Rory Jones

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Rory Jones
Concept: Primal Human
Tell: None
City: Brisbane
Player: Shannon Spanks
Storyteller: Brisbane VST

Personal Information

This character is a Wolfblooded.


Long copper hair and dark eyes respective of her heritage as half Welsh/half Australian, Rory dresses quite simply, preferring neutral fabrics that are easy to move in and do not inhibit her actions during a hunt. Often times her hair will look closer to brown with a copper/reddish tinge.



Rory has two tells, Hostache and Second Skin. This means that when she is within 10kms of a "Host" or possessed being she suffers physically, and also that she carries around a pelt of wolf fur with her almost constantly.

Mortal World

Having trained in the field of hunting wild game and carving/butchering their remains, Rory works as a butcher. Her job revolves around the carving and selling of fresh meat which may be ordered in advance of the possible game that can be collected within Queensland. She only ever sells things that are easily accessible or that she may collect herself.


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Player: Shannon Spanks
Number: 2015020003
Domain: Brisbane