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Concept: Unknown
Path: Moros
Order: Mysterium •••
Consilium: Launceston
Legacy Forge Masters
Cabal: The Ethics Committee
Player: [mailto: R Leahy]
Storyteller: [mailto: Launceston VST]

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Born: 30/09/1980
Age: 36
Various nicknames and aliases:
Physical description:
Nimbus: Things just run slightly better when Rifling is around, it’s not that things don’t breakdown (although definitely not as often) it’s just as if everything actually just fitting to together a little before than before. His immediate Nimbus flaring creates an rippled across the reality like a pebble in a pond, but only manifesting across physical objects, items after the ripple seem a little more perfect than before.

Quick facts

Known in the Sleeper world


This background isn't here for background connection uses only, and is considered OOC knowledge unless agreed with player. Rough Background

  • Born 30/09/1980, only child to an older couple
  • 1980 – 1995 Arthur was a pretty normal kid with a great imagination, he fell in love with the King Arthur Myth after one of his aunties brought him a picture book at him
  • 1995 - He got into DnD in high school, and also dabbled in scifi, but preferred fantasy things
  • 1998 - Ended up studying military history at university (hoping to head into Archaeological Studies)
  • 2001 - After watching an episode of Myth Busters he had an idea for a thesis on how practical weapons and armour were throughout time during his final year.
  • 2001 - Spent majority of his final year planning for his Thesis, making contacts with people across Australia from re-enactment groups and weapon crafters, even getting himself a part time job with a local smith who made weapons as a side business.
  • 2002 - His Thesis was rejected by the university due to the funding requirements of it and the premise laughed at, became depressed, ended up spending more and more time at the forge finding working with his hands cleansing of his troubles.
  • 2004 - Completed an apprenticeship with the master smith, but didn’t want to spend his time forging none historical things, selected for another apprenticeship with an American Armour who did it as his whole business.
  • 2004 - While in America got caught up with the Civil War reenactors, and found himself doing a third apprenticeship with a gun smith who built historical riffles in addition to modern ones.
  • 2008 - Finally realised he needed to commit to running his business in order to fund his passion and returned to Australia opening up a business as a gun smith, while funding his passion of researching historical and mythical weapons and the methods of creating them.
  • 2010 - His awakening as a Moros didn’t drastically shift his life, shifting his passion for researching historical weapons to researching occult magical artefacts and a desperate need to be able to replicate these wondrous magical weapons.
  • 2010 - Discovered by Thoth and struggled with his apprenticeship over two years.
  • 2012 - No-One took over his apprenticeship from Thoth and the introduced him to the Mysterium
  • 2014 - Becomes an official member of the Mysterium

Commissioned Work

  • Custom set of brass knuckles for Circe
  • Custom paint job for Nephilim's car
  • Invisible Pistol with inbuilt Silencer and other secret powers

Quotes by

"Pentacle aren't attached to their cars are they?" - query to sent to No-One from Rifling

"Awesome the Glucose Guardian is here, so how do you tell if someone is on drugs" - Rifling asking Nephilim a question.

Quotes about

"Extremely ...focused. Or single minded. Take your pick."
"can get a little...fixated on certain topics, but when he puts his mind to something, he will get the job done"
"Rif and I can shoot the breeze all day and night, and no matter how tense things get between us, we both know its just words. When push comes to shove we both know the other has the grit to go to bat, no matter what. Most people don't get to have friends like that."
-Big Panda
"Its a pity your mother never taught you any manners."
"He's a fan of silly jokes and strange nicknames, but not-so-deep down he's genuinely a good person. Socially awkward by any standards, but I would be happy to have him by my side against the troubles we face."


"Your vulgarity has warped your ability to stay within the Mysterium. I suggest you leave the order at the least, but there is nothing to stop you from staying within the city. Do your best not to conflict with other orders." - Dragon on the topic of Rifling's expulsion from the Mysterium.

Mages True Names According to Rifling

Character Rifling Nickname
??? No-One
Circe Cam
Astraeus Surfer Boy
Thoth Lord/Lady Boring
Big Panda Noodle Boy
Nephilim Glucose Guardian
Sol Pin Head
Medea Crocodile
Chorus Slug


  • Someone once dared Rifling to make a Nuke, he was finalising arrangements for the payload when the project was shut down by the powers that be.
    • It wasn't a nuke. It was worse.
  • Can replicate any weapon from history, and three quarters of them from mythology.
    • Well yeah, all the coolest weapons are.
  • Has been known to be a little to freely share knowledge for his Orders preferences
    • He's just looking to get the right kind of people involved.
  • #notawrenchinhispocket
  • He made brass knuckles for Circe, I wonder what they payment was?

Inspirations and Soundtrack

Heavy and intense music is a general theme to Rifling, he gives something all or nothing there is no middle ground which is why heavy metal is his preferred genre (followed by classical), that and it can be heard over the noise of the forge. This specific song has a strong tie to his legacy, and what he sees is there responsibility, to craft “For gods and for mighty kings, uncrushable shields, powerbelts and magic rings”. This song is an example of his passion to recreate magical items of legend, his need to be able to replicate them.

This song is a comforting memory of his favourite childhood film Exaclibur, in addition to nostalgia and memories is brings forth of dreaming of the Arthur myth the music itself has a significant passion and urgency to itself. The chanting and orchestra music reflects his more traditional and academic side while the lyrics deal with the entropic nature of the world.

Of the metal genre Symphonic Metal is clearly Riflings favourite (partial to strong female vocals), but Beyond the Matrix has stronger meaning to him. Its lyrics ringing true to his path of awakening and casting aside the lie that’s reality. It’s about the internal journey of mastering yourself, learning to control yourself in order to free yourself of the mortal restrictions.

As a fan of Tim Minchin from his early days in musical comedy Prejudice rings true on so many levels of Riflings experience of Prejudice but also the opening is just too damned funny, and such a prank on the audience which resonances with Rifling a lot.

Song from his early years, brings back fond memories of no responsibilities and having fun

Rifling Mantra when ever he fixes anything

Member Information
Player: [mailto: Ren Leahy]
Number: 1998100244
Domain: Canberra