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Vampire: the Requiem CofD (Primary)/Mortal CofD
Swan River Colony - AUD001
Tales of Pride, Hope and Tribulation [ToPHaT]
VSS Approval Number - NST-COFD-20180101
VST: Claire Atwell 2005100736
VC: Michael Watts 2012040001
Discord ToPHaT CofD Server

Venue Data

Date of VSS: 09/01/2018.
Genre: Vampire: the Requiem CofD and Mortal CofD.
Venue Name: Tales of Pride, Hope and Tribulation.
Venue Code: ToPHaT.
Venue Location: TBA.
Venue Times: 7:00 pm to 12:00 pm AWST.
Domain Name: Perth.
Domain Number: AUD001.

Storyteller Chain

Venue Storyteller (VST): Claire Atwell
BTS Mem#: 2005100736

Domain Storyteller (DST): Claire Atwell
BTS Mem#: 2005100736

Coordinator Chain

Venue Coordinator (VC): Michael Watts
BTS Mem#: 2012040001

Domain Coordinator (DC): Nicole Matthewson
BTS Mem#: 2009060011

Game Information


Perth is a city of tragedy and turmoil. A bloody history, a broken Court and the long darkness of defeat. Yet from the darkness comes hope, a new light in the deepest night.

The wars against the Owls have destroyed the Kindred of Perth, all have either fallen, fled or eke out an existence in fear, hiding from the hideous threat of the Birds of Dis. Yet as the dust settles and silence falls, a chance to reclaim the city of the Black Swan. Humanity endures, blind to the stranger things that walk the streets beside them. Complacency and ignorance have returned to the masses, but not to all – some see through the mist to what lies beneath. Will they be friends or foes?


This will be a game that operates with both Vampires and Mortals available as PCs. Co-habiters in a world of intrigue and danger, you need each other to survive. Vampires hold Court in the darkness of night but when they slumber the city wakes as always – and the threats a vampire faces do not sleep just because the sun has risen. Exceptional humans remember things they would do better to forget or know things they should not. Tentative alliances are formed against mutual threats and those touched by the supernatural have their own stories to tell.

Themes and Moods

Reclamation: The kindred begin to return to what once was a thriving Court – what now remains? What will it become? Who will take on the challenge of rebuilding and triumph over the shadows of the past?

The Gamble: The greatest risks bring the biggest rewards and there is a city here for the taking. What will you risk to make it yours?

Enemy of My Enemy: You aren’t alone in the night to rule the city at your whim. Strange occurrences, disappearances and stories abound of darker forces moving than just the Kindred and known threats. What is the truth?

No Man is an Island: Everyone has secrets. The question of who to trust and why plagues those who try to hide amongst the mundane. How do you choose?

Transport In/Out

This VSS covers the area within 200km of Perth Town Hall. Travel is per the attached Domain Travel Document.

Preferred Character Types and Restrictions

Player Character Types that we are looking for

Idealists: Characters who dedicate themselves to one of the ideals of their clan or covenant.
Investigators: Characters, who are ready to solve any puzzle, dig into any hole and follow their noses.
Movers and Shakers: Characters that shape and direct the city – in both the human world and Kindred. Whether through force of arms or backroom dealing, those who work with a smile, a handshake or a knife in the back.
Bridge between Worlds: Characters who walk between the ignorant mass of humanity and the reality of the supernatural. Whether for curiosity, power or your own benefit, you’re the bridge between worlds.

Concepts We Would Rather Not See

Head of the Police force/Security Industry – involved in these organisations is okay upon consultation, but not the top brass.
Powers as concepts – please do not define your character by it’s supernatural ability, they are human as well.
Mafia Big Boss /Head of Family/Syndicate Boss - (Mafia involvement is ok, but not the BOSS).
Perfection I have no flaws.
Doomed Mary Sue/Tragic Loners (Self Destructive as a concept).
First People’s Spirit Shaman/Witch doctor/
Antagonistic Must Kill Them All to a particular group, Clan/Covenant, or Character/Coteries.

Mortals as PCs

Each mortal PC must have something connecting them to a vampire PC. This does not necessarily have to be as a ghoul - it could be a retainer, touchstone, friend or relative.

Mortal templates/supernatural merits will be assessed carefully for balance and game suitability.


Game Session Set Up

It is intended that games will be run on a monthly basis with two sessions a quarter consisting of plot/scene based sessions and a full formal Court gathering occurring on a quarterly basis. Court Sessions will be run with minimal Storyteller driven plot to drive the political game.

Between Session Play

RTRs may be held via Discord for the purposes of personal character development and social interactions however it is intended the majority of plot progress will occur during the designated game sessions.

In Character Conflict and PC Death

Players are reminded that behind each character is another person. If you are in conflict with a character, especially if you are initiating IC antagonism, it is YOUR responsibility to approach the player to check in to see if they are comfortable with the progression of play and are still enjoying themselves. Talk Out of Character as people. Be excellent to each other.

If characters are involved in a storyline that may result in PC Death, you will receive reasonable warning if it is ST controlled, or if it is PC controlled it is the player’s responsibility to offer an “Are you sure”.


All AVST’s Receive an additional 2 beats per game they assist with.
The VST will receive 5 beats per game run.

Character Creation

All primary characters receive 150 + their MC x 5 in beats as per the universal addenda.

In addition, characters may also receive experience points at creation for the following at the discretion of the VST–

Character Creation Document: 20 beats for the completion of a Character Creation Document (can only be claimed once per character).
Character Ties: 1 beat per character tie at Character creation (Max 5).
Wiki Pages: 15 beats for creation of a detailed Wiki page for your character (can only be claimed once per character.)
Game Materials: 1 beat for creating game materials that benefit the majority of characters: (Creating maps, NPC’s, plots, places of interest, world building items etc.) at discretion of VST.

Note: These XP bonuses are considered creation XP and are not subject to the Incremental Maximum.

General Monthly Beats

Game attendance: 6 beats at conclusion of the game.
Downtime Submission: 3 beats for submission when received on or before cut-off time.
Downtime Actions: 1 beat when performing actions that are dedicated to resolving aspirations, at discretion of VST.
RTR’s: 1 beat for participating in with a supervising storyteller present, or when submitting a report to the VST, at discretion of the VST (max 3 per month).
Online Activity: 1 beat for updating and maintaining online resources (SPI forums, Online Diary, etc) of character, at the discretion of the VST.
Resolving mundane Conditions: 1 beat at discretion of VST.
Major progress towards Aspirations: 1 beat when making major strides towards fulfilling long term Aspirations at discretion of VST.
Dramatic Mundane Failure: 1 beat when potential for dice roll and you elect to take a dramatic failure to further the narrative. At discretion of VST.
“I train you” actions: 1 Beat. This is when you use your I train action to train someone else.
Mask and Dirge: 1 beat when players gain all WP back from indulging their Mask or Dirge completely.
Blood Beats: As per page 255 of the Vampire the Requiem CofD core book; Blood Beats allow 1 beat whenever parameters are met. These beats can only be used for Blood Potency.


A player receives downtime actions equal to their unmodified Resolve + 1. Downtimes will be processed on the 15th of the month and returned to the player in good order by the end of the month If you pester the storyteller repeatedly about returning a downtime over FB/Discord/ Email you will be penalized beats.


All Crossover will be handled as per the SPI Global addendum with the exception of Mortal and Lesser template PCs which are attached to this VSS.


Storyteller Controlled Options

Background Concepts
a) Starting the game as a character in Perth will require low approval with Mid notification.
b) Building a character with Blood Potency 5 at the characters creation requires Mid Approval before being able to play it in the Requiem game.
c) Mortal/Lesser template merits are ONLY available to PCs or Storyteller controlled NPCs.
Professional Training and Secret Societies
a) Secret Societies must contain a minimum of three PCs and a complete write up be provided to be attached this VSS.
b) Professional Training must be detailed in the character background and development document. Ratings of 2 or higher will require regular downtime actions to maintain.
Hunting Tests

While hunting in the rack you will gain + 2 to your dice pool + 1 blood to your results however if you hunt in the rack feeding habits are public.
Starting Blood pools will be determined by a combination of attribute+skill+merits.
Feeding scenes may be done during game at ST discretion, but are considered “violent feeding” with associated risk.
The Producer merit is not inexhaustible – damage taken in the course of feeding may be healed with Vitae or other supernatural means however the blood loss requires time to recover at a rate of 2 days per lethal damage.

Beaten Down & Surrender (pg. 175 VTR)

Any character that takes more than his Stamina in bashing damage or any amount of lethal damage is Beaten Down: He’s had the fight knocked out of him. He must spend a point of Willpower every time he wants to take a violent action until the end of the fight. He can still apply Defence against incoming attacks, can Dodge, and can run like hell, but it takes a point of Willpower to swing or shoot back.

However, he can surrender, giving his attacker what she wants according to her declared intent. If you give in, you gain a point of Willpower and take a Beat, but you take no more part in the fight. If the other side wants to attack you, they’ve got to spend a point of Willpower to do so, and probably suffer a breaking point. If everyone on one side has surrendered, the fight’s over and the other side gets what they want.

If one side’s intent involves violence, the other side can’t surrender not without being killed. If that’s the case, their intended victims don’t get Beaten Down, and gain no benefit from surrendering. When someone wants to kill you, the only thing you can do is to try to stop her, whether you run like hell or unload a shotgun at her. These rules only apply to people (or vampires) who would incur a breaking point for committing (or attempting) “murder.”

Creatures that don’t have a problem killing people in general can ignore surrender without penalty and don’t have the fight beaten out of them like normal folks.

Down and Dirty Combat (Pg. 176 VtR)

The Storyteller might decide that your character can get what she wants without focusing on the details of the fight. Maybe she’s picking on people weaker than her. Maybe she’s internalized the mechanics of violence. Or maybe the fight’s not the important thing going on with regards to the character’s intent. If that’s the case, the Storyteller can opt to use a Down and Dirty Combat. This system resolves the entire fight in a single roll. Storyteller characters might deal some damage, but they’re never able to initiate a Down and Dirty Combat.

Action: Contested; resistance is reflexive.
Dice Pool: Combat pool (Dexterity + Firearms, Strength + Brawl, or Strength + Weaponry) versus either the opponent’s combat pool (as above) or an attempt to escape (Strength or Dexterity + Athletics). Ignore Defence on this roll.
Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: The character’s opponent gets the upper hand. This usually includes the opposite of the character’s intent — if she wanted to disable the guards so she could escape, she is stunned instead.
Failure: The opponent wins the contest. If the opponent used a combat pool, deal damage equal to the difference in successes plus weapon modifier. Also, the opponent escapes unless he wants to press the combat.
Success: The character wins the contest. She deals damage equal to the difference in successes plus her weapon modifier and achieves her intent — if her intent includes killing her opponents, then she does so.
Exceptional Success: As a success, and the character also gains a point of Willpower from the rush of inflicting violence on an inferior opponent.


New characters will not be approved on the spot.
The VST reserves a minimum of one week to study the character prior to approval. Characters must be submitted by the Friday one week before the first session you would LIKE to play it at the latest.
The VST may approve character concepts, allowing play without a character sheet. In this case, any challenges in scenes will be narrated and negotiated for outcomes without an approved mechanical sheet.

The VST may deny character concepts or sheets. This is their prerogative. If your character does not suit the venue then it is up to the VST whether you are allowed in.
Players are required to submit characters as an electronic version (Excel format preferred) no less than one week before the game; preferably accompanying the character concept.
Players are expected to submit a brief character history, in dot point form, within a month of the character starting play. This is to allow time for the player to build ties and generate a solid background for the character.
Players creating a Secondary or second Primary character in this game are not permitted have the same Clan or Covenant, or belong to the same coterie, for the character as their primary character.
Players creating another character after their previous is killed are not permitted have the same Covenant, Clan or be in the same Coterie, for their character as the deceased. If this subsequent character is killed or retired before six (6) months following the death of the initial character, the following character cannot have the same Clan, Covenant, or Coterie as the previous characters.


New Players

Talk to the VC, or me.
New players to the Perth Domain are required to speak to the Storyteller regarding character creation should they be interested in this game. New players are given a ‘white lanyard’ status which effectively means that the need not worry about tests being performed on them. They will also start with an additional 3 XP after the first game to help get them started.

Transferring Players

For characters transferring VSS, please forward character sheets, CDD, and any Approvals to the DST and VST for clarification and integration into the local domain and venue. Please also submit the last three months of downtimes and responses from your previous domain where possible to understand more about the character and how they act in their between periods. Also, note that transferring characters may be subject to some alterations to their sheets to account for the change in VSS or to make them more consistent with the new VSS, all alterations will be done after consultations with the player.

Proxies and Character Travel

All character travel requests are to be submitted to the VST at least one week before the game and must include travel instructions, rest locations and Vitae acquisition. Proxy rules are as per the BTS Addenda.
It is highly recommended that any proxy form includes where the character is staying, how they get into the state, what they bring, where they will be feeding. Who they bring with them and where they will be staying and which Kindred is vouching for them. Proxying into Perth will be difficult and very dangerous, and players are reminded to take great care when preparing proxy requests.
All external players must contact both the VST and the VC to confirm their attendance to the game prior to arrival as per the Australian Addenda.

Due to the distances and difficulty of travel to the domain, a travel request/proxy form must be submitted even if the player will be portraying the character themselves.