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Concept: Unknown
Tribe: Storm Lords
Auspice: Cahalith
City: Cape Town
Lodge: None
Pack: Pack of Troubles
Spirit Rank ••
Cunning --
Glory •••
Honor ••
Purity --
Wisdom --
Player: Vito D.
Storyteller: Cape Town VST

Personal Information

Mavuto is a 40ish Griqua, a Cahalith, and a Storm Lord. He's from South Africa originally, though he didn't originate in Cape Town. He arrived in Cape Town in 2002 at the tail end of Thomas Ironhammer's effort to seize territory from the Pure. When infighting tore Ironhammer's pack in two, Mavuto joined up with the breakaway pack and eventually rose to become Beta of the pack for a few years before the end of the decade. In 2010 when fighting turned to war in earnest he fought in the bloody battles that left both Pure and Forsaken all but wiped out. Mavuto barely survived one of the final battles and his scars still display the wounds he took there. His own pack lost enough members that in the aftermath it folded with each remaining going their own way. Mavuto took the next few years to consider his future and left Cape Town for a time.

In 2013, Mavuto returned to Cape Town with a strong sense of purpose and began seeking out other Forsaken in the area, whether they were old-timers like himself, fresh arrivals from distant shores, or those who had just undergone their First Change. Mavuto spoke of dreams and prophecy and being prepared, without much specificity. He spoke of doing things "right" this time, not always with clarity on what that meant. He's battle-scarred and a bit crazed by the things he's seen in his more than two decades as an Uratha, but he does seem driven to pick up the pieces and rebuild after what was lost in the wars.

Mavuto is a strange sort of Alpha. He wants a strong pack, with Forsaken who will have each other's backs, but he also pushes pack members to have their own lives and own ambitions. "Having each others' backs when it comes down to it doesn't mean you wipe each others' asses," is one of the things he's prone to say when asked about it. He sometimes disappears for days at a time himself and isn't concerned when others do the same.

Appearance & Personality

Grizzled and scarred, he often wears dirty clothing that hasn't been changed in a couple of days. His eyes rarely settle on anyone, instead seeming to look at something just over their shoulder or behind them.


Alpha of the Pack of Troubles


  • 1974 - Born
  • 1996 - First Change
  • 2002 - Arrived in Capetown
  • 2008 - Became Beta to his pack at the time
  • 2010 - Most of his old pack dead, they disbanded and Mavuto left Cape Town for awhile
  • 2013 - Mavuto returned to Capetown and started recruiting for a new pack
  • 2015 - Pack of Troubles officially formed


Quotes By

  • "Having each others' backs when it comes down to it doesn't mean you wipe each others' asses."

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OOC Information

Member Information
Player: Vito D.
Number: GWB2011037509
Domain: Cape Town (Defunct)