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Nora Quinn
Concept: Protective big sis
Clan: Gangrel •••
Covenant: Ordo Dracul •••
Covenant 2: Circle of the Crone ••
City: Geelong --
Sire: Arthur Fitzchambers
Bloodline: Pure Clan
Group: House Fitzchambers
Embraced: 01/09/1976
Player: Shaye McCarthy-Atkinson
Storyteller: Geelong VST
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Personal Information


Nora stands at 5'9" with short ginger hair. Her pale skin has a light dusting of freckles under her pale green eyes. She is clearly very Irish. Her general attire is simple and easy to move in, tank tops and loose pants seem to be her favorite, though she has been known to allow her family to dress her up all fancy like. Recently she has been seen to be sticking with more black and reds more than anything else.


Seósaimhín Quinn
Nora the Red of the Villr
Senator of the Geelong Gangrel
Dragon of the Geelong Academy
Fury of the Crone of Toowoomba
Daughter of House Fitzchambers
Veteran of the red sands
Avenging Scribe Forcasting Against the Agent of the Regenerating Fiend


Nora is quite stand-offish but likes to have a joke here and there, she has a certain air of danger around her. She has a very tight bond with her brother Sean Quinn.

Mortal World

She Formally worked as night security for her ‘Brother’ Eddie Donalds, people most certainly stopped committing as much crime in the area. After a few months of that Eddie instead just helped her invest her money wisely so now she just uses that, living off of the interest of a lot of investments that she has someone else track and deal with.

Information Known by Kindred Society


  • 20/09/1952 - Nora Quinn is born moments before her brother Sean.
  • 2009-2015 - Lived in Perth with Sean
  • 2013 - Embraced Hyena
  • 2017 - Sean and Nora move to Geelong
  • 2018 - Embraced Adrien


Known Grandsire

Known Sire

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Known Childer


Quotes By

"The fuck you lookin' at?"
"If ye touch me brother again I will end t'at miserable excuse of a requiem you got."
"Sean, ye git, stop fuckin' around,"

Quotes About

"You are my childe, and as that you are the grandchilde of Ljónynja Øringr. Act like it"

- Arthur Fitzchambers

"She's beautiful, but she might also stab you in the face for pointing that out. I'm so glad I can hide behind Sean sometimes."

- Leon Ostrain Largward

"She's mah Sire, and I wouldn't have 'er any other way. Well... 'cept maybe on top."

- Hyena

"My older sister is terrifying, the apple did not fall far from the tree."

- Brandon Fitzchambers

"Nora is the benchmark I hold the other Gangrel too. Unfairly maybe, but life is rarely fair"

- Viktor Reynder

"Crikey Mate, this ranga shiela a real schmozza.... looks like she's in full frenzy with some unholy talons out.... You can tell by the way she's ripping that car to shreds she's in a bad mood......
... Lets get a bit closer..."

- Uncle Gadi, which he later used as inspiration for Gangrel Girl

'Forgive. It means forgive.'

-Adrien Durant, teaching her a small snatch of sign language.

"Somethin's snapped in 'er, but she's already spun web over that, and building something new. What are you changing into, spider-girl? Who are you becoming?"


"Look, if she's worried, scared or however you want to put it. I want clarification before it comes into my city if I become Prince. I want to make sure I can wield it to my own advantage"


"" Nora the Red is a prime example of what one does with the Blood of the Lioness, my heart is full of pride. I say nothing more." - Decimus


"I think it best your sister and I remain apart" - Gaspar
"Agreed, she does have a temper, and she does seem to have a habit of irritating you." - Sean
"A habit that has led better kindred to swifter graves." - Gaspar

- Gaspar and Sean, at Roe Family Christmas 2017, after Nora had annoyed Gaspar... again.


  • Little too cosy with that brother of hers, probably a real life Jaime and Cersei.
  • Snapped her younger brothers arm like a twig when he offered fashion advice.
  • Nora and Gadi are a thing
    • I reckon they’re just fuck buddies
      • Nah they’re totally dating
        • I really wouldn’t call anything they do even slightly romantic, it usually involves violence, break & entering and booze, not in any particular order.
          • Gross
            • All of that can be romantic, you just need to try harder.
  • Ate Gaspar's ice cream at Toowoomba Court.
  • Is actually a spider demon
  • Secretly an Elder Gangrel playing everyone against each other
    • Secretly manipulating Gaspar through triggering him into frenzy
  • Actually a were-spider who is very good at pretending

Inspirations and Soundtrack

Nora's IC Spotify Playlist
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OOC Information

Member Information
Player: Shaye McCarthy-Atkinson
Number: 2011120002
Domain: Twilight Alliance