Midori Otomo

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Midori Otomo
Concept: Shrine Maiden
Tribe: Bone Shadow
Auspice: Elodoth
City: [[ Forsaken CofD|]]
Lodge: [[Category: CofD|]]
Pack: Kintsugi
Spirit Rank
Player: [mailto: Bianca S]
Storyteller: VST
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Personal Information


The first feature that is noticed on Midori is the green of her eyes of which she gets her name sake. Her Japanese nationality show dominantly, with the hint of Australian though her eyes and body shape. She is seen wearing her Miko uniform more often than not as a sign that she has not given up her training as a shrine maiden.


Midori is very bright and bubbly, a comparison that is noted to be very different to her cousins. She is naive, honest and pure in her interactions with others, only wanting to bring the best out of anyone. The most notable love for Midori is her love of food. She is won over and easily bribed with sweets and has been witnessed stealing food off of forks while people have been too busy talking.



Howls with Death

Information Known by Forsaken Society

Midori takes her role as an Elodoth seriously, enforcing the Oaths of the Moon and trying to mediate arguments to the best of her intentions and abilities. Although because she is young, she still struggles to be taken seriously and accidentally crossed lines.


  • 1991 - Born in Australia, but very quickly moved to Japan
  • 1992 - Midori learns of her extended family as her mother and father start travelling back and forth between Japan and Australia
  • 1999 - Midori starts her training as a Miko like her mother in Kamakura
  • 2003 - After the death of their mother and incarceration of their father, Midori and her parents take up permanent residence in Foster-Tuncurry to raise the twins.
  • She and her mother still make trips back to Japan regularly for Miko training.
  • Experiences her first change in Japan at the Shrine of the Moon during half moon, accidentally killing two wolf blooded attendants.
  • Due to the nature of the shrine, their deaths are compensated and nothing more is said of it.
  • 2003 - 2017 Midori continues her training, with huge bouts of it spent in Australian with Ruka and Mizuki
  • 2018 - When her parents felt the oncoming danger, they decided to make a permanent home in Kamakura. Midori went against their wishes and stayed with Ruka and Mizuki.

Recent Events

  • Cursed by death spirit


Quotes By

[Jap] "Cousin... another male has seen my breasts... this is indecent" - While being operated on after the death curse struck her body.

[Jap] "So Chibi... so cute... Chibi-san!" - normally associated with intense staring when used to describe Tahlia

"He was always a bit more emotional than Miz-chan or myself... but he was able to love more freely because of it" - Describing Ruka

[Jap] "Miz-chan is cold to it, she has closed off and trying to take it logically, but... that is Miz-chan" Describing Mizuki

"Was not perfect but tried to be there for his children. A wonderful man who was determined to do what is needed to protect them" - Said at Mac's funeral.

Quotes About

"Gentle and excitable. I hope that gets tempered with some societal and situational awareness, before it gets her into too much trouble. She could be a light for all these dark and serious souls around us, one that's sorely needed. I hope we all get the chance to see her shine" - Sunny Faulkner

"She is Mŭdŭr. I would know her. I not know how." - Tahl

"Yeah I don't know - for all that she comes across as both almost painfully sheltered and not a malicious bone in her, there's just something about her that sets my teeth on edge. I'm not sure if it's that I just haven't gotten to know her or that she seems to consistently have people falling all over themselves because of her and doesn't even know it?" - Tabitha Kelly



  • Midori won't discuss what happened to her with he two wolf blooded attendants on the night she changed though
  • She knows more about the spirit that followed Himari than she lets on
  • There is a stash of cakes and sweets in all of the rooms in the house

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