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Concept: Monster with no past
Clan: Nosferatu
Covenant: --
City: Perth --
Title: Rex
Sire: unknown
Bloodline: unknown
Embraced: unknown
Player: Mark Dickson
Storyteller: Perth VST

Personal Information


Rex often wears a mask to conceal his face. Underneath the mask, it is difficult to discern what he looks like (and can vary somewhat). Height: 6ft Weight: 93kg Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue-grey Skin: Light Caucasian Apparent Age: Difficult to tell. Since Rex spends much of his time in obfuscate when in public, he doesn’t really care much for his appearance. Although he often looks dirty, he doesn't smell bad. Rex wears rags for clothing. He usually wears a mask and no shoes. The mask doesn't help to make him look less intimidating. He looks like feral and beastial, even for a Nos. Beneath the mask, he is almost certainly a monster, (although appearances can be deceiving).


He doesn't speak a lot. When he does, it is quite gutteral and to the point. He doesn't appear especially smart.

Mortal World

It's probably safe to assume that Rex is unlikely to connect to the mortal world like those that don't look monstrous.

Information Known by Kindred Society

He arrived from nowhere in the Perth necropolis, discovered by Vlad.


Unacknowledged. Is currently being mentored in the politics of kindred society by Vlad.


  • Jan 2020: First appearance at Perth Court.


  • Unknown


Quotes About



  • Appears to have amnesia and doesn't know who his sire is.


  • Addams family and various spin-offs

OOC Information

Member Information
Player: Mark Dickson
Number: AU2008030002
Domain: Perth