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(Active Kindred)
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'''Vice President:''' [[Samuel Young|Samuel Young]]
'''Vice President:''' [[Samuel Young|Samuel Young]]
'''Sherriff:''' [[Vlad The Vampire|Vlad]]
'''Sherriff:''' [[Felicity Leblanc]]
'''Presidents Harpy:''' [[Victor Aurelius Roe|Victor Roe]]
'''Presidents Harpy:''' [[Victor Aurelius Roe|Victor Roe]]
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'''Master of Elysium:'''
'''Master of Elysium:''' [[Vlad The Vampire|Vlad]]
'''Herald:''' [[Ethan Young|Ethan Young]]
'''Herald:''' [[Ethan Young|Ethan Young]]

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The Court of Perth

Court Positions

President: JJ

Vice President: Samuel Young

Sherriff: Felicity Leblanc

Presidents Harpy: Victor Roe


Master of Elysium: Vlad

Herald: Ethan Young

The Kindred of Perth

LogoCovenantCarthianMovement 70x70.png LogoCovenantCircleoftheCrone 70x70.png LogoCovenantInvictus 70x70.png LogoCovenantLanceaSanctum 70x70.png LogoCovenantOrdoDracul 70x70.png LogoCovenantUnaligned 70x70.jpg

Active Kindred

Character Covenant Clan House/Coterie Position City Status Player
Victor Roe The Revolution Lords House Roe Harpy ••• Michael Atwell
Brianna Ace The Defiant Savages - - Jessie-Simone
JJ The Revolution Lords The Fallen - •••• Vlad Kolman
W.T.Bastion The Defiant Shadows - - matthew luxt
Yama The Revolution Savages The Fallen - o Boui
Samuel Young The Mother’s Army Savages - - ••• Paul Taylor
Ethan Young The Mother’s Army Savages Dhampir - - o Mike Watts
Vlad The Revolution Haunts - - ••• Evvyn Malcolm
William Thomas The Defiant Shadows - - •• Damian Smith
Decimus The Mother’s Army Savages - - •• Brad Hardwicke
Sigrún Landenberg The Conspiracy of Silence Savages - - Claire Atwell
Brother Travis The Church Eternal Shadows - - Paul O
Adam Butler The Defiant Lords - - Nathan Budd
Felicity Leblanc The Conspiracy of Silence Shadows - - •• Nicole M
Nathaniel Ford The Conspiracy of Silence Serpents - - Mike Watts
Harper Jones^ - Serpents - - o Elyn

^ denotes unreleased childer.
* Secondary character.

Mortal Associates

Character Owner Aspect Player
Harumi Buchannan JJ Ghoul Mary T
Jack Douglas None Mortal Matt Steel
Chris Marshall Victor Roe Mortal Chris H

Pending Kindred

Kindred who are here for ties and development of the venue

Character Covenant Clan House/ Coterie Position City Status Player
Not Yet Approved Guy COVENANT CLAN House of Fluffy Bunnies Minion 0 dots Some Dude
Klaus The Conspiracy Haunts - - 0 dots Gage Hunter

NPC Kindred

Character Covenant Clan/Bloodline House/ Coterie
Sample COVENANT CLAN House of Fluffy Bunnies

Absent or Deceased Kindred

Character Covenant Clan/Bloodline House/ Coterie Position City Status Known Fate Player
Sample COVENANT CLAN House of Fluffy Bunnies Middle Management - Jane Doe
Roman Roe The Defiant Lords House Roe - Move to Geelong Mark Dickson
Nyx The Revolution Savages The Fallen - Absent Crispin
Karl The Revolution Shadows The Fallen - Absent Rhys
Kali The Revolution Serpents The Fallen - •• Absent Jess Hodder
Rosalie DuBois The Mother’s Army Serpents - - Absent Emmeline Smith

LogoDaeva.png LogoGangrel.png LogoMekhet.png LogoNosferatu.png LogoVentrue.png

Heroes of Kalgoorlie

Forever Welcome in Perth

Character Covenant Clan City Status Player
Margarete Wulfhild Invictus Daeva o Alex MacKenzie
Arthur Fitzchambers The Defiant Savages o Alex T
Hyena The Mother’s Army Savages o Kristine Hertel
Isaac Foxe The Mother’s Army Serpents o Roman Hadley-Lund
Jakob Roe The Conspiracy of Silence Serpents Paul Taylor
Meredith Winchester-Roe The Revolution Serpents Claire
Nora Quinn The Defiant Savages o Shaye McCarthy-Atkinson
Valentina The Church Eternal Lords o Morgen Boulton
Vulture The Mother’s Army Haunts o Katie Harwood
Onryō The Conspiracy of Silence Daeva o Ren Leahy
Jasper Wolfe Lancea et Sanctum Mekhet o Cameron Stewart
Uncle Gadi Gangrel o Jag
Viktor Reynder Circle of the Crone Gangrel o Beau Grace

Ghouls and Mortal Associates


Covenant Nicknames
Carthians: The Revolution
Circle: The Mother’s Army
Invictus: The Conspiracy of Silence
Lancea: The Church Eternal
Ordo: The Defiant

Clan Nicknames
Daeva: Serpents
Gangrel: Savages
Mehket: Shadows
Nosferatu: Haunts
Ventrue: Lords

History - Work in Progress, please do not edit any of these links

Pre-European Era:

Known as little more than legends told by the Nyoongar people of the South West of Western Australia, knowledge of Kindred in Perth prior to European Settlement is sketchy at best. Rumours occasionally surface of potent Kindred that stalk the desert nights as cultivated lands give way to rugged, wild terrain.

First European Exploration:

The earliest nights of European Kindred exploration were bloody and violent affairs. Most who ventured onto the ships travelling to the new land were running from something, or had something to hide. Desperate Kindred who were met by the fierce territoriality of the Native Kindred seldom survived the encounters, many meeting their Final Death. Those that survived were viewed with disdain as squalor dwelling filth as they hid in early makeshift settlements.

Early Colonization Era:

As the Swan River Colony began to grow, the numbers of European Kindred also began to increase - albeit more slowly. Conflicts with Native Kindred still tended to be violent and favour the resident Kindred but as the native human populations began to be pushed further outwards so a foothold was established and the Courts of Europe and the Americas began to take note.

Establishment of the City of Perth:

In the late 1800’s, the city’s mortal population was large enough to support a sizable number of kindred. The few crafty (or cowardly) vampires that had gained a foothold in the city’s early years were able to come out of hiding, whilst new blood arrived every year from Fremantle Harbour with the influx of mortals flooding into the area in search of gold. And so the city, having grown large enough to shield the kindred from the perils of an untamed land, began to take on a new, but all too familiar menace, in the guise of Kindred civility. The All Night Society had gathered; a court had formed.

Recent History:

Pre-World War I: In the early 1900s the city grew steadily, the young Court beginning to flourish with the opportunities presented. The Kindred Court grew, and the city's first Elysium was established at the University of Western Australia. Control the of the Court is largely held by an Invictus Prince under the guidance of Wilburforce Roe throughout the period.

Wartime and the Depression: A time of unrest for many of the mortal inhabitants, this period marked an increase in the Kindred population and increasing communication with the Courts of the East Coast. The high numbers of unemployed men during the Depression see a spike in the number of Hunter incidents

Post-war Era: A large influx of European migrants to Perth following the end of World War II saw many new Kindred moving in to the city. With them came many new ideas and faiths, with the Circle of the Crone beginning to rise to prominence within the previously Lancea et Sanctum and Invictus dominated city. The Carthian Movement began to gain a foothold following the collapse of the Seed of Bones cult and grew steadily in prominence.

The First Strix War: In 1975, the Owls came. The Kindred's most terrible and hated enemy, the Birds of Dis, attacked and threw the city into chaos, lead by a creature of fearsome power known as Mr Finch. Kindred turned against each other as accusations of Strix-possession raged, resulting in the deaths of many. Deliverance came in the form of Mayhar Al-Sahand, a deeply devout member of the Lancea et Sanctum. In the final battles both Al-Sahand and Mr Finch disappeared, however the city was able to stabilise and begin to grow once more.

The Concorde Era: Following the end of the Strix War, Bishop Concorde took the Praxis of Perth. The Owls driven back to the borders of Northbridge, the Court of Perth began to flourish once more. The numbers of the Lancea et Sanctum swelled, along with the Ordo Dracul. The prosperous and rigidly polite reign of Concorde ended in 2015 with Concorde herself falling to torpor.

The Fall of Perth:

Following the reign of Bishop Concorde, Perth saw the Praxis change hands several times in a period of turbulent political wrangling over the growing threat of attack from what were believed to be Strix. A cult was discovered that was dedicated to Mr Finch, and strange creatures were encountered with glowing yellow eyes that attacked several members of the Court. Reports circulated that Finch had been found, and was loose once more to wreak devastation on the Kindred of the City. The attacks steadily intensified, violent clashes that placed significant strain on already precarious Masquerade. Huge numbers of Kindred fell to the beast and were lost in the battles until in January of 2017, under the guidance of President Victor Aurelius Roe, the mere handful of Kindred remaining in the city evacuated.

Present Day: Perth has had no known Kindred presence since the fall. In December, information was discovered that the torpid bodies of several missing and stolen Elders were being transported to Perth. A rescue mission was mounted and in January 2018, it was discovered that the kidnapping was the work of the remnants of a mortal cult seeking to raise Finch once more. What had happened? Has Finch truly disappeared from Perth, his children slaughtered to feed his ravenous thirst?