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Concept: Hacker Bitch
Tell: None
City: Forster
Pack: Fortitudes Favour
Player: Ashley Mullins
Storyteller: Forster VST
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Personal Information

You want my personal info? Ha! So would every motherf*cker I ever f*cked with a dirty deal. Mind you, you want something, I’ll get you something, for a price. Look, I’ll give you a freebie. The Russian accent is real...probably


My hair is bitchin’. That’s the legit description of my hair. Bitchin’. Big, curly as a spring and black as f*ck. I’m tallish, I guess. Taller in my thick as f*ck boots you don’t wanna get stomped by. Got some tatts and piercings here there and everywhere cause f*ck what people want you to look like. Oh, and Leather is my JAM!


F*ck with me and I f*ck with you. Only fair. I don’t like weak b*tches, so if you’re gonna step up you better be able to hold your own, especially if it’s liquor. Drink me under the table and you’ll earn my respect, b*tch.

Mortal World

Sometimes I settle long enough for people to know me by a certain name for a while. Do I have family somewhere? You’ll never know. School? Well, I’m not a dumb ass, I know my sh*t. I’ve owned a laundry mat or two, cause laundering is just a smart thing to do, you know.

Okay, so if I'm starting to not be so uptight with personal info, my mortal job is very much my life. I hunt the scum that the law can't find or hold. The worst of humanity. Human traffickers, sex slave traders, poedophile rings. Those who prey on the weak and defensless deserve no pity.

Information Known by Forsaken Society

Nothing yet. Some biker d*ck didn’t wrap his God damn tool and now I’m seeing crazy bulls*it. If I find that ass I’m gonna punch him in his f*cking face.


  • 1992 – Happy Vagina Evacuation Day
  • 1993 – 2017 – Life happened
  • 2018 – Biker d*ck messed me up. Called my old mate Levi Jones to help me out

Recent History

NOV – Riding to NSW so Levi can tell me what the f*ck is wrong with me
MAR - Joined Fortitudes Favour


Quotes By


- All the time.

"Does Coffee count as food?"

Quotes About

‘’”Took a bit of getting used to - when I first met her I was pretty well prepared for nothing but a trail of destruction to be left in her wake before she got run out of town by angry bartenders and jealous wives. Glad she proved me wrong on that score, in spite of the demons that haunt her she's solid as fuck and a great friend.”’’

- Tabitha Kelly

"On one hand, since she's become blooded, shes shown remarkable curiosity in learning about our society, hopefully those lessons sink in, because on the other hand, she's still yet to learn that she isn't as hard as she thinks she is, and her mouth is gonna get her killed sooner or later, especially if she steps against the real bikers" - Solomon King


Lance –"The christian god is all about forgiveness and mercy. The old testament was a bit different and technicaly we're still under that law but Jesus took all our sins so we don't have to be punished for them anymore"
Marishka –"Taking one for the team huh? No wonder his blood is wine. People must be shouting him non stop"

Marishka -"I'm sorry if I'm overstepping LB. She's you're partner and you're pack. I just know the pain that can be caused from being ignorant or lazy and I couldn't bare for that to happen to someone I see as family"
Leatherback -"That exact care is why I am sad you aren't available to accept an offer to join the Knotted Rope. You stand against me, in my home, in my territory, about an uncomfortable issue you are aware is possibly overstepping. That is brave. It is in fact worthy of Glory. You are willing to risk yourself for the people you count as family."


  • Her singing makes ears bleed
  • While she has no official Deed Name, some call her Den Mender for her deeds while human
  • She secretly owns plush toys

Inspirations and Soundtrack

  • Rosa Diaz
  • Angela Bennett – the Net
  • Tyrion Lannister – I drink and I know things
  • Lisbeth Salander

OOC Information

Member Information
Player: Ashley Mullins
Number: 2016060001
Domain: Southern Cross