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Viscount Matthew Beaufort
Concept: Political Fixer
Clan: Ventrue ••
Covenant: Invictius ••••
City: Adelaide
Title: Viscount, Adviser
Sire: Gaspar Acosta Da Blanca
Bloodline: Pure Clan
Group: House of the White Shore
Embraced: 1915
Player: Kyle Brooks
Storyteller: Adelaide VST
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Personal Information


Matthew has brown hair, stands at 6 feet tall, blue coloured eyes and a fair completion. he takes good care of his appearance, he is always carefully groomed, with not a hair out of place, his suits are pressed neatly and all in order, his cuff links are the right way up always. he carries a cane that he fidgets with occasionally when bored. he will often wear a different suit depending on the evening and the occasion.


he is a charismatic man often seen walking through the court, meeting the new kindred and offering his services with a business card should they require. when is comes to business he is straight to the point and will push to get information, he won't waste time sucking up to people, he is blunt, firm and cold when business is on the table

Mortal World

in the mortal world Matthew was a Noble child of the Beaufort Family, he was born to Henry Somerset, 7th Duke of Beaufort, once he was old enough he changed his name to Beaufort to represent the family that he is from, knowing that his is from illegitimate decent from the original family line he wanted to restore it so that the Beaufort name could be heard once again. He was very talented with politics, popular with the people and was making great progress but also making enemies. at one point Matthew took a short break from politics, most say he came back more sombre and changed his view on some of his policies, which was odd for him as he always stuck to his ideals like they were flawless. His carer came to an abrupt end when he was found dead in the River Thames (Drowning) age 45. Matthew was survived by his wife and 3 children.

Information Known by Kindred Society


  • 1793 - Born in 1793
  • 1810 - At 17 years of age he started working as a politician and was rising up quickly
  • 1813 - At 20 he is starting to get more recognised and is gathering a moderate amount of attraction from people
  • 1814 - Had his first child with his then wife
  • 1815 - Ghouled by Gaspar Acosta Da Blanca to help cover up masquerade problems and feed information to him.
  • 1839 - Faked his death via beating and drowning in the river Thames.
  • 1840 - He is traded to Ljónynja Øringr while Gaspar is off fighting
  • 1850 - He is taught by Ljónynja and man is it rough, he doesn't speak about those times
  • 1890 - Travels with Ljónynja to Australia, he settles himself in Adelaide working to insert himself in the Parliament there
  • 1892 - Successfully gets into Parliament, works on getting to city set up fully
  • 1899 - Meet's with Lachlan Lyle and is taught by him
  • 1901 - Is part of federation of Australia, uses this opportunity to get a new identity sorted for the future
  • 1910 - Seeks out a new kindred to get a source of Blood while Ljónynja is off fighting, he makes a deal with Lady Marie Davenport and learns from her
  • 1915 - Gaspar Comes to Australia and offer's him the embrace Which he accepts
  • 1920 - Starts to build up his own law firm
  • 1925 - Is bestowed the title of Lord as reward for ensuring the masquerade is unbroken
  • 1935 - with his law firm growing he starts dealing more with the local politicians behind closed doors fixing any problems that they may have
  • 1950 - Removes all paper history of himself from before 1950
  • 1965 - Age brings gifts and people notice a much more confident person
  • 1975 - Having served the Invictus loyally for 50 years he is bestowed the title of Baron
  • 1980 - Watching over Adelaide the last few year and fixing a few masquerade problems he has become quite adept at using kine to fix problems
  • 1990 - Having worked his way into high society over the years he has made contact with the richest of Adelaide and has occasionally fixed some problems for them
  • 2000 - Establishes an alternate identity under the name of Thomas Anderson
  • 2005 - with the growth of technology he spends more time learning about it and seeing how it all works
  • 2010 - Giving his knowledge and experience to the Invictus of Adelaide as well as assisting with multiple masquerade breaches within Adelaide and stating that Adelaide will be his permanent home domain he is awarded the title of Viscount of Adelaide

Recent History


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Known Sire

Gaspar Acosta Da Blanca

Known Siblings

Known Childer

Known Grand-childer


Quotes By

Mutare vel timere sperno (Latin for "I scorn to change or to fear")

You cut off your hand for a Crone initiation? That's... rather barbaric - To Crystal Jade Roe about her Crone Initiation

Come back in 20 years and tell me what you think then. - To Moon Greene about why companies are run the way they are

That's a very Human way of thinking - To Moon Greene

Quotes About

"Wow, and I thought I had a busy time dealing with people. His crazies take the cake compared to mine."

-Kieran Fletcher.

"You're different to the rest of the Ventrue in the family. Not so unstable."


"Such a well starched, upright damn Invictus - I wonder what it would take to see him cut loose and just be....?"



-Uncle Gadi carrying a delirious and green Kieran Fletcher... and shouting at Matthew to try harder with kissing Crystal in the car park November 2018.


Moon Greene - "I don't want it to be an option. But finding a doctor to perform a hysterectomy on a 25 year old woman is damn near impossible."
Matthew - "That can be arranged if you want."
Moon Greene - "It can?"
Matthew - "Oh of course it's not hard."

"Farking good to see you Director Tight Pants." -Uncle Gadi


  • He has his own barber, one for everyday of the week

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OOC Information

Member Information
Player: Kyle Brooks
Number: 2015100004
Domain: Adealide