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|covenant=Ordo Dracul
|covenant=Ordo Dracul
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|group=[[House Roe]]
|group=[[House Roe]]
|player=Mark Dickson
|player=None (formerly Mark Dickson)
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<!-- Character image, set to 250px wide to match character block-->
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|email= vampirewhiteknight@yahoo.com
|email= vampirewhiteknight@yahoo.com
|membernumber= AU2008030002
|membernumber= AU2008030002

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Roman Domitius Roe
Concept: Unknown
Clan: Ventrue ••
Covenant: Ordo Dracul ••
City: Perth --
Title: Lord
Sire: Alexa (NPC)
Bloodline: Rötgrafen
Group: House Roe
Embraced: 2003
Player: None (formerly Mark Dickson)
Storyteller: Perth VST
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Personal Information


Roman Roe typically cuts a commanding presence in a tailored power suit. He is a tall, slim and strikingly handsome man with deep blue eyes and short brunette hair. His appearance can be somewhat mercurial. He has an aura of authority about him and very much looks the part of a Ventrue. Every so often he might sport facial hair, yet other times he may be clean shaven. Occasionally he even wears spectacles.


He appears confident and friendly enough most of the time, but he obviously knows more than he's willing to share. He doesn't talk a great deal, unless he has something to say.

Mortal World

Roman Roe's influence over the mortal populace isn't widely advertised. He once employed a full security detail, but lately he only maintains one ghoul.

Information Known by Kindred Society

Outside of his family (and covenant) circles, not a lot is known about Roman Roe. He's a known member of the Roe family and a secretive covenant known as the Ordo Dracul. He's competent, follows the rules (mostly) and is respectful of position holders.


Was previously Recognised in the Perth court before the the city fell to the Strix.


  • 1990s: Worked for Virginia Roe's legal firm in Perth.
  • 2003: Embraced by the enigmatic Alexa Roe and secretly recruited straight into the Ordo Dracul.
  • 2003 - 2015: Often occupied witha secretive tasks and responsibilities for his sire and the Ordo Dracul, although he is rarely ever too busy to be present at family gatherings. Roman has a knack for appearing following a Strix appearance or a masquerade breech before elusively disappearing into the shadows again. Otherwise, he is rarely ever seen at court gatherings.
  • 2015: For unspecified reasons, Roman began making his presence available at court in Perth.
  • 2016: Roman inherited an unreleased Gangrel after her sire was killed by Strix.
  • Late 2016: Following the loss of Perth to the Strix, kindred evacuated the city and Roman wasn't seen for a while.
  • Oct 2017: Roman reappeared on kindred radar in Geelong with his adopted childe.
  • Mar 2018: Roman and Brianna returned to Perth in an attempt to help Victor Roe reclaim the city.
  • Jun 2018: Roman disappeared for a while, leaving his adopted childe in Perth. Where did he go?
  • Oct 2018: Roman was seen now and then in Geelong, although he was not offically acknowledged there under Prince Crystal's praxis.
  • Mar 2019: Roman was declared an enemy of Geelong.
  • Mar 2019: Roman returned to Perth to clear his name and meets with princes of two cities. Despite being cleared of the accusations, Roman is no longer welcome in Geelong.


Crest of House Roe


Quotes About

"Quiet for a Roe. I find this suspicious." - Virginia Lu

"Needs to stop listening to Thamos" - Meredith Winchester-Roe


  • Roman's sire was killed in Perth by the Strix.
  • Roman's sire was killed in Perth by an OD experiment that went wrong and it was covered up.
  • Roman has his sire locked up in his dungeon.
  • He threatened to kill Sebastian, the Nosferatu half-prince of Perth.
  • He has his own hunter cell trained to kill kindred.
  • Can manufacture synthetic vitae for ghouls.
  • He is heavily into BDSM.
  • He is a sadist.
  • He once adopted a young Gangrel and turned her into his submissive slave.
  • Prince Crystal of Geelong really doesn't like him and wants him dead.
  • He uses Dominate a little too liberally to get what he wants from mortals.
  • Has a fondness for possessing humans.
  • He has little respect for ghouls.
  • He's the black sheep of the Roe family.
  • He's actually a pretty decent guy. The rumours were mostly spread by malicious succubi.


  • Kilgrave (from Jessica Jones)

OOC Information

Member Information
Player: Mark Dickson
Number: AU2008030002
Domain: Perth