Melanie Reyes

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Melanie Reyes
Concept: University Cult Leader
Clan: Daeva ••
Covenant: Circle of the Crone ••
City: Adelaide
Title: Title
Sire: Valerie Fitzchambers
Bloodline: Unknown
Group: Fitzchambers Family
Embraced: 2014
Player: Vanessa
Storyteller: Adelaide VST
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Personal Information


Melanie Reyes appears to be in her early to mid-20s, with a curvy build and red hair. Her eyes are blue and her skin is pale. She has a number of tattoos from her mortal life adorning her skin. Melanie can most frequently be seen wearing a red long-sleeved dress with a black corset and long black boots, a red parasol in hand. She adorns herself in finery and jewels, enjoying making herself the centre of attention.


Mortal World

To the mortal world, Melanie is an Archaeology Honours student. Known for being flamboyant and outgoing, as well as dedicated to her studies, her habits changed dramatically a few years ago. She is now rarely seen about the campus, only making her way in to early morning meetings when necessary. In the evenings however, Melanie can be found meeting with the Flinders University Pagan Society or in the middle of the dance-floor at the hottest new clubs, her latest paramour decorating her arm.

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Descendants of Horkus

Known Sire

  • Valerie Fitzchambers

Known Siblings

  • Brandon Fitzchambers

Known Childer

  • None

Known Grand-childer

  • None


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