Rei Washington

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Rei Washington
Concept: Starving Artist
Tribe: --
Auspice: Cahalith
City: Forster-Tuncurry
Lodge: -
Pack: Judgement's Mercy
Spirit Rank
Player: Adalyn Lam
Storyteller: Forster-Tuncurry VST
Rei 52.JPG

Personal Information

Rei Washington (Hayashi) is a new to the Uratha scene. She is a university graduate now working full time in an IT Support Call Centre, however on the side, Rei creates paintings to sell to her local art gallery and does gigs at pubs and bars as a solo act. She is a hard-working and determined individual that is working towards wanting to live life happily.


Hishu Form -

  • Ethnicity: Australian/Japanese descent
  • Height: 5'6"
  • Hair: Short boyish cut, black
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Skin: Tannish pale (I guess)
  • Apparent age: 21
  • Distinguishing features: Tattoos on her arms, chest and back, pierced ears and nose.
  • Clothing style: She mostly wears clothes that are comfortable to her, so mostly she wears men's clothes or anything that is loose-fitting.

Werewolf Forms - Her more wolf-like forms (i.e. Gauru, Urshal, and Urhan) have a somewhat resembles to a fox; slightly more elongated snout, larger ears, with a bushier tail and fur.

Rei 21.PNG

Faceclaim: Amber Liu


She is usually a chill, relaxed person. She is very outgoing and a bit of a free spirit in the wilderness. She is usually in good spirits and more comfortable during her mundane side of life (minus her full-time job). You would see her humming a tone or tapping on something to a beat also sketching in her book. Now since after her First Change, she is more nervous and anxious.
But rarely, she can have a bit of a temper when someone or something really angers her she can go all out. Also she digs her nails into her palms to calm down in tight situations.


Singing Fox - By Beth "Rainsong" Masters and Tahlia Fields


Rally-to-Arms - She rallied the spear team with her War Howl against the Giant Crocodile spirit of Brisbane to help retrieve Father Wolf's rib with the Uratha of Australia. She fought beside her husband Ruka, Miz, and Joanne.

Information Known by Forsaken Society


  • 1997 - Born on 1 January in Newcastle, NSW.
  • 1998 - Moves back to Forster, after her mum completed her Honours.
  • 2014 - Completed high school at Forster Public School.
  • 2017 - Graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from UON, then later moved back home.
  • Jan 2018 - Camping with a couple of old university friends during a Gibbous Moon, she had her First Change in the bush near Bachelor State Forest. In the turn of events she was founded by Beth.

Recent Events

  • JAN - Rei stays at Hunter's Rest after her First Change, she isolates herself for days till she meets the members of the Protectorate at Tutel's territory.
  • FEB - Rei and the Otomo Pack (Ruka, Mizuki, Esmee) went to beach then afterwards Rei and Ruka went on a date to hike around the Topi Topi area. Later, the Protectorate was invite to come to a Music Festival featuring Esmee and also Sunny and her store. However things turned south as the Fire-touched came to negotiate and the temperature was raised high, hindering the Protectorate.
  • MAR - Rei got offered by Esmee to join her for her unplugged mini-tour as her backup and guitarist, Rei accepts. Esmee then asks if she was to go on a national tour with her band that she would like Rei join her to do back-up vocals, maybe even in a few years time to open for Esmee's band. Later, she was asked to commission promo art by Astraia for her MMA matches.
  • APR - The pack decides to deal with the corrupted tree spirit in the Lyceum territory. After defeating the tree, inside of it was a human child born from inside the tree, tensions were high as it is now the pack's job to care for the child until an opportunity arises to assure if the child is not a threat. Sadly, later in the month the Falconholme homestead was attacked by the PKs resulting the passing of Athena Faulkner. The Protectorate attended the wake, the emotions from everyone and her breakdown at Hunter's Rest was so overwhelming for Rei that she was in a state of "not okay" and leaves early with Bowie by foot.
  • MAY - Rei accompanies Esmee and Bram for Esmee's press tour while also visiting the Protectorate of Adelaide in the beginning of the month to get away from the drama and the emotions happening in the pack and the Forster-Tuncurry Protectorate. Sadly, later in the month Beth was ambushed by the Predator Kings and she passed away with the PKs taking Hunter's Rest, it left the pack in shambles leaving them to retreat to Stormcroft (Sunny's territory). Now Rei and her pack now are faced to create and execute a plan to reclaim their home again.
  • JUN - The Irraka organised a hit on the PKs from the shadows; Tahl, Mizuki, Lena, Sunny and Archie were successful at a lost. Rei's leader Sunny sacrificed herself to complete the mission and go after the PKs who attacked Falconholme. The Pack was devastated than another in their family lost another member, Rei was crushed to lose another person that she looked up to for guidance. In the heat of the moment, knowing that anyone she cared can go so easily in this world. Rei did something spontaneous, something that can say she will never get a chance to do again. On that day on 28th of June, Rei proposed to Ruka in the middle of the woods near Tutel's territory.
  • JUL - Things get rocky in Stormcroft, with Charlie gone MIA with Skye, The Pack was reduced to Tahl, Bowie and Rei. Rei keen on jump starting her training; She trains with Ruka in learning how to use her katana that was gifted to him, asked for the right training to join the Hunters In Darkness and get more in tune with her spirit side. Then Blood Moon week, started and tensions are high. Tempers were raised as Rei was reconsidering moving out of Stormcroft to live with Ruka. However, this changed when Rei had her judgement with the Lunes, her verdict was Guilty and to find a new Alpha, new teacher and judge her by his weight. Now, she considers in leaving the Lyceum to find a new path with a new path to seek new Wisdom.
  • AUG - Rei leaves the pack to be with Ruka and they move in together. Emotions are on high as Rei's broken heart is separated into two with her family of her former pack and her partner, struggling to feel accepted again, she and Ruka approach new-comer Jacob Williamson and John Rivers about creating a pack. And from certain circumstances, Rei, Ruka and Jacob formed a new pack called Judgement's Mercy, a pack that holds the principles of balance to the highest regards.
  • SEP
  • OCT
  • NOV
  • DEC


Quotes By

"I never wanted this, to be like this. I hate feeling like I'm going to explode, like a bomb that is waiting to ignite at the drop of a pin. Why is this happened to me now? I already got a lot on my shoulders. More importantly how did this happened to me? I'd thought that werewolves, the supernatural were just fiction, stories you tell to kids to give them a scare. Now I am one of those monsters that go bump in the night and I am afraid."

Quotes About

"Right now she sees only the horror story and darkness of our lives. The beauty will come with time" - Beth
"Oh babygirl, now is not a good time to be a werewolf. It's hard to find how to be you when you're inundated with the worst of our lives, especially when you're talented and longing to help. I hope things get better, and soon, for the sake of our cubs more than anything else." - Sunny Faulkner
"She softness. Some forget that wanted. Needed." - Tahl


"Have you ever wondered what would happen if you weren't born an Uratha? Just a plain human in complete ignorance for the supernatural world. Living life in the crowded sea of humanity, striving to survive in the urban concrete jungles of today's society." -Rei
"No. Is what is. Cannot be changed." -Tahlia Fields
"I guess. I just been thinking about that question a lot lately. Then I have looking at myself thinking about my "other" self and feel that this skin doesn't belong to me, as if it's something separated from the real me." -Rei
"Wolf different. But wolf same. Both you." -Tahlia Fields
"I know they are, but I wish I can feel that or even accept it, to be balanced. I'm getting there with the shifting but it doesn't feel like it's me yet." -Rei

"So I think, at this point, we train. We scout. We do what we can stomach with the Fire Touched. And we work to get Hunter's Rest back." - Sunny Faulkner
"...Burn it. Nu Mus Halhala. Burn it." - Tahl
"Let No Sacred Place in Your Territory Be Violated? ...Wait, that could be a good idea, it would get rid of PKs in the territory." - Rei
"Yes. She's a Mennina." - Sunny Faulkner
"Sounds like something they would say" - Charles
"Fire is very cleansing." - Bowie
"And the land remembers when it was tamed by fire" - Sunny Faulkner
"Sounds good to me. If it isn't our land, then like fuck it's gonna be theirs." - Bowie
- The Lyceum, agreeing on the appropriate treatment for the desecration of Hunter's Rest.


  • Has a teeeensy crush on Ruka
  • Has been having trouble finding balance

Inspirations and Soundtrack


  • The Wolf Children by Studio Chizu
  • Amber Liu
  • Scott McCall from Teen Wolf (TV)
  • Archie Andrews & Betty Cooper from Riverdale (TV)
  • Jake Riley & Sam Conte from Nowhere Boys (TV)


Rei's playlist -

OOC Information

Member Information
Player: Adalyn Lam
Number: 2016030003
Domain: Adelaide