Marcus Russo

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Marcus Russo
Concept: Worship through Food
Tribe: Bone Shadows
Auspice: Cahalith
City: Perth
Lodge: None
Pack: Unnamed
Spirit Rank
Cunning --
Glory ••
Honor --
Purity --
Wisdom ••
Player: Paul Taylor
Storyteller: [mailto: Perth VST]
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Personal Information


Marcus is a striking, traditional enough looking Italian fella with hazel eyes, Mediterranean skin and brown hair. Pleasant to the eyes and tanned from spending his days in the sun, often seen in younger, modern Italian styles of clothing such as coffee-coloured chinos, a white V-neck, scarf and a pair of gold-framed, tinted glasses.


Marcus doesn't necessarily enough causing trouble, preferring to defuse situations through other means. That said, once someone has brought trouble it needs to be dealt with, and he will often look for a solution that befits his Wisdom and Glory - and he might even be hiding a bit of Cunning in there. Within the mortal world, he operates the business called Gamechangers Goods and Delicacies, a locally famous home-prepared coffee and gelato van with following crowd on Instagram that travels around WA.




Marcus is also known as "Changes-the-Game".

Information Known by Forsaken Society

He arrived in Perth in 2014 on a Vespa as a member of the Italian Thousand Steel Teeth, much to the locals chagrin. Since then, he has shown himself to be a competent spiritualist and extremely noteworthy Ritemaster. While he hasn't ever been a front-line fighter or achieved much Renown, he instead has been involved in Forsaken activities, offering his extensive knowledge of Rites and Resonance as needed, making him a formidable duo with the Ithaeur Bone Shadow Rudy, his packmate. The two are a strange pack that don't often roam together, but go far and find information and bring it back to be passed onto others. In his possession is a strange, small woodwind flute that he sometimes plays, seeming to bring spirits from far and wide to enjoy the music.


  • 1989 - Born as a Blooded to a small family to his Blooded father and Wolf mother in Italy.
  • 2001 - Met the Thousand Steel Teeth and was inducted, much to the frustration of his parents. Travelled Europe, learning as he went about the various foods, drinks and cultures.
  • 2007 - Underwent the First Change in a small Spanish township.

Recent Events

  • 2014 - Marcus arrives in Perth on his Vespa, with little but an idea of what he's going to do. Starts Gamechanger's Goods and Delicacies, purchases his current store van. Instantly gets along in a strange way with the Thousand Steel Teeth as a whole... if not for the, well, Vespa thing.
  • 2015 - Finds the low-ranked Preservation spirit, Time-Stands-Still and befriends it. The two create gorgeous Italian preserved meats, sausages, cheeses and similar delicacies together as a part of the business.
  • 2016 -
  • 2017 -
  • 2018 -
  • 2019 - Creates a strange pack out of himself, Rudy, a fellow Bone Shadow and their totem, Time-Stands-Still.


Quotes By

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Quotes About

"Wogboi? Yeah he alright hey, knows his shit. 'Cept for that fuckin' vespa of his, not sure what the fuck is up with that. Best coffee gelato you'll ever find" - Jazz Summers


"Quote" - reference


  • Given how he acts, surely he *has* to have some Cunning Renown?!?
  • Worked with the Italian Mafia as their cleanup guy. Who would expect that innocent demeanor and face?
  • Stole a tank and it's now his in-progress Thousand Steel Teeth project.

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OOC Information

Member Information
Player: Paul Taylor
Number: 2012040011
Domain: Perth