Meredith Winchester-Roe

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Meredith Winchester-Roe
Concept: Unknown
Clan: Daeva
Covenant: Carthian ••
City: Geelong --
Title: Sherriff
Sire: Unknown
Bloodline: Sirens
Group: Roe Dynasty
Embraced: Unknown
Player: [mailto: Claire]
Storyteller: [mailto: Geelong VST]
Meredith at work.jpg

Personal Information

Meredith was born in Liverpool, England and originally came to Perth on a working holiday, looking for fun and endless summer. She wound up working for Victor Aurelius Roe as a Personal Assistant before being ghouled and introduced to Kindred Society. She belonged to Vic for almost six years, as his executive assistant and lover before surprisingly she was Embraced by Jakob Roe shortly after Vic became Co-Prince of Perth. Since her Embrace she has continued working with Vic as Co-CEO of Victory Productions, managing his affairs while he was on tour with Hellfire and assisting her sire and sister in uniting the Daeva of the city.

Joining the Carthian Movement shortly after her Release, Meredith fought valiantly with the City as it fell to a catastrophic Strix attack in January 2017.


Strikingly pretty, Meredith tends to dress in gothic punk secretarial wear - office shirts teamed with corsets, short skirts and fishnet stockings, accented with chain wrist cuffs and knee high boots.


By parts the competent professional and the quintessential party girl, Meredith is something of a chameleon. She slips easily into either role in the mortal world, her natural charm and good looks winning people over and making them want to gravitate towards her. Among Kindred she is seen to be promiscuous and hedonistic much like her sire, yet in the company of her family and close friends is warm and steadfastly loyal.

Mortal World

In the mortal world Meredith is the joint CEO of Victory Productions alongside Victor. Recently having expanded into offering recording contracts as well as band management and promotion, Victory is making a name for itself as a strong supporter of the indie music scene and has signed a number of grass roots bands that later went on to hit the big time. Meredith is known as the face of the company (Fame 1 Music Exec) as well as having interests in a number of nightclubs

Information Known by Kindred Society

Meredith was the prized ghoul of Victor Roe, she was first seen at Court gatherings early in 2012. There are rumours, however, that she was ghouled almost a year earlier - scandalously early in Victor's Kindred career. During her years as a ghoul Meredith was often assigned to the service of various Kindred as part of her training by Grandfather, primarily those of the Invictus or Ventrue visiting Perth. Those who were accorded the privilege found her to be exceptionally competent and well mannered, if distant and reserved. She was undoubtedly devoted to Victor and empowered to speak on his behalf.

Meredith was surprisingly Embraced in September 2016 by Jakob Roe after Victor took joint Praxis of Perth. In the months following, attacks by the Strix increased, Meredith fighting valiantly alongside members of the Court until the bitter end when the city fell and she was ordered out by both Jakob and Victor. The Roes retreated to Italy, with the remainder of Kindred in Perth either missing or laying low.

Since her return to Australia and settling in Geelong with her family, Meredith has been instrumental in the expansion of Victory Productions and acquired a fairly run down old nightclub that she is in the process of renovating. If her plans are anything to go by, The Paragon will soon be the place to be seen in Geelong.


Known Sire

Known Siblings



  • 1987 - Born in Liverpool
  • 2009 - Arrives in Perth, meets Victor
  • 2011 - Ghouled after a car accident
  • 2012 - Introduced to the Court
  • 2016 - Embraced into Clan Daeva
  • 2016 - Joined the Carthian Movement upon her Release
  • 2017 - Moved to Italy along with the Roe Family following the Fall of Perth


Quotes By

"It's a bit of a disconcerting feeling, walking into a room and knowing that everyone else in that room can hear your heart beating. They can hear your blood rushing in your veins as easily as you can, but you can't let on. You can't let on that it bothers you or that you're anything but totally confident, because that's just asking for trouble" - on the first time she attended a Kindred gathering

Quotes About

  • “Hmm, let me make something really clear. Meredith is special to me, more special than anyone or anything else. I have given her my voice, and she may speak as me in my absence. She is not something to be squandered on Experimentation. I see the understanding in your eyes” - Vic to Thamos
  • "Mr Roe? Meredith is going to be fine. It was touch and go at first, but she is a strong woman. She just need another 24 hours and she then can be released, into your care"

Sister Rosetta Day, explaining to Victor Roe, on Meredith's condition after she was injured in Darwin

  • "One day she will be Daeva and Invictus." - Virginia Lu
  • "Wait, you took on two Strix and walked away in one piece?" - Sebastian
  • Oh, it'll be like that, huh? While the fangful cat is away, the mouse will play?" - Herb
  • "She's ready." Jakob Roe to Grandfather after his time training her
  • "Meredith is my most favored niece. Somehow blending endlessly fun with ruthlessly effective" - 'Uncle' Gaspar
  • "Go on, touch her, it will be Fun...." - Tresalda goading an unfortunate fool
  • "That one warrants watching. She blends into her surroundings a little too well.' - Sean Quinn
  • "Oh Mer is so fucking fun, I love it." - Little cousin Sophie
  • "Cor and she swishes past, hips all swaying and I'm thinking nice ........ oh shit she got me in an arm lock and dunks me in the pool..... last time I'm ever getting distracted by that set of assets ...." Uncle Gadi
- Uncle Gadi
  • "Fishy's a babe, like, an eight or a nine, but don't let that trick ya- she's canny as fuck, and will fuck you up quick sticks if you try to take advantage. She's good value." - Vulture
  • "Decent Conversationalist, decent combatant, and a decent mind for politics. If you're interested in that sort of thing then what more could a guy or girl want?"
- L3XX
  • "For someone so young she's certainly stepped up to the plate and the rest of y'all could learn take a piece of it, if she'd let you." - Valentina
  • "She's the product of her embrace. A daeva and the childe of Jakob Roe as well. Take that as you will." - Viktor Reynder
  • “Has a special graceful way of twisting and dislocating joints all part of the Carthian Dance Dance Revolution Fighting Technique...” - Uncle Gadi
  • "That's not my job. My job is to look good and make other people look good. My sisters job is to hit people while looking good" Crystal After not being able to land a punch on a grappled enemy Crystal's reply to the idiot who dared to sass her
  • "Polite, Yet brash, I feel there may be more than the facade that she chooses to display to our courts. I wonder if Desponia song is in your mind, as well as your blood." - Decimus
  • "Mer is just sweet. She never talks down to me. I think we could get along if I could talk to her more." - Inga Heilig


"Our relationship is obviously different to yours."
"Are you trying to say yours didn't involve the boardroom table at the office christmas party?"
"No... but Im glad the outfits are working for you." Crystal and Meredith, over breakfast

"And who is responsible for you this evening? I notice none of your usual protectors are present this evening."
'Herb was called away to a personal emergency and asked me to continue on, so I may represent his interests as well as Vic's"
"Remarkably trusting to leave you alone in the Court without protection"
"Perhaps, but we have faith in the members of the Court not to assault the known representative of a Respected member of the Court in his absence."
"Well yes, that would be rather expensive" - Kalidas Singh and Meredith


  • Those who have been accorded the privilege of having tasted Meredith's blood say there's something quite strange about it
  • Don't cross her. She might not be powerful in her own right, but she bears grudges and has powerful protectors
  • Regularly goes out with Crystal for breakfast at sunrise after Court gatherings - a ritual they jokingly refer to as "The Breakfast Club"
  • Has been dubbed "The Herder of Cats" by the the Bishop, though apparently her opinion of Meredith's clothing choices is less than complimentary
  • Was attacked by two Strix in Crystal's shop. Took them down and then complained because they ruined the dress she was having made
  • Is one of the most physically capable in the Court, a fact that was made evident when she fought her way through a series of Strix infested tunnels by the side of Stephen James and Jakob Roe whilst the remainder of those in the party cowered behind them.
  • So what's behind her recent Embrace by Jakob?
  • Meredith still secretly has a thing for being fed on by Kindred.
  • Once tore a man's arm off and beat him with it for having attempted to pull a knife on Jakob during an underworld negotiation.
  • It was suggested her latest outfit would show off too much of her cookie.
  • Has a chain mail bikini for formal occasions with Invictus Knights.
  • Is a master of the Carthian Dance Dance Revolution Fighting Style.
  • Wants to ride on a wolf.
    • Managed to find a reason to be really close to said chosen mount.
  • Believes 'Sensible shoes' for hiking and going bush must have at least six inch heels.
    • Will curbstomp anyone who says otherwise to show them the purpose of those heels
  • Is a plant in the Revolution, spying for the Invictus.

Inspirations and Soundtrack

  • All I Want is Everything - Def Leppard
  • Master of Puppets - Metallica
  • Andrea, from The Devil Wears Prada

OOC Information

Loves Thai food and M+Ms

Please note: This character can be a bit of an arrogant bitch at times, remember it's the character not me! If you have any issues with something I've done/said, please come and talk to me OOC

Member Information
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