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This page is currently a placeholder for the DST to fill in.

Mysterium Magnum 2013 core Timeline

The Modern day, 2000 and beyond

2010 onwards

  • September 2013 - The Invictus prince (name needed) relinquishes his praxis to the Bishop of Melbourne, Christopher Merrick.

2000 to 2009

Recent History, 1900 to 1999

1990 to 1999

  • Belial's Brood attack, torporing the seneschal (who the prince was grooming). forcing the prince to choose another successor.

1980 to 1989

  • 1980 - The Prince starts grooming a local kindred to take over his place as he is tired and needs to go into torpor.

1970 to 1979

1960 to 1969

1950 to 1959

  • Prince "William Hellsing" is more lenient on embracing for the next 5 years.
  • 1950 - Belial's Brood attack again.

1940 to 1949

1930 to 1939

1920 to 1929

  • 1924 - the Nemites were almost wiped out at the prince's insistence. Creating vampires was almost universally denied... penalty is always death of both sire and childe. it is believed the prince feared young kindred would become victims to the Nemites in another bid for Melbourne.
  • 1923 - Police riots: the Nemites got the police to go on strike while they made a bid to end the "other" praxus made by the other covenants and to break up The Council....while they did this the werewolves clans who had always acted aggressively (not all clans were aggressive) made a move to try to end the threat the kindred posed. caught in the crossfire was a mage and several sleepwalkers. Although the Nemites bid failed however The Council is broken up but a few of The council petition The Prince for help in reclaiming sydney. the prince agree's. The Victorian police won an increase in wage and had more autonomy. Griffon made a promise that he would seek an end to the violence.
  • 1920 - Famine Awakens

1910 to 1919

  • 1910 - Belial's Brood attack.

1900 to 1909

  • 1909- First Concilium was formed.
  • 1908 - From the very start of 1908 and for the next 40 years awakenings started happening more frequently.
  • 1902 – Sydney recovers title from Melbourne as Australia's most populous city.
  • 1901 - Famine is Born
  • 1901 – The Commonwealth of Australia is formed. Melbourne becomes national capital.

Early History, 1800 to 1899

1850 to 1899

  • 1891- economic crash: Melbourne had 490,000 people in 1890, and this figure scarcely changed for the next 15 years as a result of the crash and subsequent long slump. Immigration dried up, emigration to the goldfields of Western Australia and South Africa increased, and the high birthrate of the mid 19th century fell sharply and the city's growth continued, but very slowly.
  • 1865 – Melbourne overtakes Sydney to become Australia's most populous city.
  • 1861 – Melbourne's population reaches 125,000.
  • 1854 - kindred of the other covenants come en mass. The Council try to placate the other clans and keep the council however a new prince is declared in on the night of September 16th: Prince William Hellsing....Nemites attempt to take control of the Unaligned council. (eureka stockade is believed to be part of that conflict)
  • 1851 – Victoria becomes a colony, separate from New South Wales.
  • 1850 - Belial's Brood are sighted.

1800 to 1849

  • 1849 - a cave is found by the Nosferatu Charlotte Cartwell that holds a number of ancient bones. from this point on the aboriginal werewolf tribes start fighting back against the vampires.
  • 1848 – Melbourne Hospital founded by a Nosferatu and the undercity was made by said nos whose name is Anton Stadder and his minions from this point onwards. (hospital was Renamed in 1935: The Royal Melbourne Hospital)
  • 1847 – Melbourne declared a city by Queen Victoria on 25 June.
  • 1840 - january: First vampires arrived 3 unaligned gangrel sent by The Council brothers Albert, Clyde & Vernnon White arrived seeking their own land. from this time other unaligned started coming and they soon formed a council.
  • 1837 - First inner-city land sale to one "Griffon" who turned the land into a school.
  • 1835 – Melbourne is founded by John Batman and John Pascoe Fawkner.
  • 1835 – John Batman 'buys' the 2,430 km² that Melbourne would be founded on from the local Aboriginal nation, the Wurundjeri. The Batman Deed is now widely recognised to be more of a treaty than a sale.
  • 1835 – John Batman sails to the mouth of the Yarra from Tasmania in the Rebecca.
  • 1834 – The Henty family establish first long-term European settlement in Victoria at Portland.
  • 1803 – David Collins sent from Sydney to establish a settlement for the British Government. Unaware of previous discoveries, Collins settles near present-day Sullivan Bay on the Mornington Peninsula. This settlement is abandoned five months later.
  • 1803 – Charles Robbins and Charles Grimes explore the entirety of Port Phillip and discover the Yarra River in the Buffalo.
  • 1801 – John Murray sails into Port Phillip in the Lady Nelson.
  • 1800 – James Grant explores the south-east of Australia.

Pre-History, 1799 and earlier

  • Victoria belonged to the Aboriginal clans here that were had a large shape-shifter presence a few aboriginals awoke but not in significant number.