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  • This is the broadly stated history of Australia, from a national Requiem CofD perspective.
  • I have not included any PCs at this stage.
  • All references to actual Australian history are at least somewhat accurate.
  • Individual State/Venue histories are included at the bottom.


  • In 1788 Sydney is founded
  • In 1804 Hobart is founded
  • In 1824 Brisbane is founded
  • In 1829 Perth is founded
  • In 1835 Melbourne is founded
  • In 1836 Adelaide is founded
  • In 1838 Geelong is founded
  • In 1849 Toowoomba and Armidale are founded
  • In 1869 Darwin is founded
  • In 1913 Canberra is founded

Pre European settlement ( > 1788AD)

  • Feeding is difficult, vampires who reside in the country generally only feed from the wildlife, and enter torpor when supply runs low or their BP creeps too high.
  • Very few fixed human settlements. Only aboriginal populations. Have their own beliefs about the vampires.

Colonisation by the British (1788 – 1822)

  • British start to settle, creating permanent areas of human settlement. This provides more opportunities for feeding and some vampires create herds. This is very uncommon, and feeding off humans is viewed as a luxury and treated as such.
  • It becomes a symbol and entitlement of status to be allowed to feed off mortals.

Expansion of the Country (1822 – 1850)

  • Many cities are founded. Vampire numbers skyrocket. There is still shortages of blood, and systems are introduced around the country to adapt to and account for these shortages. Many kindred enter torpor at low BP.

The Early Modern and Modern Years (1850 – 2015)

  • Cities continue to expand and come into their own. Systems become unique to cities for managing vampiric numbers and blood supply.
  • The gold rush begins in 1851. The population balloons, the restrictions on feeding are relaxed, and kindred populations thrive. House Maine form in Castlemaine.
  • The Unseen Pact is entered into where Canberra will be located by the supernatural representatives, as part of an agreement to not influence the politics of the country.

Darkness and Fear (Recent Years)

  • At the end of 2016 the city of Perth was destroyed by the Strix.

State/Venue Histories