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Also known as Elisy Williams

Elisy Ilsadora Williams
Concept: Stubborn/rebellious computer nerd
Parent: Gaspar Acosta da Blanca
Parent's Clan: Ventrue
Covenant: None as of yet
City: Geelong
Born: December 21, 1993
Player: Cynthia Ostuni
Storyteller: Geelong VST

Personal Information


Elisy is a taller than average woman (5'8), with light olive skin, and piercing green eyes framed by black curls. She resembles her Father in her cheekbones and jaw, and carries herself with dignity, and an air of calculating arrogance that often makes humans feel inferior. Her wardrobe consists of Gothic aesthetics, ranging in styles from Aristocratic, Vampire, and Corporate goth, all the way to Lolita, depending on her mood, and the occasion. Her sleeves are always long, and no matter what she wears, her thighs are always covered. In professional settings she's seen wearing tasteful, thin black gloves. (Striking looks 2) Recently, she's taken to showing more skin, mostly arms and shoulders, making it known that she's covered in scars. Many of the scars on her skin are stretched and faded around the edges, showing growth well after they wounds were acquired. Her forearms from her elbow to wrists are cluttered with thin knife scars, all crammed together in criss cross patterns, with various other marks on her hands and running up the rest of her arms, over shoulders, and onto her back and chest.


She has a lip twitch, speaks her mind as often as she can, stubborn, and doesn’t take shit. In professional settings, she laces her fingers, and tilts her head slightly. Elisy is a strong spoken, strong willed young woman who's presence draws, and demands respect and admiration.She has a sharp mind, and sharper tongue, and wields them with precision, both in social settings, and in the corporate world. With recent happenings, it seems she's become a bit more isolating, and the recklessness she displayed early on has seemed to temper a bit.

Mortal World

Moon Greene is the founder, CEO, and Chairman of the fast growing Greene Technologies, a cutting edge tech firm. She's got a reputation in the business world for being ruthless, and efficient, as well as an incredible business woman. Elisy Williams is the head programmer for Greene Tech. She's known to be gentle, and polite, but distant. Recently, Moon has announced her step down from the company, leaving her shares and the ownership of the tech firm to Elisy, before completely disappearing.

Information Known by Kindred Society

The daughter of Gaspar, she has just recently moved to Geelong. Until recently, the All Night Society only knew her as Moon Greene, but she's come out denouncing that identity in favor of her birth name, Elisy Williams.


  • 1990 - Born July 29, 1993, in Postman’s Ridge, Queensland, Australia. September, 1993, her Mom takes her and runs away to America.
  • 2000 - 2009, graduates high school, creates Moon Greene, starts college
  • 2010 - 2013, starts up Greene Technologies.
  • 2014, finishes degree, and certs in computer sciences, meets Jakob in London.
  • 2018 - Moves herself, and the company to Geelong, given Roe name

Recent History

Greene Tech has begun to grow rapidly, and as such, Moon has put out a public statement that they are moving to Australia. Greene Tech has firmly settled in Geelong. Elisy destroys Moon.


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