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Personal Information


When not wearing huge high quality headphones and hiding in a basement, trawling newsfeeds or distributing malware, Sasha's attire still reflects his dingy backstreet Parisian background, but always with his technological crutch somewhere within easy assess. He 'always' something to cover his head, a beret or a hat well lined with tinfoil to keep the 'brainwaves' of the government/Camarilla out, and always has something to type or fiddle with.


Sasha always a bit hesitant, squints and grimaces slightly when having to physically interact with people. His words usually match his typing speed oftem making him hard to understand. When thinking fast he often repeats himself from the start of a sentence, almost as if he is converting text to speech and had to copy paste a new sentence in rather than just continue speaking. Sasha adores playing games and can and will bore people to death talking about the development of games.

Mortal World

Bloody hacker, known for causing angst and grief usually by DDoS ing popular MMO games.

Information Known by Kindred Society

Sasha is an ultra paranoid conspiracy theorist who prefers to trawl news feeds and distribute viruses & malware to large corporations and local government authorities. He detests large organizations and governments of all persuasions seeing them as stamping out individual liberty. He is convinced that the Camarilla ancients have infiltrated all levels of government and are using electronic and social media to brain wash and subtly mind control everyone with a combination of media ownership (You DO know that FIVE companies control all the media in the world and produce all the TV shows, the music, the movies and the news that is commercially available) as well as modern mass consent control through desensitization, subliminal perception, and high frequency auspex/psychic telepathic brainwaves.


  • 1999 - Embraced into the Sword of Caine.

Recent History

  • Jan 2014 Moved with Medvet'Blok to Ukraine to help accelerate and cause conflict.
  • Nov 2014 Moved with Medvet'Blok out of the Ukraine as the conflict had been successfully started.
  • Jan 2015 Moved with Medvet'Blok to Brisbane to help uncover infernalists and assist in securing Brisbane as a Sabbat See not Sabbat Shitfight.


  • Feb - Attended a council of peers called by Ductus of the Bonebreaks. A Malk convention is more organised and gets more done than this lot, must be something in the vitae, hope its not contagious.
Got shouted down a lot when advised caution/more clarity of information. "Praise Caine" apparently is key phrase to cause most higher mental functions of evaluation and analysis to cease and engage passive mob mentality of follow the loudest voice. Must investigate if this is artifical conditioning or backwater hick syndrome and if it is contagious or malignant.
Met a free minded loner called Tommy who challenged the incompetence of the Brisbane pack. He was admirable and could have made a stong ally, pity he met final death by a frenzying Thorne about ten minutes into the council.
On the directive of Mordecai of the Black Hand dropped a few police roadblocks and a riot squad or three on top of the special bus in an attempt to stop them from leaving the south-side. Sadly ineffectual.
Played clean up and hide the mess left by a frenzy or five gone awry with Buster and Dee.
Recovered the well shot/tasered body of known cop killer Azazael, stopped Buster from eating the body of Azazel, bloody Assamites and their noxious habits.
Infiltrated the Sunnybank Police Station with Fredrick of the Bonebreakers and retrieved the well staked corpse of Thorne, after corrupting the evidence logs.
Disposed of one drained body and one freshly turned cop. Asked for a raise and didn't get it.
Suggested that we import a small thermonuclear device and detonate it in Brisbane, which would be easier to accomplish that clearing up the shitfight.
  • March -


Shovel Head yes... I am totally a Shovelhead...


Quotes By

Quotes About

"We've got an app/malk for that" - pack pointing at Sasha whenever something technology related is required.

"He is very wise in some respects. Just because you are paranoid, this does not mean they do not intend to kill you. This is the phrase, yes?" - Katerina Kalyagin


"You! You said you are good with information. I want those vehicles stopped" Mordecai of the Black Hand, "Um yes sir"... shortly before the Special Bus ran into a series of police roadblocks and an anti-riot squad.


  • Sasha always wears a tin foil lined hat to keep the 'brain waves' out ....
  • Sasha has nasty gaps in his memory and so records EVERYTHING that he knows or finds out about.
  • He's really an infiltrator, why else is he evasive about his sire.

Inspirations and Soundtracks

  • Nineteen Eighty-Four (Novel by George Orwell) Big Brother is Watching You
  • Scientia est potentia – knowledge is power Motto of the Information Awareness Office (2002)
  • Zeitgeist (film series) by Peter Joseph and Zeitgeist: The Movie 2007
  • New World Order/One World Government (conspiracy theories)
  • Total Information Awareness Program (2003) focused on applying surveillance and information technology to track and monitor terrorists and other asymmetric threats to U.S. national security,


  • Immortal Technique: Felipe Coronel a Peruvian-American rapper and urban activist.
  • Public Enemy: Don't Believe the Hype (1988), Fight the Power, Rebel Without a Pause, Evil Empire of Everything (2012)


  1. Initiated as a member of the Sabbat
  2. 'Hardened
  3. Respected as a Templar
  4. Ominous as a Templar

OOC Information

Member Information
Player: [mailto: Daniel Jag]
Number: 2015010001
Domain: Brisbane