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In 1478 an Elder Invictus Lord was killed in transit from Austria to Spain. It was said that his death at the hands of kindred and mortals birthed a Hunter Cell and many Masquerade issues. With the Ascension of the Habsburg Family in Spain an Order of Protection was raised and the Iron Tide was born, an Order of Knights dedicated to protecting the Worthy. As Kindred and the influence of the Invictus spread so did the Order, fragmenting into continental commands. Once in Australia, the Order took command of Southern Tasmania, bringing people, Ghouls and experts for their needs.

The Mission

Honor y Deber (Honour and Duty)
The Protection of the Invictus and worthy Allies, in Transport and at home.

The Holy Relic

Each Continent gets a Relic of the Past to bind them
The Anchor of the Morning Star, Invictus Transport Ship.



Martial Prowess and Honourable Combat

Initiation, Training and Progression


(Carved wood anchor, prepared by the Knight training them, one-dot) Squiring involves ceremonial dipping beneath the ocean surface, declaration of intent to train and be tested as a Squire to a Knight or higher rank. Presented with the wooden cross by their Knight or higher at this time.


(Polished iron anchor, forged by the Iron Tide smiths in Tasmania, two-dots) Knighting requires both martial prowess through challenge laid by a Lieutenant or above and time spent to be spent in the field performing the task. Once completed satisfactorily, is presented the polished iron anchor emblem by the challenge issuer.

Knight Lieutenant

(Silver anchor, forged by the Iron Tide smiths in Tasmania, three-dots) The Knight is advanced to Lieutenant when their Captain or Order Commander deems them ready. With a sealed document of recommendation, the Knight Lieutenant to be sails to Dover, Tasmainia where the Master Bladesmith Wolfgang Faust, Knight Lieutenant of the Order is presented with the document in the Knight’s care, requesting a blade be forged to assist the future Lieutenant in their duties. The requested blade is sent to the Lieutenant, delivered by Wei-Jin Liu and their ghoul, Huan Wei, along with a silver anchor pendant.

Knight Captain

(Gold anchor, forged by Wei-Jin Liu, four-dots) Once again, the now Captain-to-be is deemed ready and willing to serve by their Commander. At this point duty has been performed and shown, this is a test of time and display of continued dedication. The candidate is once again deployed to Dover Tasmainia with a request, this time to meet the Master Armourer Fei-Hung Wei, Knight Lieutenant of the Order. Master Armourer Wei-Jin Liu creates decorative pieces from a wealth of backgrounds depending on the kindred’s preferences. The piece is once again delivered by Wei-Jin Liu and their ghoul, but with a gold pendant.

Knight Commander

(Green Gold, forged by Armando López, five dots) In the past, green gold was found as a natural alloy in distant locations from the Iron Tide’s homeland of Europe. The Captain pays homage to the first voyages deployed with Iron Tide protection, taking to the seas from the Iron Tide base in Port Arthur Tasmania to claim green gold. This is then returned by the Captain to Chief Smith Alder Armando López, Toreador and Knight Captain of the Iron Tide. The green gold presented by a previous quester is used to make the anchor, reducing time to return the piece and trusting in the honour of the new Commander to find green gold of an adequate quality for the next Commander - unless they wish their name tarnished within the annals of the Order.




Knight Lieutenant

Knight Captain

Knight Commander

Previous Knight Commanders of Note

Ties with the Order of the Broken Nest

The Iron Tide and the Broken Nest have Close relations and they often call upon the other for assistance in when needed. The Broken Nest has a tendency to ignore any sort of Honour in Combat, often dishonouring themselves and proving they are nothing but highly trained killers.


  • All members must be of the Invictus
  • Ones charge must be protected above One’s own Requiem
  • All Squires must show an above average Dedication to Honour (Composure •••)
  • All Knights must show a professional level proficiency with their weapon of choice (Weaponry ••).


Order of The Iron Tide (Mystery Cult)

• - Skill Spec – Athletics – Uneven Ground
•• - Kindred Duelling 1 (Fighting Style)
••• - Kindred Duelling 2 (Fighting Style), Danger Sense (Merit 2)
•••• - Kindred Duelling 3 (Fighting Style), Skill Spec – Politics – Etiquette
••••• - Kindred Duelling 4 (Merit)

Kindred Dueling (Fighting Style) – VtR 2ed pg117-118

Requirements – Composure •••, Weaponry ••