Mr. Hunter

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Mr. Hunter
Concept: Unknown
Incarnation: Tempters
Agenda: Messenger
City: St. Louis
Title: None
Player: Blake Frankenbach
Storyteller: St. Louis VST

OOC Personal Information

Mr. Hunter was an angel of the god machine that was specialized into meeting with various groups, supernatural ones included. And promulgating whatever message that the god machine wished. His last Cover as an angel, was in academia and he was used to shape the message given to college students. His memories have noticeable blocks of time missing and/or incomplete. But, he remembers that he steadily came to see the god machine as a usurper of the First creator force(being). He landed in Boston, MA when he fell. He spent some time going about the country, learning to deal with his new state of being. His first Cover became blown while fleeing from the angels of the god machine. Fortunately, he had a back up cover in St. Louis, MO which he quickly collected on the deal that had been made. He has settled into the Night Court accruing resources and power, so that he can discover the road to Hell. One safe from the god machine and closer to the First creator being. Should there not be such a force he will make/discover a world that will see as much of creation from the lie that is the god machine.

Cover Appearance

Mr. Hunter

There are some warnings in this profile for people not familiar with Demon: the Descent; to pay attention to. And, since this character is played in a cross-genre game. Please respect these conventions, and I hope we get the chance to play together and interact. It should be noted that Demons Covers are taken in and out of existence when not in use. Covers should not thought to be associated with each other in-character, unless some clues and/or reasons to be led to that in-character.

Mr. Hunters Covers have at minimum Striking Looks 1. Please ask for a Covers description at game.

Demonic Form Appearance

Never seen in public


Mr. Hunter is personable and engaging, but sometimes the machine-like thought processes come through, until he readjusts his parameters. He frequently manifests a sly sense of humor in his Covers. Like, he knows a joke that no one else, knows.


Councilor of the Void, Fugitive Q=9234/-JVE,

Simon Reinholdt

Please note these are for OOC purposes only, Demons are incredibly protective of their Covers: Simon Reinholdt, Mr. Hunter, Victor Allens


  • Prehistory - 2012: Served at the behest of the God machine with varying lengths of service. When, its mission was complete, it would be interred in the storage tanks of heaven. To be repurposed and rewritten to perform its next mission. Errors began to compile and creep into its code. In March 2012, outside stimuli contaminated its code to the point where it fell in Boston, MA. The Demon now known as Mr. Hunter spent some time learning from demons who had more earthly experience. He struck out on his own in a part of larger Ring in Feburary 2013.
  • 2013- 2016 - Travels extensively on a information gathering series of trips. Gathering contacts and Contracts for his Ring. He began noticing communication problems in May 2016 to his Ring in Boston, MA. He is attacked by angels in June 2016, thereby blowing his Cover. He collects on one of his soul bound Contracts, and assumes that persons life. He resumes their life in St. Louis, MO. Where, he can gather resources and discover who sold out his old Ring. He has been reaching out to other rings around the world to become associated with them.

Recent Events

  • July 2016 Introduces himself to the Night Court of St. Louis, MO
  • August 2016 Becomes the Voice of the Void in the Night Court
  • September - Feburary 2017 Establishes himself as citizen of the city and attempts to foster good relations between himself and its residents


Quotes By

"What do you truly desire, and how I can I help you achieve it?" -Mr. Hunter

"There many forms of mysterie in all of creation, to think yours is the best and most powerful is short sighted and arrogant." -Mr. Hunter

"Some people are loud here, mostly through, incompetence and being braggadocious." -Mr. Hunter

"Are you only wanting to learn certain dishes or are you wanting to learn the art of cooking?" - Simon Reinholdt, to Lucian

Quotes About

"Mr. Hunter? Yeah, dude. He's a total bro. Helped me out a few times in a pinch." - Shaper, Werewolf, Vengeance of Aegis Pack


  • "Now that we're out of the hotel. What are you?" He replies, "I prefer to remain anonymous about what I am. And knowing would only put you in danger." Interaction between Bowman and Mr. Hunter
  • "Your saying that you grant wishes like a genie." Hunter shrugs and says, "In a sense, but why put labels on it. Through my associates I have means to massage fate; and then you get what you desire... " Contractee and Mr. Hunter


  • Mr. Hunter has a wealth of friends and contacts that can get you almost anything that you Desire.
  • Mr. Hunter knows a great deal of secrets, and has been seen in a number of varied locations.
  • Mr. Hunter genuinely likes helping people get what they want, he is very up front that there are costs for everything.
  • Mr. Hunter has been known to offer his services in trouble shooting and putting talented people together.
  • Mr. Hunter is only the face man of a larger organization
  • Mr. Hunter is invited to hottest events in the area, and can get a meeting with anybody almost instantaneously.
  • Mr. Hunter is a former monster hunter, that has been bound by the monsters to serve as their spokesperson. Thus, he has a fair amount of blessings, curses and Investitures about his person.

Inspirations and Soundtrack

  • Lucifer (TV)
  • Hellblazer (Vertigo & DC Rebirth)
  • Westworld (TV)
  • The Matrix Trilogy (Movies)
  • The character of Raymond Reddington, in the Blacklist (TV)

OOC Information

Member Information
Player: Blake Frankenbach
Number: GWB2003031438
Domain: Mid- MO