Perth First European Exploration:

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1700's to early 1800s: Western Kindred presence in the Perth area actually pre-dates the regions colonization, though none can say by how many years. The historians of Lance, and the Ordo Dracul, have posited that the kindred in question most likely arrived in the early 1700’s, likely aboard one of the many exploratory vessels that visited the region at the time. Like these many vessels, the Kindred could have originated from any number of regions. Ship manifests, old-world records, the scientific dating methods all corroborate the stories of local Aboriginal tribes and the Kindred that existed alongside them.

The tension between the early European arrivals and the incumbent Native Kindred escalated quickly and ended in many bloody conflicts that, contrary to the mortal battles, saw the colonists fare poorly. So poorly, in fact, that any survivors were driven into hiding for decades, waiting in squalor until the city grew large enough to shield them. Westerners that survived these early, turbulent years are usually regarded as cowards and turncoats by both sides. Those that cowered under floorboards, in squalid start-up townships, feeding upon rodents or the occasional drunk, barely staving off torpor. Those that stood and fought and died for their place, were treated with a reasonable amount of dignity as they met final death.