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Perth DSS

Travel In The Perth Domain

Perth is one of the most isolated capital cities in the world. The state of Western Australia is large, distances between towns can be several hundred kilometres. Below are the considerations for commonly available methods of travel into and out of the state, as well as within.


The major airports in the Perth metropolitan area consist of Jandakot airport, Perth Domestic terminal and Perth International Airport.

Jandakot Airport: one of the busiest public airports in the Southern Hemisphere, Jandakot airport has three runways and helicopter facilities. It services a number of charter companies, flight schools, emergency services and other operators. Private flights operate to a number of destinations.

Private flights will be assigned a Resources cost depending on destination to cover the cost of fuel/pilot/airport fees. Costs will increase by one dot level to be kept off the books.

Perth Domestic Terminal: the major commercial passenger and freight terminal to both regional centres within Western Australia and interstate. Security is tight and quarantine/customs control is stringent with sniffer dogs in regular use.

Commercial freight and flights will typically be Resources 1-2 depending on destination. All commercial flights are registered, though bribery is possible.

Perth International Terminal: major international commercial terminal. Also services international charter flights through a smaller side terminal. Security and customs control is of a high standard and body scanners are in operation in the main terminal.

Commercial freight and flights will typically be Resources 2-3 depending on destination. All commercial flights are registered, though bribery is possible.

Regional airports: Public access airports are found in most major centres, with International services being catered for from Broome and Kalgoorlie. Several private air strips are in operation, owned by larger stations and mine sites.

Train Services

Interstate Rail: Passenger travel interstate is via the Indian Pacific to Sydney via Adelaide.

This method of travel is slow, taking 3 full days of travel. It is also expensive, a minimum of Resources 3 – however there is no limit to the amount of luggage that may be shipped including vehicles.

Road Travel

Whether by private vehicle or commercial bus services, road travel interstate covers vast distances and crosses very remote regions. It is by far the cheapest method, however careful preparation is recommended, including checking driving times/distances.