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Ruka Washington (Otomo-Barrett)
Concept: Fluffy
Tribe: Bone Shadows
Auspice: Ithaeur
City: Southern Cross
Lodge: [[Category: CofD|]]
Pack: Judgement's Mercy
Spirit Rank ••
Wisdom •••
Player: [mailto: Cameron Stewart]
Storyteller: [mailto: Southern Cross VST]

Personal Information


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Face claim: Kento Yamazaki.
Ruka is a young man in his twenties of mixed blood between Scottish-Australian and Japanese. His black hair and dark eyes match his twin sister, Mizuki and shine closer to his birth mother's looks rather than his father's. He appears to be a very airy and fluffy person. Height-wise Ruka stands at 1.78m or 5"10.

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When in Urhan, Ruka takes on the features of a black fox with gold and black fur.



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Quotes About

"Is he compensating for something with that sword? I thought he did, up until he cleaved a wolf's leg clean off in one stroke." - Cayden Smith

"That guy has potential. You know the type- quiet, cautious, and potentially a little creepy if you look at it in a particular way." - Lena Faulkner

"A reasonable Alpha. A better neighbour. It's pretty great being so close while he works out how to do both." - Sunny Faulkner

"Guess he's just one of those Wolves that see Blooded as a commodity, not actual people with their own value. He'll learn" - Tabitha Kelly


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