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Concept: Unknown
Clan: Daeva
Covenant: Invictus ••
City: Canberra •••
Title: Regent
Sire: Teresia Pieretti
Bloodline: TBA
Group: Casa di Temperance
Embraced: 2012
Player: Rleahy
Storyteller: [mailto: Canberra VST]
Note: The information on this wiki is not necessarily known by kindred society unless you have explicitly agreed otherwise with the player or labelled as so.

Personal Information

"Honour above all "


Incognito was not a word people would normally describe Onryo, his uniform was fear and intimidation, standing out was an important part of that persona he projected. His style is a mix of traditional Japanese and modern street wear, he wore three swords, two traditional blades at his hip and a bastard sword across his back.



It was clear to anyone who bother to watch the Daeva for more than a few minutes that he took his duty and responsibilities as a invictus far more seriously than most kindred of his short age.

Information Known by Kindred Society

Generally Known Time Line

  • 2008-2010 Seen at the side of Ljónynja Øringr as her ghoul retainer, referred to as Ao after Ljónynja Øringr return from a trip across asia
  • 2012 Introduced formally to Kindred Society by Ljónynja Øringr as Onryō
  • 2012 Formally sworn into the house Casa di Temperance and the Invictus
  • 2013 Introduces his Childe to Kindred Society


Onryō while only being a young kindred has proven himself useful to Casa di Temperance and its Matriarca where has earned himself a role of Taliallu (Horror).



A true kindred of Quality.

The young Daeva ascent has been quicker than most within the Invictus, is due to his natural talent, experience in structured organisation during mortal life but mostly due to his near instantaneous release from his sire.

Stepping up to the opportunity given to him by his liege, he has created a small household of tenants and vassals in Canberra and met every challenge controlling the normally dangerous regency of Canberra.


After stepping up to control one of the few Regencies in Canberra Onryō was raised in status in the city to reflect his growing influence with the domain. Before this point he had worked with the cities authorities to face different many different threats to the city as a deputy to the sheriff.

Recent History


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Domus Lineage (Descendants of Horkus)

  1. Horkus (58-50BC)NPC
    1. Signore di Tirruri (524AD) NPC
    2. Delphi (1340)
      1. Elya Korda (NPC) (1534- 1582)
      2. Xacobe (NPC) (1690- 1901)
      3. Margarete Wulfhild (1801)
        1. Teresia Pieretti (1935) NPC
          1. Onryō (2012)
            1. Gahbrielle_Chou (2013)
        2. Albert Robert Green (Ventrue- Adopted) (1998)
      4. Sundae Rest (1907)
      5. Jamie Mahina (1922)NPC (Chakori)
        1. Isaac Foxe (1971)- adopted
      6. Irving Wallace (NPC)
        1. Valerie Fitzchambers (1931)
          1. Brandon Fitzchambers (1988)
          2. Melanie Reyes
      7. Celene (1967)Adopted

(date of embrace)
Character is deceased


The information in this section is not generally known as is for the use of background links and ties.


Timeline/Background Summary -

  • 1982 - Kyoto Born to Australian Mother (high class escort) and Father Japanese (Unknown)
  • 1987 - Mother killed by angry drunk member of Yamaguchi-gumi (Yakuza Family) (Was present at the time)
  • 1987 - Dropped off by Uncle (Regular of Mother) at a local orphanage
  • 1998 - At age 15 tried to kill mothers Murderer
  • 1998 - Joined the Inagawa-Kai branch of the Yakuza
  • 1999 – 2008 With his help, his boss got promoted again and again finally becoming a highly influential member.
  • 2008 Faced his Mothers Murder, should have won the duel 4 times over but could not kill murderer, forced to run and was ghouled:
  • 2008-2010 Seen at the side of Ljónynja Øringr as her ghoul retainer, referred to as Ao after Ljónynja Øringr return from a trip across asia
  • 2009 – 2017 Assists in a revitalisation of the Yakuza within Australia, focuses on recruitment of young men and women, promoting the idea of the organisation as a clan samarui, offering family and belonging to those rejected by society.
  • 2010-2012 Loaned to Teresia Pieretti for assistance with travelling through Japan the journey was to be long and the ghoul well paid for, the only condition was no embrace, on punishment of death. Teresia does her best to seduce and warp Ao loyalty, fails and eventually uses powers and embraces him.
  • 2012 Returns to Ljónynja Øringr at Teresia side, where Teresia is judged to have broken her oath, Ao steps forward to complete the punishment.
  • 2012 Introduced formally to Kindred Society by Ljónynja Øringr as Onryō
  • 2012 Formally sworn into the house Casa di Temperance and the Invictus
  • 2012 Embraces his first child on orders from Ljónynja Øringr
  • 2012- 2015 Serves by Ljónynja Øringr, serving as her Knight and personal hound
  • 2013 – Inducted into the Sukura mystery cult who are imbedded in the Yakuza.
  • 2015 – Takes on the Canberra Regency that Ljónynja Øringr had controlled till then.


Quotes By

“The fact I have been sent here means you have already been judged and found wanting. But luckily for you, this is the first breach I have been advised off, which is why we are talking, while my associates burn down your haven. No don’t bother running, it is too late now, next time we won’t have this polite conversation while they are burning it down.”

Quotes About

"Sharp, fine edged, and dangerous when my anger is provoked. He is my sword, one that would kill you for me, with me, or simply because I thought about your death. If you give me no reason to consider that then you have no reason to fear him standing by my side."
- Ljónynja Øringr
"He's my Sire, and the one that I serve. I've seen parts of him I don't think many people really get to see"
- Gahbrielle Chou
"Don't speak to him that way again. He's mine. Even if you must respect nothing else, respect that. And never forget that oath you swore. I won't. and neither will those who matter."
- Ljónynja discussing Onryō with Teresia Pieretti, the last time Ljónynja saw Teresia alive.
""He is a useful tool, and quite reliable. Had he been embraced into the Gangrel as was intended, I would have welcomed him with open arms into the Villr. As it stands now, he is a formidable ally, and a paragon for what his clan could be, but I do so wish my sister would stop playing with dolls."
- Wodan


"Sometimes you need to take a loss to ensure victory, but this probably wasn't one of those times" - Onryo
"Probably not. But nothing ventured nothing gained.." - Meredith, playing pool in Kalgoorlie


  • Murdered his own sire for the sin of embracing him
    • No he ate his sire during the embrace
  • Is a secret poet, and only dreams of putting his blades away and spending his time in verse
  • Plays a decent game of pool

Inspirations and Soundtrack

  • Minamoto No Yoshitsune
  • Saito Hamime - Rurouni Kenshin
  • Ryuichiro Kuroda – Gokusen

OOC Information

This character can be quite sassy and inflammatory at times, please remember it is the character and not the player. If you have any problems please speak with me about them OOC.

Member Information
Player: [mailto: ]
Number: 1998100244
Domain: Canberra