Margarete Wulfhild

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Margarete Wulfhild
Concept: Patriotic Warrior
Clan: Daeva ••
Covenant: Invictus •••
City: Adelaide ••
Title: Dame, Knight, Baroness, Prince
Sire: Delphi
Bloodline: [[:Category:Domus CofD|Domus]]
Group: Casa di Temperance
Embraced: 1801
Player: Alex MacKenzie
Storyteller: Adelaide VST
[[Category:Domus CofD]]

Personal Information


She looks like a very typical German. Her honey coloured blonde hair falls straight to her shoulders, but is normally always tied up in a ponytail. Her eyes are a bright blue that show a wisdom of the ages. She carries a scar across her left eye, a reminder of her past that she will never forget. She stands at 5'6", but her boots usually make her appear taller. She walks with a practised gait, a walk with purpose her body sways with grace. Margarete has a quiet confidence which gives birth to a knowing smile across her cherry red lips. Her smile showing a level of cheekiness to her demure posture. When working in her pub her outfit it simple yet functional, a simple short sleeved white shirt and a black vest with smart business pants. At court her outfit more befits her station as a knight. She is never seen without her sword and buckler. Again it is smart business pants with knee high riding boots and a black and white dinner jacket.


While appearing to be cool and stern to others, Margarete expresses a gentleness towards young kindred she becomes familiar with. Margarete is dutiful to her superiors inside her coven, and would rarely dare challenge a statement made publicly. While bound to duty, she sometimes shows a mothers love for kindred who seek her leadership and tutelage.

Mortal World

Margaretes life in the mortal world is a simple one. Her pub is her life, her link to her heritage. Her regulars enjoy talking with her, and she is happy to listen and watch them all enjoying themselves. She may not sell beer that is to everyones taste, but to those who do drink them, her pub has one of the best atmospheres.

Information Known by Kindred Society

  • She owns two pubs, one in Canberra and one in Adelaide
  • She never breaks her word
Sigil hound.jpg


Not known by other Kindred unless informed IC

  • 1600- Born in Germany
  • 1600 to 1620- Worked on her parents’ farm supplying food to the Holy Roman Empire for the war
  • 1620- Runs away, disguising herself as a male to take part in the 30 years’ war
  • 1622- Meets Wodan while disguised as a soldier
  • 1622- Saves caravan from ambush. Severely injured Delphi takes her away after the attack and Ghouls her
  • 1622 to 1801- Serves the House and Delphi, guarding then during the day
  • 1801- Saves Delphi from an attack by a young Vampire during the day. Follows an attacker back and kills the Vampires guards, then brings his torpored body back for Delphi
  • 1801- Delphi decides to give her the option of embrace after what she did, she accepts.
  • 1809- Completes Manumission, given title of Soldier
  • 1810 to 1900- Guards Delphi while she sleeps
  • 1868- Finds the Order of the Iron Tide. Is mentored and trained by one of Gaspars students
  • 1872- Decimus brings his Childe Ableard to her to be her squire. It is not long before the pair fall in love.
  • 1886- Meets Wodan again when he came searching for the Oracle, only to find Delphi in Eclipse with Margarete guarding her
  • 1897- Embraces Diana Duncan in Germany
  • 1900- Travels to America with Delphi
  • 1908- Travels across the Atlantic with Delphi, Decimus and Ableard. Ableard is killed in an assault by pirates on their vessel.
  • 1912- Returns with Delphi and joins Ljónynja in Corsica
  • 1914 to Mid 1916- Fought on the German side in World War 1
  • 1916- Torpored in Corsica by Delphi after being dragged back by a Kindred Hunter
  • 1930- Woken
  • 1939 to Mid 1945- Fought on the German side in World War 2. Dragged back when Ljónynja finds out.
  • 1945- Torpored in Corsica by Delphi once again and taken to Australia
  • 1951- Woken
  • 1951- Meets Wodan again, does not remember who he is, yet he remembers her
  • 1960- Opens German pub.
  • 1962- Given title of Lady
  • 1965- Adds onto the pub, turning it into a hotel as well
  • 1995- Passes pub onto ‘daughter’ who looks like her
  • 1982- Goes on a trip to Europe with Ljónynja and Tresalda as part of her training to show the differences between clans
  • 1988- Returns to Australia with Ljónynja and Tresalda
  • 2000- Delphi willingly goes into torpor, Margarete guards her once again, and discovers that those in Eclipse can speak through her
  • 2012- Her Childe embraces Onryō, and is then killed because of it. Onryō personally informs Margarete of what occurred.
  • 2015- Passes pub onto ‘granddaughter’ who looks like her mother and grandmother

Recent History

  • 2016- Continues to run her pub and hotel. Continues to serve the House as she always has.
  • 2017- Moves to Adelaide to establish the House there. Buys a building and has it renovated into a German Pub in line with her one in Canberra
  • October 2017- Is elected as Chief Security Officer of the National Invictus at the Conclave in Adelaide
  • October 2017- Attended the boat party hosted by Jakob Roe in Geelong
  • December 2017- Finishes her Notary training
  • August 2018- Elected Prince of Adelaide


Titles of Address

Most Formal

  • Baroness Dame Margarete Wulfhild


  • Most Excellent Dame Margarete Wulfhild
  • Most Excellent Dame Wulfhild


  • Dame Margarete Wulfhild
  • Baroness Margarete Wulfhild


  • Dame Margarete


  • My Dame Margarete Wulfhild
  • My Baroness Margarete Wulfhild
  • My Dame Wulfhild
  • My Baroness Wulfhild


Domus Lineage (Descendants of Horkus)

  1. Horkus (58-50BC)NPC
    1. Signore di Tirruri (524AD) NPC
    2. Delphi (1340)
      1. Elya Korda (NPC) (1534- 1582)
      2. Xacobe (NPC) (1690- 1901)
      3. Margarete Wulfhild (1801)
        1. Teresia Pieretti (1935) NPC
          1. Onryō (2012)
            1. Gahbrielle_Chou (2013)
        2. Albert Robert Green (Ventrue- Adopted) (1998)
      4. Sundae Rest (1907)
      5. Jamie Mahina (1922)NPC (Chakori)
        1. Isaac Foxe (1971)- adopted
      6. Irving Wallace (NPC)
        1. Valerie Fitzchambers (1931)
          1. Brandon Fitzchambers (1988)
          2. Melanie Reyes
      7. Celene (1967)Adopted

(date of embrace)
Character is deceased


Quotes By

"Quote" - reference

Quotes About

"I do not doubt you had no knowledge of Teresia's failings. But ignorance will not give me my ghoul back. Be careful Margarete, Delphi would be disappointed to learn her childe fell to the deep sleep before the gods willed it. I understand your devastation. I do not let mine get in the way of my duty. That is the nature of the chains that bind. Never forget your duty."
- Ljónynja Øringr, 2012
"She's very different to La Matriarcha, so much so that I almost wonder if she was meant to be me at one stage? But I know my duty and will serve to the best of my abilities as directed."
- Gahbrielle Chou
"Margarete, my Childe has a purpose to serve, and she does it well, until the fire in her belly proves too strong. Then she needs to cool for a while."
- Delphi to Ljónynja Øringr, 1916
"Margarete is someone I previously could not completely understand but enjoyed not understanding. When I smelled of gunsmoke and my Beast called, she stood beside me with her blood-slicked blade in hand, we roared together. In that moment, I feel proud to say we finally truly understood one another."
- Jakob Roe, after the Strix assaults of Perth, December 2016
”She answered Jakob’s call and stood beside us as the city fell. Sure we have a few philosophical differences, but do not be fooled - there is a respect that is beyond mere beliefs, born in the darkest hours of desperate battle”
- Meredith Winchester-Roe
”Old Margy is a fan-farking-tastix tactician and dancer. Never seen anyone move so carefully across battlefield or so quickly and deftly away from me at Brisbane Elysian. Tried to corner her all night but it was like she could tell where everyone was and could see youse coming. Explains why she and Uncle Vikta were trusted by the Elders to lead.”
- Uncle Gadi
”Duty and loyalty course through her veins, rarely does one meet a kindred of such honour.”
- Argyle Sorrow, 1866


* Ljónynja raises a clawed hand above her head to strike the final blow to the Margarete as she lays beaten on the ground*
Delphi - "Matriarca."
Ljónynja - "Saldatura."
Delphi - "Remember the words of the Gods, their will, we must follow their desires."
* Ljónynja pauses with claws still out, as Delphi walks to her and places a hand on hers*
Delphi - "Ljónynja."
Ljónynja - *snarls* "She is-"
Delphi - "My childe. Yes sister. And for that I shall punish her, just as the Gods have told me to do so. But for now, they order that she must survive your wrath."
- Ljónynja Øringr and Delphi, when Margarete is caught fighting against the French in World War I.


  • Follows the Domus family tradition of ashing any childe that joins the Sanctified. - probably Justinian
  • She is the lucky third childe of Delphi that survived Delphi - Probably Justinian
  • Visited by a mysterious Bohemian in the early 1600's

Inspirations and Soundtrack

  • Metallica- For Whom the Bell Tolls
  • Rammstein- Ich Will
  • Five Finger Death Punch- Wrong Side of Heaven


OOC Information

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Player: Alex MacKenzie
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