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Chronicles of Darkness Requiem (2.0) Genre Style Sheet

Approval Number: TOPAUS0287
Country: Australia
Genre Storyteller: Michael Atwell
Genre Storyteller Email:

Venues covered under this GSS:

  • Toowoomba CofD Requiem;
  • Perth CofD Requiem;
  • Canberra CofD Requiem;
  • Adelaide CofD Requiem;
  • Southern Cross CofD Requiem;
  • Brisbane CofD Requiem Characters as part of their Cross-Genre Game;
  • All other Australian CofD (2.0) Requiem venues if and when they come into play within Australia which are affiliated with Beyond the Sunset.

Setting: Darkness and Fear

  • The world of vampires is similar to the world we live in, but from a much darker standpoint. It is a game high in violence, decay, torment, horror and atrocity.
  • Gangs are fiercer and often have no other options. Aristocracy are more ruthless, hiding their fear behind blank poker faces, the police force is corrupt, but not all of it. Disparity between rich and poor is immense.
  • The world itself is full of monsters. Shadows jump out at you, the beautiful become the hideous when the lights go out, your own fears come to life before you, and that’s while you’re awake. When you sleep, they’re in your dreams. You can’t escape the terrors, do you try anyway, or do you give in, and join them?
  • The histories contained in sanctioned books listed within the 2.0 VtR addendum contain the history of the Chronicle, and while these may not reference Australia in their entirety, and characters wishing to interact with those histories must ensure they are consistent with that.
  • Each year there is a National Gathering where clans and covenants gather to discuss threats to the nation as a whole.
  • PvP can be ruthless. Players who participate in the game are expected to understand this.
    • PvP is possible but it is recommended that those who do not wish to engage in PvP do not entice people into it nor engage with it.
    • If someone creates a PvP environment with someone that they have not interacted with before, it is recommended that they provide an opportunity to the other player to retract their last action or statement so that PvP is not initiated.
      • This is not essential, merely a recommendation.
    • PvP is not on an opt-out basis. If you opt-in, you are expected to not back out. If you find yourself too overwhelmed, speak with the VST chain to find a resolution.

A History of Australia

National Non-Player Characters and Factions

  • This section is subject to change at GST discretion
  • The full list of NPCs, CPC's and Factions will be completed at a later date and this dot point removed.

National NPCs and Custodial NPC’s:

If you are interested in ties to any of the below characters, please contact the GST. These NPC's would love ties to you! They do not count as PC ties for the purposes of Elder Applications but do count as fun times!
More details will be added as they are fleshed out:

GSS Character Wikis

  • Ylva Hall
    • An Elder Nosferatu Circle of the Crone.
  • Wilberforce (Grandfather) Roe
    • An Elder Ventrue Invictus – Trainer of Ghouls
  • Henry Worthington
    • An Ancillia Gangrel Invictus Notery
  • Pauline Léon
    • An Ancilla Mekhet Carthian Activist
  • Dreadnought
    • An Elder Nosferatu Ordo Dracul
  • Justinian
    • An Elder Mekhet Lancea et Sanctum

Enemy Factions:

The Strix

  • The Strix are enemies of kindred society
  • Some believe one of the Crone Goddess herself was a Strix.
  • In its natural state, a Strix is an owl-like shape made of smoke and pooled shadows in defiance of any nearby source of light.
  • The Strix have been responsible for the destruction of many Courts throughout history, most recently in Australia, they wiped out the Perth Court in the few months leading up to January 2017.

The Rookery

  • A cult dedicated to Wisdom
  • Known to be involved with organised Crime
  • Occultists who have covered up Masquerade Breaches in the past
  • Rumoured to have Extra-Ordinary Humans in their employ

The Abbey of the Holy X

  • Exterminated in 1961
  • Rumoured to be 10th Choir
  • Some are Rumoured to have survived

Sons of Apollo

  • A Group of disgruntled Dhampire’s that actively seek to subvert and free Dhampire’s from the Shackles of Kindred Bondage
  • Known to kidnap pregnant women that have encountered Vampires.
  • Very Technology Capable

Approval Requirements

Approval Form

  • The Approval form to be used is the standard Approval Form. This can be accessed here.

Throw Away and Secondary Characters

  • Secondary Characters must at all times give way to that players Primary Character while interacting on Forums and Discord Servers. They are not to mingle.

Characters on the GSS

  • Characters will only be held on the GSS if they have no domain and can justify why they not apart of the Southern Cross Game.
  • No Downtime or side scenes will be run for them, (Apart from National plot which also involves all Venues)

Additional Approval Requirements

Elder Characters

  • Elder characters are required to conform to the CofD Elder Ruleset.
  • Those who wish to play Elder Characters must read the CofD Elder Ruleset and comply with the requirements listed under Elder Approval Requirements in order to be considered for approval by the GST.
  • Elder NPC's are HIGH Notification.


  • Strix NPC's need global approval and associated plot kit as per the Global Addenda.
  • Any player character possessed by a Strix immediately becomes an NPC under the auspice of the VST/GST. If agreed prior to the time of possession by the GST and VST, the character can become an NPC, under the auspice of the VST. This agreement must take place no less than one week before the date of possession.

The Unseen Pact

  • Participation in this is Mid Approval with High Notification. It requires approval from the Canberra DST in addition to all other levels.


  • In order to promote in-character and in-game connections and play, approvals for bloodlines will be viewed more favourably if the character is linked through the bloodline to another player-character.
  • Every effort should be made to keep a Bloodline to a single Lineage

Custom Rules and Addenda

Transfer of Characters Between Domains

  • Mid approval of both domains affected with High Notification.

Merits, Disciplines, Devotions, and Covenant Specific


    • This merit does not travel between cities. Where a character travels to another city through play or proxy, it is assumed the Herd was fed from prior to travel.
    • The Lancea Sanctum Merit Flock also does not travel between cities. Again, it is assumed the kindred fed before leaving.
    • In the case of proxies in which a vampire visits the city for longer than a week, the player will gain blood as per the visited city rules for any period post the first 5 nights. All blood gained in those first five nights is assumed expended, and so their starting blood on the sixth night will be as per VST ruling within the city.

Duel Covenant.

    • To clear up confusion about Dual-Covenant and Honorary Member Merits:
    • Dual-Covenant Status is MID approval. Single-Covenant Status with the 'honorary member' Merit (Casual User, Chorister, Independent Study, Laity, One Foot in the Door) is low approval.
    • No Character may hold Status in 3 Covenants, even with Oath of Matrimony.
    • No Character may hold Status in 2 Covenants with the 'honorary member' Merit (Casual User, Chorister, Independent Study, Laity, One Foot in the Door) in a thrid.
    • It is HIGH approval to be an infiltrator of a covenant.

Predatory Aura

    • A vampire's predatory aura does not show relative power, the only way to tell how powerful someone predatory aura is to engage in a contest of wills or with auspex 2. If you want to know how scarey someone is go ask your friendly shadow with Auspex.

Out of Clan Disciplines

    • Out of clan disciplines need to be taught by other Player Characters unless no player in the Venue has the discipline.
    • Out of clan Unique disciplines (Auspex, Dominate, Majesty, Nightmare, Protean) are also subject to the above with also with a Blood Bond check to the teacher, unless taught in Backgrounds, in which its an Automatic Blood Bond

Blood Potency

    • A Minimum of 6 months must pass between Blood Potency Increase

Torpor Duration

    • All Torpor Duration times from the Core Book are halved. However, Players must be aware that Character Loss due to time in Torpor is a real risk.

Coil of Zirnitra

    • Forbidden by treaty with Willworkers. (To be enforced by the Sworn of the Axe, or Willworkers [Mages] if discovered)

Federal Government

    • By Treaty of no Supernatural may influence or seek to control the Government of the Country

Game Systems:

  • Oath of Matrimony
    • This oath cannot be used to gain access to any unique bloodline powers. This includes Obtenebration, The Three Heads of Kerberos, and others.

For example, if one participator in the oath is a Kerberos, then the other party will get access to Majesty from the bloodline, but not to the Three Heads of Kerberos.

    • In addition, as the Ordo Dracul powers are not disciplines, they are not eligible to be obtained under this oath. Cruac and Theban are able to be obtained (this serves as an exception to V.10.d.iii., but that abilities bought under it still fall under the restrictions of V.A.1.), as they are disciplines themselves. However, the rituals cannot be purchased, as the character is not a full member of the covenant. They are a respected member of the covenant in name only, as they are attached to the other member through matrimony, rather than through genuine choice.

A good way to think of this is to imagine that an atheist has married a devout catholic. The members of their church respect the partner, but they would not be able to teach the atheist as the atheist does not believe in their ways.

    • These rules exist to prevent the overpowering of characters through use of this oath, and to prevent the dual covenant powers from being used without appropriate approvals.
  • Touch of Deprivation
    • This is exactly as written in the book. I.E. Requires Obsfuscate 4 and Dominate 2 to learn. The pool to use it is Intelligence + Medicine + Auspex.
  • Bloodhound and Distinguished Palate
    • These do not stack with each other.

Written By

Michael Atwell
GST Requiem 2.0 Beyond the Sunset

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