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~☆Prospero The Enchanter☆~
Concept: Unknown
Path: Obrimos
Order: Free Council
Consilium: Southern Cross
Legacy None
Cabal: None
Player: Nikita Boston
Storyteller: Southern Cross VST
~☆Prospero The Enchanter☆~

Personal Information


She has patterned tattoos over her shoulders that come down over her shoulders. She tends to keep them hidden in most circumstances.
In a casual day to day setting Prospero is often found in comfortable clothes, though she has a habit to dress up a little for any given situation. She has a sizable wardrobe spanning from casual wear to full ballgowns. When doing street performances she tends to dress down. Perhaps dress pants, a blouse and a waistcoat with the Rabbit as a bowler hat. For shows it’s all gowns. She has one gown that was made rather big, and using Matter she tends to resize it for wear. During the show she may recolor it as a little trick. During big shows the Rabbit is a top hat.
She’s all about showboating and her clothing tends to belay that. She tends to wear her bracelet everywhere she goes. Before a show or a big event she’ll almost absently spin it around her wrist a few times. It’s something that began years ago as something she’d do for Luck, but now it’s more muscle memory than anything.


Prospero is...confident. Confident in the way that someone who knows they will win can only be. This confidence is largely due to her Narcissism. It's definitely up there in the list of her shortcomings. She’s so full of herself after a show that she doesn’t see the bigger picture and is likely to overlook important details or talk down to someone she shouldn’t.
She occasionally has difficulty determining the emotions people are displaying, unless they are incredibly strong ones.
Despite all this, some could say she has her heart in the right spot. One of her hobbies makes her out to be a nice person, and while it's something that originally was begun to get her good press, she would admit that it has become a thing she actually enjoys.






  • Prospero has been seen from time to time at Children's Hospitals, performing for the sick children, filling them with a sense of wonderment that she believes should never leave a child.
  • She will occasionally attend the bowls club in Launceston, but mainly to watch and chat with folks.

Mortal World

Sleeper Alias: She's really only known as Prospero The Enchanter in all circles.
Sleeper Occupation: Stage Illusionist


  • Long Term Nimbus:
  • Immediate Nimbus: Blinding spotlights and the smell of performance makeup. Can you hear a crowd cheering? The brightness and the scents of what appears to be a large stadium is overwhelming.
  • Signature Nimbus:

Known Information


  • Obrimos Provost in Launceston
  • Convocation Keeper in Launceston

Shadow Name

~☆Prospero The Enchanter☆~ - This is her full Shadow Name, stars, tildes and all. In face to face situations, she'll pronounce those bits with jazz hands. She gets a little upset when nobody else does. It's not like she shortens your Shadow Name, how rude do you have to be?


Date of Birth: 12.05.1990
Awakening: Prospero awoke at The Bellagio, Las Vegas in 2008 as part of a multi-performer show. She almost drowned performing the tank escape trick.


  • 1990 - Born in Melbourne at the RCH.
  • 1995 - Her mother dies. Her father moves them to America.
  • 1998 - Begins doing kids parties with her magic tricks and illusions.
  • 2001 - September: Was in NY for the attack on the towers, her father cancelled his shows for the following days.
      • October: Performed on stage in New Orleans with her father for the first time.
  • 2003 - Starts getting a little acclaim from her role in her father's shows. Her own act gets more elaborate and she gets her own little poster to go with his.
  • 2006 - He starts taking her to Vegas to see the big names at work. She falls even further in love with the lifestyle, the glamour. She doubles her efforts.
  • 2008 - Gets asked to perform at The Bellagio with several other up and coming performers. Awakens.
  • 2010 - Does an American tour, staying in each major city for a time and performing and refining.
  • 2011 - Does a tour in England.
    • Meets Janice, the two date for a time.
  • 2012 - Does a tour in Europe.
  • 2013 - Does a tour in Asia
  • 2015 - Does a tour in Australia.
  • 2016 - Goes back to America. Is approached about filming a show where she performs on the street and in theatres, much like Dynamo.
    • Filming begins. They do a rush job through America, England, Europe and Asia.
      • In November she arrives in Australia and starts filming in Launceston.
    • Meets up with Janice again, joins Team Thrillseeker at her urging. The two begin dating, and end up married after a month. This has widely confused the consilium, but they seem pretty happy.

Start of Domain Chron


Quotes by

"Fuckin tree han solo man bullshit convocation hall."
- Context is hilarious.

Quotes about

"Look, I don't hate Prospero. I really don't, I know it's not their fault. I just can't be around them, okay?"
- Thrills when asked about Prospero
"It was all a bit quick you know? But she played her part in the story. Unfortunately, it seems it wasn't a happy one."
- Sybella
"Sometimes, I think if Prospero wasn't literally the most gorgeous woman I've ever seen, I'd feel less guilty about leaving Thrills for her."
- Janice
"When she has an opinion, she's not afraid to express it."
- Circe


6YO Prospero: “Why did you call him Newton? That wasn't his name.”
Father: “What do you mean?”
6YO Prospero: “That wasn't his name. It was...more like a hat, that he can put on and take off. It wasn't his name.”
Father: “No, it wasn't. That was a good catch.”

Prospero: "You okay?"
Janice: No. But I'm handling it better than Thrills is.
Prospero: "... When will you be?"
Janice: "... When he is."


  • Hide yo girlfriend, hide yo wife, Prospero's gonna steal 'em both.
    • I heard it was the other way around... Janice was the housewrecker
      • Yeah. Between Thrills and Prospero, it sounds like Janice pushed the whole thing.
        • Well that sucks, Prospero and Thrills seemed to be pretty good friends before that happened.
  • If she ever hooks up with Thrills, it'd be a hell of a hate-fuck.
    • Imagine how mad Janice would be.
      • Especially considering the fact Prospero's sex drive is that of a slug's. What? You can tell.
        • Prospero is ace, and Janice knew this going in.
  • Prospero stole Janice as part of an internal power play within the caucus, stop Thrills from getting too close to the Guardians.
  • Actually one of the Wisest mages in the consillium.

Inspirations and Soundtrack

OOC Info

Member Information
Player: Nikita Boston
Number: 2015070006
Domain: Southern Cross