Long dark hair that cascades down her back and over her shoulders, but seems to never get tangled in her strings.
  • half of the face is covered by a mask (Looks similar to the mask of the puppet in Five Nights at Freddy's 2) , the other is a a delicate, soft looking doll face, with dark, punctuated makeup.
  • Under the half mask is a cracked and broken doll face. Nobody that has seen this side has lived to tell the tale (yet).
  • Her skin feels human-like, but not quite right at the same time.
  • She has a Mechanical, choppy voice, and her laughs come out almost robotic, her sighs sound like sad machinery wheezing.
  • Her body is very stiff. When you do get to see her move, the movements are slow and deliberate.


  • Punishment
  • Feeds on those that deserve to be punished after doing wrong things to those that are weaker/smaller than themselves.
  • Stealing/Mugging/Killing/Destruction of property, etc all are things that Madeline will punish an individual for doing.
  • She mostly feeds off of people that do these things to the elderly, or children, but will feed off anybody who does things like this.



The Dollhouse is a quaint little shop on the corner of South 10th street.

You cannot see into the shop from the street, there are blackout curtains up in the windows behind the window displays. There are two large bay windows that have merchandise in them. behind that is a thick curtain, so you cannot see in or out of the shop. From the Street you can only see the dolls and clothing that sit in the window.

8am-10pm Tues-Thur
10am-11pm Fri-Sat
Closed Monday and Sunday


When you walk in the front door you’re greeted with creaking hardwood floors, and the overwhelming smell of craft supplies. As the door shuts behind you, you realize it’s uncomfortably cool inside the shop; cool enough to pull your jacket around you tighter if you were fortunate enough to remember one. There are curtains up blocking the view of the street from inside the building; even the door windows are covered. Not a single bit of outside light enters this shop once the door is shut. A row of metal poles go down the center of the room, wrapped in orange and red transparent cloth, and matching strings of lights. The same transparent cloth and lights snake around the top edge of the wall all the way around the room along the ceiling. Mannequins stand around wearing elegant handmade clothing. Puppets hang in disarray from the ceiling and shelves from their strings. The dim lighting makes their forms a bit off-putting. It’s just dark enough that you think you saw something move in the shadows, but it’s probably just your imagination.
On the left the wall is covered in old wooden shelves that hold dolls and puppets of all different types and materials. The most notable are the porcelain dolls with their hand painted expressions. In the middle of the shelves stand a creaky looking staircase, blocked off by a thin chain that says “no entry”. (This is where Madeline’s Private quarters are.) A long countertop is to the right, lined with different doll and puppet merchandise. The top of the countertop is made of a dark material. The underside of the counter are made of glass cases, full of breakable items, and the more exquisite porcelain dolls. At the start of the counter, closest to the door, there is a checkout register where you make your purchases. On the other end is the entrance to get behind the counter. As you round that end of the counter there is a door that leads Outside to a small courtyard. The patio is bricked and has a few round, umbrella covered picnic tables. Next to it is a nicely manicured lawn, lined with red tulips. Strung up lights gently brighten the area during the nighttime.
In the back of the store there are two wooden doors. One is labeled “office” and the other is labeled “workshop”. Both have “no entry” signs on them.


The office is small and dark , the singular window being blocked with the same dark curtains as the rest of the shop. In the middle of the room there is a medium sized desk made of mahogany, and a comfy looking swivel chair. The desk has a couple drawers on it, on the left hand side, the bottom one locks. There is one chair placed in front of the desk, not nearly as comfortable looking. A single dim lamp illuminates the room, leaving dark shadows everywhere. To the left there is a single shelf with a handful of dolls on it.



  • There are creaky stairs that lead up to the apartment part of the building, above the shop. There is no door at the top of the stairs. You immediately walk into a neatly furnished living room, with a couch and loveseat in front of the windows on the left, and a moderately large tv on the right, hanging on the wall. The carpet is black. Straight back from the living room is a small kitchen. It's got everything you'd expect it would, and a small wooden 2 person table in the corner to sit at. The walls here are painted similar shades of purple, the floor is hardwood, and is chilly if you walk on it barefoot. At the backside of the kitchen there is a door that leads to a covered patio, complete with mosquito netting. There is a small table and 2 chairs for sitting in.
  • Just beyond the hanging tv is a small hallway with a door on the left, right, and straight ahead. The door on the left is a small utility closet. The right is the bathroom. The bathroom is decorated in lighter purples, but otherwise looks like a pretty normal bathroom. The door straight ahead is Madeline's bedroom. The door is usually kept closed. If you happen to catch it open you would see a large California King bed inside, with a black and dark purple comforter on it. A lamp sits on the bedside table. A plain dresser is against the right wall, a few dolls sitting upon it.
  • The walls of the entire apartment are painted varying shades of purple, all with black curtains covering the windows that don't let any outside light in. The only light comes from a couple dim lamps that are set on each end table on each end of the couch. There are light switches in each room for an overhead light, but they are rarely used by the tenant. There are dolls sat here and there around the apartment. Various paintings of outside scenery hang on the walls. It's just as cold up here as it is in the shop downstairs.



The heart of her lair is a giant amusement park (Titled Doll Land by a giant sign out front), but this isn’t your average amusement park. It is full of rides, but the spinning cup ride instead is the spinning doll head ride. The Ferris wheel is made of giant doll legs and arms. The seat you sit in is a giant doll lap, and the ‘bar’ that secures you are doll arms. The games are what you expect of an amusement park, but have a creepy flair to them. The game where you use a ball to knock over the bottles? Basically the same, except the balls are squishy giant doll eyes. The squirt gun game where you use a water gun to hit the ducks? It’s the same except you’re shooting water into dolls’ mouths. These are just a few of the creepy games found here. Every game, every ride, every food stand is manned by Dolls; Small dolls, large dolls, all different sizes and types. The music is typical amusement park type music, but it’s slightly distorted playing a little faster or slower than normal, and occasionally has a giggling kid echoing within it. The lighting is about what you’d expect of an amusement park at night, though sometimes the lights flicker on and off or change colors randomly. In the very heart of the amusement park sits an enormous carousel, full of colorful lights. This too is doll themed, each 'animal' on the ride is actually a doll in some weird combination of disfigured forms. In the very center of the carousel sits a Grand Piano, ready for play. The amusement park is located right on the edge of an ocean that seems to go off into an endless abyss, a huge full moon always over the water. It’s chilly here, and always breezy. The air always smells like the ocean. The Ferris wheel faces out over the water.



  • It was created after collapsing the old chamber at the shop in Seattle. It was created when some thugs broke into the shop via breaking a window. Madeline and Tim dealt with the thugs, Madeline herself bringing one to breaking point, which is how the chamber was formed.
  • It is an exactly replica of the little shop that stands on the corner, but Spookier. There is less lighting, little minions running around. If you are unwelcome you get snagged by puppet strings as they entangle your limbs and eventually crush you. It smells vaguely like burnt plastic.
  • If you are a welcome guest or have a key to the lair, this chamber is almost an exact replica of the shop, maybe just a tad colder. The ‘no entry’ signs on the stairs and workshop door don’t exist here. The wooden floors are much shinier here, looking almost like glass. The shelves are still full of dolls, but they seem to always be looking at you. Random doll parts lay around here and there. The front door is locked, you can’t unlock it. The backdoor still leads out to the courtyard, but none of the strung up fairy lights are lit up, and the bushes are full of dull glowing eyes. Dolls sit in all the chairs, and you swear they’re watching you no matter where you stand.
  • The upstairs is also mostly unchanged. The lamps that once stood at each end of the couch seem to be missing, and are instead replaced with glowing doll heads. All the paintings in the apartment are instead paintings of dolls now. The fridge has no food in it, only doll parts. Any color that the apartment had before is gone (purple curtains, bed covers), everything is shades of grey and black. The temperature matches that of downstairs, very chilly.


  • Princess
  • Doll


  • February 29th, 1996 - Born in Seattle, Washington to Patricia and Clark Versel
  • May, 2010 - Graduated High school at age 14
  • February 28th 2011 - Devoured
  • June 2012 - Paris trip with best friend Rory Simons
  • July 2013 - New York Trip with Rory Simons
  • March 2017 - Rumors about the shop (La Petite Dolls) spread and business comes to a halt (the shop was located in Seattle)
  • March 2018 - The Shop (La Petite Dolls) closes
  • August 2018 - Moves to St. Louis.
  • September 2018 - Opens new show The Dollhouse


  • She owns a shop called The Dollhouse and lives above it.
  • She's apparently bulletproof...? (Thanks Fight Club)


  • Moved to STL
  • Opened up a new shop called The Dollhouse
  • Met some local folks
  • Won 2 matches at Fight Club
  • Made some friends
  • Lost her boyfriend Tim 12/09/2018


  • Over protective of those small like herself.
  • Is extremely intelligent - Graduated High School at age 14.
  • Technically considered a dwarf since she is so small.


  • "You ARE some kind of hocus pocus Harry Potter bull shit." Madeline to Mordin.
  • "We can be broken together" Madeline to Tim, "And enjoy what little time we have together." Tim to Madeline. The last night they spent together before he died.


  • "Harv, she's tiny, BUT FIERCE!" Wolf to Harvey when he first meets Madeline.


  • Was dating Tim.




"Dollhouse" - Melanie Martinez
"Creepy Doll" - Jonathan Coulton

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