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Concept: Aged black cat of ill omens
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Hunterheart
Court: Autumn ••
City: 1
Title: None
Born: Unknown
Player: Paul Taylor
Storyteller: [mailto: 1 VST]
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Personal Information

Mallory is a skilled Oneiromancer, however specialises in nightmares and manipulation of fear. He spends most of his days and nights sleeping if allowed, and once asleep is extremely hard to wake.


The extremely tall man with age lines and weathered skin glares from across the room, his mane of blackish-grey hair and beard surrounding ferocious golden-brown eyes. Lips rarely pull into a smile, Mal is known to wear scowls or frowns, or on festive occasions neutral expressions, but when he does smile the stars have not aligned in your favour. Favouring softer fabrics and warm clothes, when seen around Mal is either in a work uniform or in darker shaded clothing. Of note: Mal is a Striking Looks 1 man with the Giant merit.


The Hunterheart shines through, as when the mien is seen Mal appears as an aged blackish-grey maine coon cat. Yellow eyes glimmer with predatory instinct, falling upon the weakest mouse within a room and judging you as prey. Longer than normal claws protrude from his paws, vicious and keen, his tail whipping with delayed temper.


He stalks into a room with a grumpy sense of entitlement and nobility, much like a cat. Often rude and abrasive, he struggles to speak clearly of how he feels positively toward others, instead using alternate means to show affection… Or just says that he dislikes you less than others. When caught in a better mood, he enjoys running with chaos and can even seem to enjoy himself.

  • High-fat and cream milk beverages, Tree Dog’s sushi, creamier liqueurs
  • Leading others through their fears and weaknesses
  • Teasing and baiting Niko particularly
  • The music of Gil and Rhi
  • The drinks made by Woden
  • Those who enter his space without permission
  • Those who display open displays of niceness, kindness
  • Low-fat milk and dairy products. They’re fakes, worse than fetches
  • Dreams
  • Omens, hexes and curses
  • People skills
  • Mal enjoys tormenting those who display their fears for various reasons, maybe a little too much


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