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Ryu after his embrace, 1870

The Black Dragon of Kyoto

"Silver stars in my black night
Cold as ice but beautiful
Wandering through broken shadows
The river of life is all filled with sins
The water I drink is the blood on my hands

No-one sees how I'm burning
No-one feels this yearning
So come taste this black poison - You never reach this heart
And forgive my obsession - Something tears me apart
From myself

Silver stars in my black night
Cold as ice but beautiful
Wandering through broken shadows
The river of life is all filled with sins
The water I drink is the blood on my hands

Waiting for my damnation - your prosecutor's here
In my own accusation - you can't run from yourself
Oh we're living these lies all alone
So come on and throw the stone

Silver stars in my black night
Cold as ice but beautiful
Wandering through broken shadows
The river of life is all filled with sins
The water I drink is the blood on my hands"

Xandria – Blood on my Hands

Personal Information


Personal: Black Dragon of Kyoto
Ordo Dracul Titles: Haunting Stalwart Slave & Companion (Not known outside OD)


Ordo Dracul Groups: Sworn of the Axe (Not known outside the OD)


Ryu was born one Saito Akira in what was once the Edo Province of Japan now called Tokyo. His father was a low ranking Samurai and his mother, once a Geisha in city, was a school teacher. As a youth Ryu was often in trouble for skipping lessons, getting into scraps and at times disappearing for days at a time into the wilds and scrubland of the country. Though regardless of his activities he somehow managed to succeed where most thought he would fail and was able to graduate from his Schoolings however due to his reckless and mischievous demeanour he was not put forward to follow in his father’s footsteps as a Samurai of Lord Tayasu, who himself was a Lord under the Tokugawa Shogunate, but was instead taken to the side and down a no less honourable path of the Shinobi.

Ryu as a Kine

Over the years he would grow into a fine young man, with a mischievous side and a penance for chasing the ladies. His skills with the blade and the art of stealth would grow and over time his reputation would outgrow his own hubris and this at times led to issues resulting in his excessive violence or at times sadistic nature against his targets. The fact he was unable to publically announce himself like the Samurai rankled him but he was able to learn to control such base emotions and as he aged as did his fortitude that was until the doors to Japan were forced open.

In 1853 the Samurai lost face due to westerners arriving and forcing them to open their borders to foreigners once again. The Samurai were seen as having been defeated in their duty to protect Japan and this reflected badly on all those in similar roles. About this time Ryu had fallen in love with a beautiful woman, whose name he can never recall but to him she would always be the girl with the flute. She, to his knowledge, loved him back and as a couple they were happy. Her father disapproved and arranged to have her moved from the city and engaged to a Samurai of good standing. Angered Ryu followed them into the country and at night attempted to steal away with her once more but was interrupted by her fiancé. The incident turned bloody and both of them died, Ryu fled with her flute and the man’s sword.

Realising there was no such thing as honour, when emotions such as love could easily overcome one he fled into country and dwelled upon his actions. He was brought up in the shadows, giving all the credit to the Samurai even whilst he risked his own life to protect the people, it angered him. A Ronin happened by at the time and something overcame Ryu, he attacked in a wild frenzy and slew the man before he could strike back. The fiancés sword was placed in the Ronin’s belongings, the flute kept and Ryu returned to the city a crueller, colder man.

Ryu in the modern night

He began to enjoy killing and when the time came that the Shogunate was overthrown in the early 1860’s he did everything in his power to make the opposition pay but even he ended up falling back and fleeing from the city. He joined the Samurai rebellion under Saigo Takamori and after his brethren were slain in battle by the new Imperial Army he found himself lost, hurt and disillusioned with everything he had achieved in his life. The idea that a powerful man could control and destroy everything he once believed in annoyed him, that so many Samurai and their ilk were slain for a few peoples monetary greed infuriated him and to this day he still has been unable to forgive those that abuse their powers.

He happened upon a traveling band of Ronin named the Azuma clan. Having nothing left to give he joined them and participated in raids on military bases and even villages until one day the plan backfired and he found himself trapped amongst burning debris, his clothes set alight and as he slowly burned he felt a strong pair of hands grab him and drag him free. Then the cold darkness of the Embrace took him.

He finally met the Azuma clan’s founder, a man named Yoshiro Azuma. He, a Nosferatu of some age, had been the one to drag him free from the burning tinder’s and in order to save him had turned him into what he was, a monster of the night, Kindred. The downside was that during the embrace Ryu’s wounds never healed and about seventy percent of his lower body would be forever covered in burns.

Time gave away to Tokyo and the world as Ryu knew it changed. The Azuma clan became a Kindred led Yakuza clan with very few of its members truly knowing what was pulling the strings. Ryu became a Yazuka enforcer and enjoyed doing what he did best, killing. Life was good, when the war broke out he managed to make more money than he had dreamed of but he avoided the conflict. No point getting involved in a stupid kine war after all, though after the bombings he has never forgiven America.

The change in him came when he was carrying out a hit. It was labelled as a simple job, single American army officer who had made a few bad deals, owed a lot of money and was unable to pay his debts. Ryu would get in, kill the officer, leave and that was that. It went very wrong. The information he was given was flawed and as he struck the officer from behind, piercing him exactly where his heart was he heard a small faint gasp as his sword slid through. Confused he checked only to find a small girl had been cradled in her father’s arms and Ryu had killed them both.
He Ran.

Lost in his own head, lost with the image of her eyes burned into his mind he retreated. Away from the Azuma clan, away from Tokyo and as far as he could get from everything he knew. He hated himself and he despised himself and at times wanted to meet the sun but was too afraid to do even that. It took a decade or so before he finally managed to piece himself back together and he came to the realisation he was a monster and the further he went down the path of the monster the more he would lose himself. He needed change and he sought it out, and they were there.

He discovered and found the Ordo Dracul and from…

<History retracted; all Ordo Business is strictly confidential>

After that he found himself given Orders to head to Adelaide and thus he stole away on a ship, placed himself in Torpor and with a few loyal ghouls found himself in Australia, the ghouls served their purpose and allowed him to feed and he made his way South along the coast until he finally found his way to the city of his assignment.


This day and age he wears less traditional garbs, given the Shinobi dress would attract unwanted attention, and tends to find himself in either track suit pants or loose jeans for comfort and flexibility. Hooded tops that cover his face and a mask that covers the lower half are also worn, as well as gloves and a single piece of jewellery adorns his finger. At his side he wears his Katana or more often than not he is found to be carrying this instead.

Underneath his clothing his body is a mess of bandages and open burns. They go from his lower face, hence the mask, down the majority of his body and end around about his ankles where the fire never managed to reach his feet.


He values honesty, respect and traditions and the ideas that we are all monsters and that we can, given time come to terms with that and transcend the baseness of it. He is a staunch believer of the Ordo Dracul. He gets bored with politics but plays the game to an extent if it means helping to further the Dragons goals. He can let into his anger, understands the needs to kill and can at times be cruel and sadistic if he gives into his urges, though luckily this has been happening on fewer and fewer occasions.

Mortal World

He was a Yakuza enforcer in Japan, these days he devoted so much time and effort to his studies that he never had a chance to truly reconnect with the mortal world and partake in what it has to offer. He hopes, given time, that he may be able to give a little bit of energy to it and start building up an income for himself that he can use to supply his own needs, as well as those of the Dragons in Adelaide.

Information Known by Kindred Society

  • He’s arrived in Adelaide from Japan.
  • He’s a member of the Ordo Dracul.
  • He’s a Nosferatu.
  • He doesn’t carry the sword for show.


  • 1835 – Born Saito Akira
  • 1846 – Begins his Training
  • 1856 – Japan invaded by the West, Incident with the Girl and the Fiance
  • 1860 to 1863 – Japan goes through rebellions and he participates in the Samurai one, flees. Joins the Ronin and is nearly killed before being embraced
  • 1863 to 1945 – Not much is known about his activities except he served in the Azuma Clan
  • 1950 – Murders the officer and his daughter, flees into the country.
  • 1950 to 1964 – No known Knowledge of his activities, may have embraced childer however.
  • 1964 to 2015 – Locates the Dragons early 1964 and all activities are not known by Kindred society. It is known he serves faithfully in the Kyoto court and earns the nickname the Black Dragon.
  • 2015 – Arrives in Adelaide



Finds himself in the Court of one Jack West. Is granted leave to stay and informed, in a group discourse, of the way the city will run. Understands under a Carthian rule the city will hold a very similar structure to the Roman Empire and the Shogunates of Japan.

Offers his Services to the Imperator Jack West and is approached to take up the roll of the previous Sheriff (now Praetor.) Accepts. His first duties involve saving Mikhail and Ariana from the police after they went off the deep end and instigated a police chase.

Stands guard over the trial of Mikhail at the next court, as well as begins deputising members of each clan to act as representatives of the Praetor and to help assist with clan members who find themselves in tight situations.


At the first court meeting of the month Ryu takes part in dealing with the mysterious new kindred who's memory has been lost. He encounters the werewolf at the Daeva Haven and subsequently later on in the evening at the Court.

Negotiations of a sort occur between the werewolf and the Court of Adelaide which results in a moon to come up with a plan of action or an agreement to the terms laid before them.

Ryu talks to Priscus Redman and that goes well, until they find out Mikhail has been taken from the Court by his sire to feed. Mikhail frenzies and exanguinates a kine. Ryu frenzies at the scene for Evelyn's muck up and attacks, Alice steps in and calms him down though not before being struck.

Returns to court to be Informed a war footing may be incoming. After court he departs North for Tipara's territory for unknown reasons.

Before Ryu is able to make it to Tipara's territory he turns about and heads back to the academy where upon his arrival he meets with Peter Clark and is informed of the Rising Dragon's intent to meet him in Brisbane.

Ryu enters voluntary Torpor and is transported to the city where upon attempting to approach a local town outside of Brisbane they come across a mass slaughter of innocents on the rod by a pack of roaming kindred, battle is met and Ryu, Celeste and her retainers become embroiled in a nearly one sided conflict which would of seem them all slaughtered had a Mage and back up from Brisbane arrived, Ryu had the honour of taking down one of aggressors. Afterwards they moved towards Brisbane and...

[Details hidden]

Upon his return to the city it is discovered that a masquerade ball is being hosted so he finally has a chance to let his hair down, he enters the court and as per usual drama unfolds involving a mentally wounded Praetorian, Ezekiel. Ryu attempts to talk him out of stupidity, chooses his words poorly and causes the Praetorian to frenzy. Ryu puts him down into Torpor then assists with waking him up by offering his blood.

Low on blood he goes hunting but takes Priscus Redman along with him incase of issues, whilst hunting it takes her words to stop him from draining the kine dry and he leaves her and disappears in disgust at himself. She finds him later and they discuss certain matters. The night ends with the demotion in status of Ariana Trentworth and two other Kindred Ryu had yet to meet.


Known Sire

  • Yoshiro Azuma – Patron of the Azuma Clan.(NPC)

Known Siblings

Known Descendants


Quotes By

“I am a monster by nature and a monster by trade. Death is what I am good at and death is all I know. I wish to change this; I wish to be more than I am. I wish to face the Dragon and have it face out through me. I wish to transcend and become the Dragon, and so for that I take my new name. I am Ryu, I am the Dragon.” – On the nature of himself.

Quotes About

  • "He's from Kyoto in Japan according to the letter he was sent with from their leader. I'm not sure if it's a Prince or a Warlord given the kanji used. I hope he's friendly. I should go talk to him, maybe he'll appreciate someone who can speak his tongue" - Ariana Trentworth after translating the note he was sent with and explaining his presence to Lorenzo Penthièvre



  • Attached to his Sword, unsure if it goes beyond the cultural significance or not.
  • He's not right. He feels wrong. What is he?
    • Less than a man than most.
  • He's a very very angry man. Has a new target of anger.


Minor Boon Owed by Jack West to Ryu Azuma for winning the arts section of the Arts and Science Night

Only public Boons will be listed here.

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